Kelly Brook Flashes Legs And A Little Cleavage While Pumping Gas

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bill-swift - October 1, 2014

The lovely Kelly Brook was spotted being all cleavy while pumping gas in LA. Kelly has some of the best knockers out there right now and she enjoys showing them off. She had on a low cut shirt which displayed her funbags to the world. Just because you are out doing errands doesn't mean you should keep your boobies hidden from view. Kelly also had on a short skirt which let us get a good look at her sexy legs. Kelly is one of those girls next door kind of hot. I mean, she doesn't look like any girl I ever lived next door to. Maybe if you live in a gated community that caters to hot people. She more reminds me of the head cheerleader/homecoming queen type of girl. The kind who might say hi to you in the hallway to be nice but would never date you in a million years.

Speaking of which, Kelly is newly single, guys. So, good luck with that.