Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s Buttcrack Is Giving Me the Good Willies

We may live to be two hundred and never see Katy Cocktease sharing a clean view of her sweet bodacious peaches, but we can today say we’ve seen her panties-lines beneath her sweat pants. Hey, take what you can get during a time of visual drought. And I’ll take Katy’s seat meat and that blessed crack that signals the great divide of my fantastical desires. Sweat pants are the modest girls stretch pants, but still a wonder at times.

Kiss me, Katy, I’m staring at your butt.

Katy Perry Deep Cleavage Sends My Heart a Flutter (With Some Residual Fluttering Down Below)

Whoa, Katy Cocktease, you have done it again. Damn you, woman. Make this suffering end.

Katy wore a rather low cut gown to the Sony post-Grammys party, in contrast to her more modest and maternal frock for the red carpet of the award show itself. In between she wore something black and lit herself on fire. But her Sony party wardrobe, the Perry chest exhibitor, that was the real winner of the evening. If only they gave out Grammys for chestal goodies, the show might suddenly become very watchable.

Katy Cocktease, you do slay us. But enough is enough. We have waited long, we have waited patiently, but before it’s too late. Please, I beseech you, which is even stronger than begging I believe, show us your sweet yams so that we may rest in peace. Enjoy.

Beyonce, Katy Perry, and Pink Put on Crotch and Booty Show for 56th Grammys Glory

You know I’m not a big fan of awards shows. I’m not a big fan of tears and drama and shtick just so artists who already do quite alright for themselves can spend an evening handing each other trophies. Trophies are for Little League kids. Adults don’t really need trophies. Maybe if you invent a cure for cancer or something you get something for your mantle. But not singing a catchy ditty.

Nevertheless, the awards shows like the Grammys do bring out the sextastic celebrities, including the performers like Beyonce, Katy Perry, and Pink, all of whom felt the artistic obligation to flash their booties and crotches for the cameras in advancement and enhancement of their audio arts. It was quite a show in that regard. Somehow I’ve omitted Madonna and her top hat and cane. Oops. Enjoy.

56th Grammy Awards Red Carpet Hotties Rolling In

The theme so far on the red carpet at the 56th Grammy Awards seems to be glamor. Read that as not a heck of a lot of skin. Which is rather odd given the amount of skin used to promote and sell modern music. But I suppose everybody is allowed to pretend.

Stay tuned throughout the pre-show to this ever growing gallery of arrivals on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards, including Taylor SwiftParis Hilton, Katy Perry, Anna Kendrick, Ariana Grande, Miranda Lambert, and more. Enjoy.

Katy Perry Goes Super Katy Cocktease In Hot Photos for GQ

Katy Cocktease is in full blitz attack in the new edition of GQ magazine, talking about sex, money, and Obama. One thing she is not doing, showing off her faptastic funbags in full. Yes, in part, in gloriously hot part. There’s no denying that Katy is one crazy hot pop diva. All of which is so much more frustrating for her lack of visual fulfillment still after all this time.

Nevertheless, I never look a gift horse in the mouth. We thank our friends at GQ magazine for this sneak peek at Katy’s divinely fine female form on the pages of their magazine. She is a looker all right. Enjoy.

Check out the full story and gallery of Katy Cocktease in GQ magazine this month. It is rather inspiring.

Katy Perry Shows Her Sextastic Legs Off in Marie Claire

I shall never grow tired of pleading with Katy Cocktease to show us her boobs. I feel like the Night’s Watch in that regard. It’s not a passing duty, it’s a forever duty, until such time as the pop diva who’s done so well for herself with cleavage and tease reveals her true bodily artistry.

Featured in the new edition of Marie Claire magazine, Katy once again shows off her stellar good looks and some gams that hint at fun time girl potential. But, alas, and maybe alack, no ta-ta’s included. Katy, you are so very hot, and I’m even willing to believe each new magazine article about how damn happy you are for some new reason, but, honestly, sincerely, and from the bottom of my heart, I beseech you, show us your funbags! Enjoy.

Katy Perry Bikini Top Cleavy Peeks from Hotel Balcony

As a word of advise, if you think you’re hotel balcony in Miami is safe from our prying peeps, yeah, not so much. Not that Katy Cocktease was doing anything naughty on her balcony, though she was flashing her big cups in a bikini top we’ve been trying to capture for the past several days of her Miami Beach vacation.

As you know, Katy has made a point out of showing most, but never all, of her faptastic funbags. Just enough to make millions, not enough to to make millions of us happy. She does have one stellar body. And while Katy will use some convoluted personal morality chatter to explain her use of sexuality, but never nekkidness, in her professional career, all we can say is, Katy Cocktease, please show us your boobs! Enjoy.