Lea Michele Daisy Dukes in West Hollywood

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bill-swift - May 4, 2016

If you happen to be a leg man such as myself, or a million or so of my closest friends, then the warming of the temperatures, which were never that low in the L.A. area, signals the season of the year for Daisy Dukes and short shorts and skirts and all the sextastic celebrities showing off their finely honed stems. All of those Spinning and yoga and Pilates classes weren't just to smell the foot sweat of your neighbor. They wore to firm up those long slender legs for summer reveals.

Lea Michele is never shy about exhibiting her slender shapely body. She's not much for creating entertainment on the screen for the male of the species, but offscreen she fully understands the upside of appealing to the leering set of leg lovers out there. So why not some short denim shorts. She's got the gams of a girl you'd dare to wrap you up like a constrictor and see if she could take your breath away. What comes next isn't allowed in zoos. If you squeeze hard enough you won't have to hear me moan. Just saying, if it bothers you. Enjoy.

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