Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton’s Cleavetastic Funbags Through the Years

A lot has been made recently about Billionaire Barbie perhaps getting some 90210 work done on her chestal region. Paris has always been known for having a rather moderate sized chest though always coming through by hook or crook or special bra with some ample amounts of cleavage. Some of her more recent social media pictures might lead one to believe she’s taken it upon herself to inflate her bosom for more titillating attention. But has she?

In the name of funbag science, we’ve put together a gallery of some of Billionaire Barbie’s more cleavy appearances in the past several years for you to judge for yourself. Or, in the least, have much fun researching. These are indeed the important issues of our time. Let us ogle them thusly. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Instagram/Egotastic Archives

Paris Hilton Delivers Boobs and Body On Her Instagram

Billionaire Barbie has been busy and she’s sharing the best views of her self on Instragram, just to be sure you don’t miss any of the good parts. And the good parts are clearly on display in what can only be described as a melange of Paris from the past several days. As much as we mock the socialite slash DJ slash perfume pimper, there’s no denying Paris makes sure she looks rather stellar in all of her many, ever showy, guises. She may not seek out quite as much attention as a decade ago, but she’s clearly not lost her zeal for public approval.

I’m reviewing these photos and I must say I approve. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Does Paris Hilton Have Upgraded Funbags?

I don’t know. Bra technology being what it is today, sadly, advanced I suppose, it’s sometimes hard to tell in this pushed up, scrunched up, so-called magic lifting bosom engineering age what is real and what is not real and what is really really not real. That’s so confusing. I mostly just like to watch.

Billionaire Barbie has most definitely been showing off some super bigger cleavage this week in London, venturing out to hotspots in the evening, specifically making brilliant note of her improved bust line. Paris has always been considered the au natural, lithesome model type, but then again, a solid percentage of Tinsel Town darlings have had some augmentation. The streets of downtown Beverly Hills are lined with plastic surgeon’s offices and coffee shops and not everybody drinks coffee. Just saying, there’s more chestal square inches than we’re used to seeing. Not that this is a bad thing. Paris, I’m just happy you’re happy. Enjoy.

Paris Hilton Flashes Pink Panties and Some Pushed Up Boobtastic in London Town

Fresh off her big victory in some European music award show for something to do with music or being famous, Billionaire Barbie took her eclectic electric fame show to London for a fun night out on the town that involved some bodacious smooshed up cleavage and the quite pleasant deep British taxi service of upskirt peeks revealing some pretty pink panties. I will say the pink was a nice surprise for Paris decked out in evening wear. I can respect her choices as an artist and a woman.

Nobody has more fun than Billionaire Barbie. Whatever her dress up outfit or costume for the day, she’s forever cocked-eyed smiling and looking like a million, err, a billion bucks. Pink lacy panties included. Or, often times, not included when she’s feel rather cheeky. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlyNet / GSI / / Splash News

Paris Hilton Braless and Poking in Cannes at NRJ Awards Red Carpet

Billionaire Barbie knows one of the secrets to success is skipping the undergarments. I don’t care what your mother told you, clean underwear is no way to sell yourself as a dirty girl. Well, a naughty jet-setting heiress at least. Although it is quite possible Paris learned the commando tips from her mom. It’s all in the book she’s writing on how to raise daughters.

Paris was in the South of France accepting an award for being the top DJ in the microcosm of the European disco party scene. So, I think it was her versus the guys from Night at the Roxbury and some guy named Claude. She won and celebrated by showing up to the event without a bra, looking might fine in her red designer gown. I can never fault Billionaire Barbie for not having a good time. She seems to be delighting in her life more than many of her sad sack heiress and rich girl peers. For that, and for showing off her Hilton twin set, I give her credit. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash News / GSI / FameFlyNet

Paris Hilton White Hot Leggy Duck(?) Costume for Pre-Halloween in Hollywood

When you’re an heiress, Halloween stretches at least a week, if not a month, because you got costumes up the wazoo. In fact, if you’re Billionaire Barbie, you’ve got costumes that are designed to ride you up the wazoo and get you a little extra attention. And Paris does so revel in her annual Halloween get ups. She’ll go through at least five to ten costumes before the holiday is over.

Last night Paris went for something white and furry which looked kind of like feathery duck or goose trying to show off some hot long legs. Though when fowl does that, we tend to lop them off and bake them. With Paris, she more likely got nibbled by a wealthy drunken bachelor. Such is her life. I’m just glad she shares the show off parts with us. Nobody has more fun than Billionaire Barbie. Nobody. Enjoy.

Maria Menounos, Paris Hilton, and Mindy Robinson Lead Booty and Boobtastic Tequila Halloween Party Hotness

Someday, I’d love to run a tequila brand like Casaamigos and have all the hotties in Hollywood show up to my place in cleavy and booty hot costumes that make little sense for grown ups, but every sense in the world for gentleman oglers. I’m not sure at what point Halloween went from being a silly kids holiday centered around cheap costumes and snagging Kit Kats in a pillow case to six-figure parties with adults decked out in professional makeup and wardrobes flashing their flesh, I’m just glad it happened. Halloween has become the single biggest exhibitionist holiday of the year for so many lovely ladies.

The bevy of ghoulish beauties at the Casaamigos party includes Billionaire Barbie and her pushed up mams, Maria Menounos and one G.I. mega booty, Mindy Robinson and her hot all over female form, Kate Hudson squeezably zombie butt, and much more. Granted, it’s not even Halloween until next week, but in places where everybody has their own personal makeup artist and wardrobe assistant, you can bet Halloween becomes and entire week or more of opportunity to dress up. It’s almost like an office party Hollywood style. Enjoy.