Katy Perry Performing in Hot Pants

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elliot-wolf - February 12, 2018

Katy Perry does something to my soul. She knew exactly who she was talking to when asking if anyone ever felt like a plastic bag. Because sometimes I do. Just drifting through the breeze. That was until I realized a woman with a face capable of igniting such passion inside me existed on this earth. She gives my heart fireworks. I can feel miniature explosions of joy and glee surging through my body every time I see her face. You know you’re hot stuff when you wear hot pants on your bottom half and Katy is scorching.

Katy’s so hot that she reminds me of this one summer where I mistakenly left my sunscreen inside the house before heading out. Even my straw hat was absent on this particular journey. I suffered the worst case of sunburn ever that summer as the temperature rose above 100 and the sun’s rays roasted my shoulders. With an outfit like that I wouldn’t be surprised if she could make the temperature in any room that she walked in rise even higher than that. But sunburn for a second time is just a risk I’m willing to take if it meant standing next to Katy Perry.

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA