Katy Perry

Katy Cocktease Covers W Magazine

Katy Perry has never been happier. She’s got another successful album of pop ditties out. She’s soon to be engaged to John Mayer, which I suppose is many a girl’s dream (why not me??). And she’s a fine looking woman. But does all that contentment mean we’re getting any closer to seeing Katy’s fully bared yabbos in pictures? Now, you’re just California Dreaming.

Katy covers the current W magazine, looking her usual lust-inducing semi-flashing self. The kind of allure that makes it all that much more difficult to think she will never  share her bodacious gifts with the rest of the world, outside of making big dough off the tease. It all seems so unfair when I think about it completely selfishly. And how else to view the world but through that lens? Enjoy.

Katy Perry Cleavy Show After A Few Cocktails in London

Leave it to Katy Cocktease to be able to carry off her cleavage revealing attention schemes on multiple continents. The pop diva was out London over the weekend, delighting in some after hours bar time late into the evening, emerging to reveal some bleary eyes and some not so bleary chest cleave. Kate Cocktease has been showing off her chestal region for years now in any and all forms save for the one she knows we want. While plenty of girls tease, Katy has perfected the fine art of merchandising her sex symbol status without every getting near the subject matter or visuals of sex.

Katy, we do so dig you, but it’s time. It’s way past time. Please, show us your boobs already. Enjoy.

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Miley Cyrus Headlines and Asslines iHeart Radio Festival (Along with Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne, and Ashley Greene)

You knew Miley Cyrus wasn’t going to close up her dog and pony show act before iHeart, the biggest pop music spectacular of the year in Las Vegas each September. She put on quite the noteworthy performance, including several key see-through costumes and her now customary tongue wagging and twerking. The kids ate it up, as did many a gentleman ogler.

Joining Miley on stage in the diva category were Katy Cocktease strutting her wares and Avril Lavigne doing some kind of Twisted Sister homage or something. It didn’t hurt that Ashley Greene showed up to announce and hang out in a loose bit of clothing. Life could be worse. Though it is hard to imagine worse music.

Here’s a bunch of the sextastic ladies who made it out to Vegas for the red carpet as well, including Our Lady of Maria Menounos, the Kardashians and Jenners, naturally, and Courtney Bingham:

Katy Perry Goes Cleavetastic Tarzan To Sell Records

Oh, Katy Cocktease, you are at the top of your game. The girl who’s made so much money using her body to sell records while never really showing her body continues her tantalizing boobtastic ways in her new Roar music video. I can’t possibly get into Katy’s music, because I’m not a girl within a year either way of her first menstrual cycle, but I am certainly going to ogle her conservatively wicked hot body.

Katy doesn’t play fair. We know this. But we must never accept this. For the sake of the children or something important sounding like that. Enjoy.

Lady Gaga’s Bare-Ass Butt Cheeks Highlight the VMAs (Along With More Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, and Others)

When I was half asleep last night and knocked up on sizzurp I brought you some of the visual highlights of the aural catastrophe that is the VMA awards. But I neglected to show you the bare-ass cheeks of Lady Gaga, a woman smart enough to understand that her compelling content lies mostly beneath her clothes, so a shocking exhibition of skin is an absolute must to draw attention. Especially on a night where Miley Cyrus is twerking away on Robin Thicke and fingering herself with a massive foam digit.

Katy Cocktease also showed up strong, performing what seemed to The Eye of the Tiger, but not, but she still managed to contain her impressive bosom behind a sports bra for nobody to see. Yet, she still looks ever amazing. As did Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande a few others at the evening’s mind raping musical event. Check them out. Enjoy.

Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Rita Ora As the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards Red Carpets Roll In

You know I simply refuse to watch this show. MTV doesn’t even cover music anymore, but somehow they still run the pretense of being a voice for popular music and teenaged girls seem to still be buying it. Which means all the big names still need to show up big each year and the divas need their exhibition dues. That is where I pay attention. I care not for what the fashion and wardrobe and accessory set say about the gowns, but I do care to see some of our favorite sextastic celebrities gracing the red carpet of any big awards show.

Taylor SwiftLady Gaga, Katy Cocktease, Miley Cyrus, Ciara, Rita Ora, Selena Gomez, and more.

Stay tuned as the red carpet photos from the 2013 Video Music Awards red carpet continue to roll in…

Katy Perry Shows Off Her Legs for Elle

Oh, Katy Cocktease has found another way to get the men interested, in this case going below the belt to flash some seriously good looking legs in the new edition of Elle magazine. Granted, there may be a little post-production angelic effect going on in this photos, but there’s no denying that for all we mock Katy for her show-but-not-all wayward stance, she’s one alluring pop diva.

One day, Katy Perry will realize the errors of her ways, the mistake in thinking it’s okay to use your body to build a career, without ever showing her body in full and fine fashion. Until that day, we’ll revel in the delights we can and think loudly inside our own brains, ‘Dammit, Katy, show us your boobs already!’. Enjoy.