Lea Michele Revealing For Women’s Health

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michael-garcia - August 1, 2016

Glee star Lea Michele wears nothing more than an arm bra and strategically placed hair in a revealing pictorial spread for Women's Health Magazine. Lea has got a tremendous set of hooters that she can barely contain with her hands. You need like four men's sized hands to cover those up. I used to watch that Glee show and sit through all their screeching just so I could have a look at her ample bosom. We also get the full view of her booty and it is a sight to behold. There is nothing like a nice firm but round booty to brighten up your day. Her legs are also putting a hurt on me. Lea's not very tall but she makes up for it with chutzpah. 

I wonder what's next for her now that Glee is done? Hopefully it will involve her going back to her roots where she gets naked on Broadway. I'd pay the outrageous ticket prices to see that. 


Photo Credit: Women's Health