Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook Kickboxing Workout in Los Angeles

There Is No Escape from the Kelly Brook Faptastic Booty

And why would you want to escape? If anything, I’d like twenty years in a small cell with the bottomside of the curvaceous hottie brunette wo has now brought her booty in tights show to Los Angeles, just to make me even more incredibly uncomfortable in my Zubaz pants.

Kelly Brook was just floating about West Hollywood today throwing down all kinds of passion inducing gang signs with her killer asstastic and her bodacious cleavy top, letting the Yanks know that Jolly Old England didn’t get to be Jolly without a gaggle of giggly hot and full-bodied brunettes. Kelly really does float my boat. Literally, I think she could float it. I’d surely like to try. Enjoy.

Kelly Brook’s Curves Come to California (I Need to Hit the Road)

Just knowing that Kelly Brook and her asstastic are within ten nautical miles of my current position has my sextastic sonar pinging on all cylinders. I had to raise the premature enjoyment threat to whatever the color code is that represents the feeling of embarrassment. I’m actively shaking at the moment just seeing these photos of the curvaceous wondergirl on the beach here in Los Angeles.

Kelly packs all her goodies right along with her when she travels. That superior blooming apple bottom, that racktastic barely contained in even the most sturdy of sports bras, and an alluring look that for a British girl fits right into the sunny California beach scene. Oh, man, to spend five minutes exploring Brookland without a chaperone. Heaven. Enjoy.

Kelly Brook Lingerie Pictures Are Downright Perfectly Salesworthy

We’ve had the grateful opportunity to see Kelly Brook in various bikinis desperately attempting not to snap in half the past several days in Miami, now lingerie from hew New Look underwear line stretching and straining to do the same around her marvelously curvaceous body. The more you see Kelly Brook the more you realize why she has so much trouble with men. Her body is built for trouble.

Someday, I’d like Kelly Brook to model my own line of women’s bedroom clothing. It’s mostly just a dishtowel with large holes she can try to wrap around her curvy parts while I snap pictures with the pretend camera in my hands. There’s no reason fashion needs to be complicated. Not when you’re draping Kelly Brook’s faptastic female form. Enjoy.

Kelly Brook Bikinis Finally Get Down to the Business of the Boobtastic

After a couple days of lovey-dovey squeezing with her new muscle-head boyfriend, Kelly Brook got down to the real business of her rip roaring bikini body. A little modeling in some hoisting two pieces for New Look. Hey, these Miami beach vacations don’t pay for themselves.

It’s hard to imagine any bikini capable of containing Kelly Brook’s epic bodacious body, but I suppose these especially curvaceous figure designed swimsuits are built for maximum support of the faptastic Brook body. A shame really that such support should be in the hands of seamstresses, rather than in, say, my hands. Nevertheless, Kelly can’t possibly hide her goodies behind any manmade material as she made many men hide against swimming pool walls to avoid potential embarrassment. She is quite the looker. I still can’t stop. Enjoy.

Kelly Brook Bikini Pictures Continue to Frolic With Boobtastic Splendor in Miami

Oh, the stripes are killing me. I think they actually make the blessed chest of Kelly Brook appear to be even larger than reality. Which is already quite tremendous. While the British model and actress may be rolling in the hay with somebody who is clearly not me, I would notice, I can’t help but feel happy for her. She seems happy. And super hot. And that latter part is especially important to my evaluation of who I support.

There are not many women on this planet who wear a big girl bikini better than Kelly Brook. You start throwing in some ocean wetness and stripes and giggles and I’m about to declare a state of emergency. Not so much for the South of Florida, but south of my personal sunshine state. Damn, Kelly, damn. Enjoy.

Kelly Brook Bikini Pictures Drop Curvaceous Hotness on the Beach in Miami

Well, hello there, hot curvy British delight Kelly Brook come to our humble shores to bless us with a good bit of your bikini hotness. It’s about time Kelly got her two piece and brought her sweet sextastic body over to our land for a little visual wonderment display time. Of course, she did also being her muscle-bound new boytoy along, but he was easily confused by the sound of whistles and shiny objects allowing Kelly several minutes of alone time in our ogling clutches.

You can’t expect a girl like Kelly to stay single for very long. She’s rather, what you might call, desirable to the millionth degree. The best you can hope for is to catch her in those brief instances between boyfriends when she needs a shoulder to cry on, or perhaps somebody to help her tie her bikini top. I’m ready for either, Kelly. I sit at the ready. Enjoy.