Lea Michele Cleavage at Comic Con

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michael-garcia - July 25, 2016

Glee star Lea Michele was cleavy as all heck in a LOW cut dress at the San Diego Comic-Con. I'm not sure what Lea was doing at Comic-Con. I can't imagine the nerds and cosplayers that shell out the money to go to that are there to get Glee merch signed, but maybe I'm wrong. Maybe there is a whole Glee fanboy world I know nothing about. I'll tell you what I'm a fan of though: her chesty cleav. Lea has quite a rack on her. I've been a fan since I saw them topless in Spring Awakening on stage and ever since them I seek them out whenever I can. Her entire cleavage is showing and there is nary a bra to be found. I can get behind that.

I really have to make it out to the Sand Diego Con next year. The New York one does not have nearly the hotties in cosplay and sexy outfits that the one out in Cali does. I guess that makes sense. San Diego is a much sexier city than New York. We have more rats and places to by hot dogs though. 


Photo Credit: Splash