Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton Cleavage Always Feels at Home in Cannes

The South of France really is like a home away from home for Billionaire Barbie whose various professions and shopping trips often take her the Cannes and the surrounding Riviera beach towns. It’s not often we see Paris with this many clothes on in fact, but when she’s off the clock I suppose some deference must be made for modesty, though not so much as to not flash her pumped up cleavage to the good people of France who revere her as a very silly god.

As always I must say this for Paris, she’s always put together and she always seems somewhere fun. Not every heiress can say that, though I guess many can. Still, I can divorce my jealous from my wanton desire to stare at her supported yams as she moves from party to party in Cannes. And there are a lot of parties. Go Barbie, Go. Enjoy.

Paris Hilton Dressed to Shill in Dusseldorf

At any given time, at somewhere in the world, Billionaire Barbie is decked out in some tiny outfit selling something she owns a piece of. I guess you have to give her business props for her active pimping lifestyle. You also have to wonder why the rest of the world is so incredibly enamored with the heiress that they seem to want to buy anything and everything she is selling. Silly rest of the world, we’d never fall victim to the commercial appeal of empty-headed pseudo celebrity figures in the U.S.  Cough, cough, Kardashians.

Paris was in Dusseldorf, that’s in Germany I’m told, at the International Beauty Fair, which sounds like a pretty lofty self-imposed title for a convention, but, the perfect place for the blonde heiress to sell many of her licensed brand makeup and beauty care products. Do you want to look like Paris Hilton? She does always look her best for these events. Cha-ching. Paris wins again. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Paris Hilton Topless, Ellen Page Nekkid, Jayne Mansfield Topless, and Much Much More…

Paris Hilton Exposed One Night in Paris
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Well, hello there good Friday. That’s not Good Friday as in the actual Good Friday, just all Fridays, which are plenty good around here thanks to the uncorking of the breakfast bagels and the cocktails that naturally pair quite nicely with cream cheese. And, naturally, our weekly communal gathering of the clan to share the best of the best from our seven-day hunt for all things sexy and celebrity. A little tradition began in a sweat lodge in New Mexico Territory in 1902 known as Reader Finds.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Billionaire Barbie topless in her breakout film role (thank for the mammaries from EgoReader ‘Dave D.’), Britney Spears cleavetastic in her prime (oops, she showed her chest again via ‘Desmond’), Sharon Stone topless making of the sexy with Ellen Degeneres, yes, I know (unusual thanks to ‘Royce’), Michelle Williams and Anne Hathaway topless in Brokeback (love them daring thespianics, kudos to ‘Johnny’), way back starlet Jayne Mansfield topless on the silver screen (Mariska’s mommy, topless classic from ‘Ricky C.’), Kelly Brook sextastic and pimping her new perfume (caps from the giving ‘Gavin’), Nicole Kidman topless in early film work (much thanks to ‘Peter G.’), the ever dependable Anna Falchi topless skinematic drama (from the benevolent heart of ‘Monica’), Sophia Takal and Caroline White topless in the boldly filmed 24 Exposures (oddly skintastic via ‘D. Chartz’), Petra Nemcova wicked hot in red (we bow down to ‘Jayson’), model Ereka Marcelino topless in black and white, my sweetheart Anais Mali looking hot and nipply her own modeling self, Michelle Clunie topless and naughty in Jason Goes to Hell, and Dutch actress Halina Reijn with a boob baring public malfunction (quadruple dipping thanks out to ‘David M.’), more of crazy Latina fashion model hottie Alejandra Guilmant quite topless (thank you very kindly ‘Chris’), Joanna Going from House of Cards quite topless in earlier cinematic work (nice uncovered discovery from ‘Kay S.’), Ellen Page nekkid in her virtual form in video game Beyond: Two Souls (thank you for the emphasis from ‘Jeremy’), South African swimsuit hottie Genevieve Morton see-through goodness (much gratefulness to ‘John’), a young Adriana Lima topless modeling (sweet find from ‘Bill P.’), Irene Nell comparing herself to Kate Upton, tough gig (not too shabby couplet from ‘Karl’), Kaili Thorne keeping up with little sis in JakexTaylor shoot (muchas gracias to ‘Ryan W.’), sextastic nearly topless pics of S.I. Swimsuit hottie Gigi Hadid (thrown over our fence jointly by both ‘Bob’ and ‘Chris’), and, last, but not the least bit least, model hottie Lauren Young looking utterly faptastic (another salvo fired by ‘Chris’, good show). It’s a visual feast this week. Dig in. Enjoy.

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Paris Hilton Baring Midriff for Super Important Shopping Trip

When you’re Billionaire Barbie, you can’t afford not to look your best. You just know the paparazzi you tipped off to your presence are going to be following your every move. So even when you’re going out shopping to look simply amazing at your next big promotional event, you need to look stunning. It sounds awfully complicated, but Paris Hilton seems to revel in it.

With her dog and her Ferrari in tow, Paris flashed some of her tight midsection beneath a stripety outfit that was certainly not designed to camouflage her presence in Beverly Hills. She made a nice show for the cameras. I’ve seen her work the cameramen in the streets before. She’s quite the skilled turner and smiler and flasher and shower. It’s like watching a ballet of sorts. When you’re Billionaire Barbie, you’re always on the clock. Enjoy.

Paris Hilton Braless Peekaboo Funbags for a Sunny Beverly Hills Promenade

Normally I’d say a girl ran out the door without her bra on, but with Billionaire Barbie, you know there’s three hours of preparation before even just going to the salon for host of clean up and spruce up activities, so I’d say the bra was intentionally forgotten. Which works for me, Paris, I don’t ever see the need for no silly undergarments on a lady. It’s a beautiful Los Angeles sunny day, why not let the little ladies out for a stroll off the leash. With the sun hitting your top just ever so, they’re going to get a little public attention as well.

It’s not easy for Paris being a model, business owner, singer, DJ, entrepreneur, hostess, and hard working girl who still have seven nights a week to party and her days to recover. Everything needs a little airing out, including her little heiress bazoongas. I wish she could’ve gone without the black top, though I’m sure it cost more than my entire Target sponsored wardrobe, so I’ll give her a pass for her dedication to haute couture. Enjoy.

Paris Hilton See-Through Bras and Panties Flashes For… Actually, I’m Not Sure For What

I mean, these photos of Billionaire Barbie in various stages of coquettish tease are bound to get noticed, they’re in the latest edition of V magazine, though I’m still not sure how to interpret them.

I guess the trick with Paris is not to look for deeper meaning. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t herself. Just delight in her various balls and cars and other props as you admire her still rather admirable body. The one she takes with her to party around the world in her various Barbie roles and avocations. She has quite the life gig. Now you can see her nipples and panties and share in it just a bit more. Enjoy.

Paris Hilton Flashes Her Shaved Commando Regions For Her Birthday

Hey, it’s your party and you can cry if you want to. Or, you know, skip your underpants. As Billionaire Barbie chose to do at the Greystone Manor in West Hollywood over the weekend where she headlined her own 33rd birthday party, DJing, partying, and winning the red carpet by wearing a high slit dress without the appearance of any panties. Tan lines and a little bumps from close-in shaving, but no panties. Oh, Paris, you are a naughty one.

I guess it’s good to know that age isn’t changing Paris. She seems to be forever 21, so to speak. I suppose there will come a day when her running around getting wasted and flashing her body parts will get past the point that we want to ogle, but that day is definitely not today. I’m still trying to figure out we can’t precisely see her lady nest. I am a man of science. Enjoy.