Katy Perry

Katy Perry Flashes Booty Cheeks in Spain, Revs Up the Cockteasery to Epic Proportions

Katy Cocktease put on her usual concert filled with colorful costumes and stagecraft in Barcelona, though we caught some more of Katy’s booty cheeks than normal, making this concert performance more than her typical tweeny bopper stage show. Katy used to do more revealing outfits, she’s backpedaling perhaps as her audience age drops even further, but there’s still no hiding the fact that she’s toting the body that we all want to see quite badly.

During some twirls and spins and bends we caught flashes of Katy’s derriere that will definitely be part of the random acts of nekkidness we ask Katy for in our letter asking her to also show us her funbags. After a half dozen years of constant teasing for the cash, it’s time Katy give a little back in the form of something other than just another catchy ditty. C’mon, Katy, we’re asking for five, maybe ten seconds of your time. We are ever so ready. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: INF

Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj Wicked Hot at the 2015 Grammy Awards

I’m not sure if popular music left me or I left popular music, it’s probably the latter, but major music award shows make me feel like I’m in middle school again making fun of some kid who’s listening to horrid music then I later learn he’s made out with the hottest girl in school and then I just feel confused. Damn those precocious boys who figured it all out so early. The Grammy Awards are primarily about the music beloved by young girls so it’s okay that it just seems like an awkward ballet to the rest of us. However, being the Grammy Awards, you know the best and the most boobtastic in the land of music and publicist driven celebrity were going to attend in full force looking fully decked out and faptastic. Indeed.

Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Taylor Swift, and gaggles of other divas and famous ladies with impressive chests and slender dresses made their way onto the Grammy Red Carpet. I’m pretty sure this wasn’t a lineup of music artists students will be studying a hundred years from now, but I’m quite certain they’ll still be digging their pictures. Enjoy.

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Katy Perry’s Super Bowls And Other Fine Things To Ogle


No matter your football allegiance, Katy Perry‘s boobs were amazing. (TMZ)

Taylor Swift bikini booty!  Yep, rare bikini pictures of the pop diva. (WWTDD)

The new Fifty Shades of Grey trailer is pretty effing hot. (Huffington Post)

Paz de la Huerta and her boobs model for Vivienne Westwood. (Drunken Stepfather)

Nicole Meyer in a bikini makes me forget the indigestion I have from too many chicken wings. (Popoholic)

Abigail Ratchford in red lingerie. That is all. (The Superficial)

Charlotte McKinney‘s Carl’s Jr ad didn’t air on the East coast. Luckily, she tweeted this. (COED)

Katy Perry Busty For Billboard, It’s Katy Perry Did Well Day

Fresh off her Super Bowl world class half time performance, why not celebrate with a little Katy Cocktease all dressed up with nowhere to go. Though I could certainly recommend a few places. My backdoor is open 24×7. I keep it unlocked just on the off chance Katy rolls in looking like a million damn boobtastic cleavetastic dollars as she does for this Billboard magazine photoshoot.

Katy has vexed us so much through the years. Another 100 million people saw her at the Super Bowl teasing with her mams, but only those of us who have been following Katy closely for years now have the right to scream out, ‘Kay, show us your funbags already!’. I know yelling is not the ideal solution, but it’s all I got. Just look at those fabulous busty Funions. Let them breathe, Katy, let them breathe. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Billboard

Katy Perry See-Through Skirt For Down Under Peeks

Fresh off the heels of complaining about lack of privacy in her bikini twerking yacht trip, Katy Cocktease did a little holler back of her own by wearing a see-through skirt to the Aria Awards in Australia. I have no idea what the Aria Awards are for, but if the category is Hottest Pop Star in See-Through Skirt Whose Funbags We Are Dying to See, well, I hope Katy had her acceptance speech ready.

As usual, Katy was adorned in proper undergarments keeping us from seeing anything beyond the tease level. Still, not many tease quite as expertly or perhaps more frustratingly as Katy. How we’ve managed to maintain interest in yelling at her to show us her fine melons for five years straight is probably a testament to her enduring underlying allure. Most guys give up on girls after, oh, about five minutes of trying. Katy has that special something something that keeps you coming back to bang your head against the wall over and over again. That’s pure raw sextastic power, my friends. Enjoy.

Katy Perry Bikini Pictures Twerking Hot Yacht Party Time Down Under

Well, here’s something I never expected to see. Katy Perry bikini fun time photos of all things twerking her booty on a yacht. Surely, there are numerous nuggets of Katy Cocktease bosomy bikini bottom goodness in these long range candid snaps. But those asstastic grinding dance moves really are the icing on the faptastic cake. Wow, Katy, I’m going to even let you off the hook for our typical communal plea for you to remove you top simply because your curvy thumper exhibition is just so stellar. Maybe I’m getting soft in my old age, though not at the very moment of ogling Katy Perry in her bikini.

Good things come to those who wait. I earnestly believe that. Even Katy Perry is apt to use her sweet sextastic body for public leering use from time to time, even if not entirely planned. Consider me a very happy man this morning. Katy, you must be one fun girl to give an aloe massage after a day in the sun. Our entire below deck cabin would reek of cactus and we would just laugh. Enjoy.

Katy Perry Jumps Rope and Lights Up With Electronics and Sparkly Good Looks Down Under

Katy Cocktease may be a, well, cocktease, but she most definitely knows how to put on a show. When I survey the tween girls who comprise the largest segment of her audience, they all say she’s the number one live performer. There’s something to be said for musical artists who give you your money’s worth in concert, even if you don’t appreciate their pop ditties as much as a seventh grade girl might. Having said that, I think we all must also agree that it’s high time Katy flash those million dollar yams for us adult oglers in her fan base.

Katy had quite the showing and screaming fans down under over the weekend in Melbourne where she’s doing her electric Cocktease thing on stage with an illuminating costume that I’m sure isn’t meant to light the path to her lady goodies, though that’s exactly how a naughty boy like myself sees it. Horny truly is in the eye of the beholder. Katy, you’re a doll. It’s time to see what’s under the costumes. I promise not to share the views with anymore than a a couple dozen million people waiting desperately to see the same. Enjoy.