Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook Sucking on a Popsicle to Relieve the Summer Heat (Feeling Cooler?)

I'm not exactly sure who's going to greet me at the Pearly Gates, but I like to speculate that it's Kelly Brook in a little summer dress sucking on a popsicle. It's how I imagine heaven to be. I mean, along with Kelly coyly whispering the words 'you're next' in between long slow intense draws on her cool sweet treat. I'll let you know how that goes.

Kelly was on set of  her movie which I don't know it's name and it doesn't matter because I'm going to be seeing it, Kelly Brook reminded us once again how a hot curvy woman with a cylindrical treat between her pursed lips can be just about the most alluring site in the world. Heavenly really. Enjoy.

Kelly Brook Upskirt and a Glimpse of Panties Clad Destinations Yonder

We may never see a finer sight than Kelly Brook topless as she was on the beach in her recent Cancun vacation, but that doesn't mean I we will ever stop lusting for more more more from the curvaceous Britty brunette model and actress. It's not possible to consume too much goodness. Our appetites are unlimited. Such was the feeling I had upon peeking up Kelly's skirt on the set of Taking Stock in London. I'm taking stock indeed. Some flowery particulars in particular.

If lust and passion for fine women were a finite pursuit, I'd be out of a job. Also, if the parole department in Kentucky ever gets their act together, I'll also be out of a job. But I suspect I'll be fine on both accounts. With women like Kelly Brook, the light grows stronger but the tunnel grows ever longer. Enjoy.

Jennette McCurdy Perfect Figure, Kelly Brook Bikini, and Sofia Vergara Asstastic Highlight the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

With but a mere 24 hours until the start of summer, the ladies of our lust are kicking it up just another notch with bikinis, cleavy selfies, and a whole series of delightfully delicious auto-published photography. If you routinely follow the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup you'll note that many of these social media pictures candidly relate to many of the paparazzi pictorials we show you during the week. Track the bikinis!

This week's Roundup includes Kelly Brook massive bikini cleavage, Jennette McCurdy showing off her perfect starlet shape, Ashley Sky in stellar bikini shape, Maria Menounous bikini twitpics from her Greek vacation, Victoria Justice perfect legs, and Helen Flanagan perfect all over to name a few. You owe it to the pagan gods of the Summer Solstice to browse through each and every one of these tantalizing self-photos. Enjoy.

Kelly Brook Topless Bikini Pictures! Full Frontal Cancun Heaping Goodness!


And you said all my silly candle lightings and wishing upon falling stars was childish whimsy. Who's laughing now as we gaze upon our heavily belusted and curvaceous Kelly Brook topless and full frontal on the beach in Cancun.

I honestly think I might cry.

Kelly Brook and her funbags o' plenty are just magnificent displays of passion inducing mammaries. As you know, I've already vowed to live out my golden years in the ample cleavage of the sextastic British model. Now I realize I might be getting some sun myself on certain vacation occasions.

Oh, happy days when Kelly Brook reveals her beautiful melons with a fun cheeky smile. I feel like a kid in a candy store, the best candy store ever! Enjoy.

Kelly Brook Is Smart, Sassy, Hot, and Did I Mention Cleavetastic?

You already know my retirement plans involve moving into the bosom cleft of Britty hot model and actress Kelly Brook. I intend to reside there, living out my days in warmth and comfort nestled betwixt her luscious glowing funbags. I tell you this, it's going to be way better than South Florida (no offense to the Snowbirds).

Kelly Brook hit a birthday bash in Ireland and took her loving pair of chesty treats right along with her across the waters. I'm told nothing got wet. Except for me now. TMI. Guilty. Enjoy.

Kelly Brook Booty Heats Up Turkish Style

Sometimes, we get so caught up in the delicious frontside of curvaceous Kelly Brook, we totally neglect her simply spectacular, two-hands full, dumper. I blame myself for this frequent oversight. And I thank the good folks at GQ Turkey who see fit in their current edition to pay tribute to the ridiculously hot brunette from any and all sides.

When you start throwing in that wet hair, oh, the imagination does run wild with thoughts of it slapping across various body parts deserving of a slight punishment. But that's me, a wet hair lover and a Kelly Brook luster. I'm guessing there might be one or two of you out there who agree. Enjoy.

Kelly Brook Cleavy Hotness Has Been Missed

Kelly Brook has kind of been laying low as of late, as least as far as our prurient wandering eyes can tell. So we were not going to miss out on sharing when we spotted Kelly looking all kinds of hot at some fashion show awards in London we couldn't possibly care much about. It's Kelly we want, all over, all day, and in all ways that would get us arrested in many Fundamentalists nations.

Kelly Brook, the next time we meet, let it be in far more private and less-dressed circumstances. This I pray. Enjoy.