Kourtney Kardashian Says She’s Not Pregnant – Just Fat!

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Echo Lawrence - May 14, 2020

While everyone is talking about how much weight Adele has lost, the Kardashian's are working on getting their names back to the top of google trends. Kourtney, the oldest one recently posted some bikini pics that show her with a fuller figure. Fans started to speculate that she was pregnant with her fourth child, but the reality star hit back saying she’s not pregnant - just fat!

Kourtney has said in the past that she’d like to have another child with her baby dadd Scott Disick, even though he’s with Sofia Richie now and is currently in rehab. When asked about the weight gain Kourtney said she’s eaten 4 cakes in the last 2 weeks and is proud of the way her body looks after giving birth to three kids. If only the rest of the sisters would follow her lead and stop airbrushing the shit out of their photos...