Lea Michele

Lea Michele Bikini Candids from Cabo Sink the Gleeful Pink

As you know, we long ago issued an Egotastic! fatwah against our male readers watching Glee (even though I myself have seen two episodes of the show, with extenuating circumstances, though I know someday I shall face the stones firing at my grill as a consequence).

But, there are some saving graces (and hot bodies) from the show that give it some rightful reason to exist. Including Lea Michele, one of our long standing Hebrew School hotties, who was caught candidly in a little pink bikini by our tree-sitting paparazzi down Cabo way. Sometimes, a solid bikini candid of a TV actress hottie is all you need to break into song...

Cuando caliente el sol, aqui en la playa

(P.S. Thanks to 'Vinny H.' for the last minute addition of Lea's own Twitpic from Cabo, the final picture in the gallery)

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Lea Michele Throws Off Some Sweet Chestal Sextastic on ‘New Year’s Eve’ Red Carpet

Of all the letters you guys send us, our very favorites begin something like this, 'My girlfriend made me go see Twilight....' Just so you know, we almost never get past this first line because we're laughing so hard, though crying on the inside for the death of your manhood. The only exception of course is the '100% guaranteed making of the sexy' post-movie role. There is no depth to which a man may plummet that is too low if the cause be so great. But it better be guaranteed, in writing, with witnesses.

All of this profound thought leads us to the upcoming release of New Years' Eve, the craptastic sequel to Valentine's Day of a couple years ago that I know in my clogged heart of hearts that many of you saw. We're not here to say you can't go see the next installment of this ball-shrinker starring Zac Efron, but we are here to tell you that you might as well toss your family jewels into the river. The icy cold river.

Nevertheless, there's no denying that chick flicks bring out some red carpet hotness, led by Lea Michele who looked about the hottest she ever looked, even with Ashton Kutcher randy bear paw wrapped around her for much of the scarlet promenade.  There are a few shots where we even think we should be seeing Lea-nip, though it might be masked by dreaded nip-tape. Either way, Lea Michele did steal the red carpet, just ahed of Sofia Vergara who simply always looks hot. Enjoy.

Lea Michele Gets As Sexy as She Can for Allure Magazine

The December edition of Allure magazine just hit my doorstep with a thud and the fresh scent of perfume samples, alerting me to the potential celebrity hotness inside (not to mention Ten Trendy Tips on Perfecting Your Holiday Wardrobe -- thank god).

For all your fans of Hebrew School hottie, Lea Michele, and all you closeted (and not so closeted) Glee fans, the brunette took to the pages of Allure for one of her better looking pictorials, strutting about in some classy lingerie, as she does twice a week in my own dreams, thrice on Saturdays, flashing the kind of innocent hotness that has put many a man in a financial sinkhole before.

Beware the lady with the wanton gaze. Enjoy.

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