Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton Works the Cleave for Fashion Week

Naturally, being an icon of fashion and diligence and hard work, Billionaire Barbie was going to take her turn at our around the catwalks of New York Fashion Week. And while we do like to have a little fun at the expense of the partying/DJing heiress, we always give credit where it's due, and Paris is due a little credit for her pushed up gazoonkers and only being on the phone for two-thirds of her time at the event.

Actually, the phone part doesn't bother me as I imagine my short lived relationship with Billionaire Barbie to consist almost entirely of her taking an important gossip phone call while I get to see what has fascinated so many wealthy coked up men in the past. It's a win win. Paris gets to confirm her lunch plans for the weekend and I get to confirm some sneaky suspicions that not everything on Paris is completely nature made.

How many weeks does Fashion week run exactly?  Enjoy.

Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Stacy Keibler Lead List of Hotties in Leather at New York Fashion Week

Somebody very wise once told me, in every pile of poop there is a nugget of gold. It took me a lot of really messy ventures before I realized this was just a metaphor for finding the silver lining in cloud, which, is also a metaphor I never really understood. But I applied it to New York Fashion Week, a multi-day celebration of people spending tons of money to cover up women's bodies. At least, that's how I see fashion. And it could be quite depressing that so many billions of dollars go into making it harder for us to see the true beauty of the fine female form, were it not for the fact that so many fine females actually attend events like New York Fashion Week.

And I couldn't help but notice this weekend, so many of them were in leather. Now, chaps and spankings fantasies aside, there's no denying seeing super hotties like AnnaSophia Robb, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, and Stacy Keibler in leather goods makes me feel like a very horny cowboy. I was going to say happy cowboy, but you'd know I just meant horny. So, check out these gold nuggets of hot tanned cow skin. It almost makes Fashion Week worthwhile.

Paris Hilton Bikini Pictures Put the Heiress Lean-Topped and Red Center in Malibu

Billionaire Barbie has been hosting a bunch of parties in Malibu the past few weeks. Beachy affairs featuring her fun celebrities friends and party buddies watching her teen boyfriend dance around and surf and talk about how things are totally rad in his continuation high school.

There's no denying Billionaire Barbie still manages to pull of the fine bikini look, including her little red top and a fashionable way to cover up any imperfections in her cheeky bottom. If you're an heiress who likes to get her party on, those buns aren't always going to be super tight. So you need a little cover up. Still, overall, it's still working. Enjoy.

Paris Hilton Bikini Pictures for the Not So Private Girl Weekend Beach Party

Last week we saw the killer blowout party that Billionaire Barbie through for herself and a couple hundred of her closest friends for the 4th of July in Malibu. Well, the heiress decided to stay out at the summer house for the long weekend with just her purse dog and her young male model boyfriend for some extra days of tanning and bikini preening. For Paris, I guess you could call this a vacation from her regular work routine of hanging out at the beach and in nightclubs, which is far more draining than people might expect. Sleeping til noon only sounds easy until you're forced to do it.

Nevertheless, the blonde party girl did manage to pull off not one, but two separate bikini looks this weekend...

...reminding everyone why she still gets paid the big bucks in certain Middle Eastern nations to swing the big stick, or do something with the big stick that gets you paid. She is a national treasure. Enjoy.

Paris Hilton Panties Flashing in Hawaii

Paris Topless on Yacht
Take Paris out to sea and she likes to bare her hooters. Read More »

Might be a swimsuit bottom, or kissy-lips panties, but Billionaire Barbie was showing them off on the photo set of her latest mildly revealing swimsuit modeling gig in the 50th state.

I know Paris is super famous, and especially outside the U.S., most notably in the Middle East, she is a superstar of mythic proportions, but I'm not exactly sure who'd dying to see her revealing less than she does on most beach vacations, let alone her late night amateur filming work. Still, there's no doubt Paris earns her keep. And, today, flashed the cloth covering her keepsake. She does know how to get noticed. Enjoy.

Paris Hilton Swimsuit Vacation Needs a Vacation from Her Vacation Lifestyle

When your job is to party and vacation, what do you do in your off-time? Well, if you're Billionaire Barbie, you just let the good and relaxing times roll. Following a week of hard partying in Cannes, Paris needed some wind-down time, a little me-time, if you will, so she took her well paid body to Maui for a little R&R.  Wearing a spy-like black hat and sunglasses, along with an unassuming swimsuit, Paris hoped to go unspotted, you know, despite her PR people alerting the press as to which beach she was suntanning that day.

Does Billionaire Barbie lead quite a nice life? Yes, she does. But considering her humanitarian efforts, mostly for her own human person, the girl deserves it. Enjoy.

Paris Hilton Bikini Pictures For Your Styled Sextastic Heiress Needs

Leave it to Billionaire Barbie to keep a little something in reserve for a private bikini photoshoot, looking pretty darn good we must admit, as she can when she temporarily puts aside her partying and semi-educated business pursuits to strap on the two piece and take some pics.

Seeing Paris in both black and white, I'm reminded of the duality of life, and Paris herself, who truly has two sides: affected and skeevy. But on this day, let's add 'still pretty hot'. Giving respect where it is due, visually speaking. Enjoy.