Katy Perry Sports Bra Weekend at Home

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bill-swift - June 14, 2017

Perhaps you missed the Katy Perry livestream all weekend before her album release. Katy at home, though not her home, for seventy-two straight hours. You didn't miss much in terms of intellectual stimulation, but on the upside, there was Katy in various amounts of Spandex and yoga garb over the weekend. Stretching and preening. It was the definite highlight. 

For years now we've been waiting for Katy to show us her especially healthy funbags free of tops. I must admit to having failed on this proposition and screaming. To no avail you might say. Or close, but no bouncy cigars. Katy has to much more to offer than deep reflections on various matters of the day, like, those mams bouncing to and fro in an unfettered manner. Please, Katy, release the full Perries! Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Blackgrid