Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes Wet Bikini Top Pictures For The Veteran Sextology

After shaking the Minders on her tail, Katie Holmes was able to get herself with daughter for a few hours of beach time in Miami where the MILF hottie went super risque in just a bikini top and shorts as she frolicked through the surf and sand, providing us with some reminiscing type shots of the sweet brunette. Now, some may comment on how Katie Holmes ain't what she used to be, but what she used to be was amazing, and the sextastic never truly fades, it's power is strong. I still see it in Katie, especially when she violates four of the seven doctrines of Xenu with the baring of the flesh and a glimpse of the boobtastic. Enjoy.

Julie Benz and Brittany Snow Lead List of Womanly Hotties at The Women in Film Awards

You know we love women in film, in fact, it's kind of our undying passion. So when they actually hold an award show for women in film, we're going to be all eyes double peeled, in this case, finding Julie Benz and Brittany Snow leading our list of hotties at the Lucy and Crystal Women in Film Awards last night. Also representing the fairer sex to a fare-thee-well, Katie Holmes, escaped for the evening, Rose McGowan, our firecracker lust, and Sarah Shahi, who has had more hot makeout sessions with other women than, well, even me (if that number be greater than two). Enjoy.

Katie Holmes Pokey and Sheer and Daring (For Her) in Miami Swimsuit

Wow, Katie Holmes looking all pokey and sexy and splashy and wet in a lycra swimsuit in the pool -- Xenu himself mind become engorged at this visual display of startling promiscuity. With the restrained, but still very much sextastic Katie Holmes these days, it's a veritable catch-as-catch-can for the paparazzi, digging and praying that they might capture the former Dawson's Creek star out of her mom jeans and flannel shirts. These Katie Holmes swimsuit pictures, flashing hints of body parts and nipple pokes not seen for ages on Katie, well, it's as if the Fighters of the 37th Dimension have time warped to the Seas of Cratian and launched their Beltoronic Rays, if you know what I'm saying. This is big time! Enjoy.

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Katie Holmes Looks Hot and Happy in Summer Dress at Kennedys Premiere (What Gives?)

A couple major hurdles had to be overcome to get to this moment, and, by this moment, I mean Katie Holmes looking happy and showing some skin in a little summer dress at the premiere party for The Kennedys. First, well, the Kennedy family, the closest the U.S. has to dysfunctional royals, apparently got the mini-series canned on The History Channel in the U.S., so it had to be finally moved to Reelz Channel (which I haven't heard of, but congrats on having the balls to not back down to the Kennedy Family). Second, Katie Holmes had to fake a burst appendix to help escape the all-seeing eye of Cruise to reach the Samuel Goldwyn theater in Beverly Hills and the red carpet, sans mom jeans (a.k.a. the Xenu Burqa). I shall lust Katie Holmes until the times beyond the arrival of the intergalactic transporters and the landing of the Titans, or the next five years or so, whichever comes first. Blessed day. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Splash News / Getty Images

Katie Holmes, Simply Hot

Just a little taste of Katie Holmes to brighten your final day of the workweek. It's hard to get much from the sextastically imprisoned starlet turned hot mom bound by the laws of Xenu to hide her heavenly body behind the criminal wall of modesty, but, we take what we can get with sexy Katie, including this Kamiseta photoshoot where the former Dawsonian shows the basic foundation of why I continue to keep her picture on my nightstand. Someday, you shall return to us, Katie Holmes, until then, we shall imagine the possibilities. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Gillian Jacobs and Alison Brie Almost Kissing, Katie Holmes Near Nip Slip, Sarah Shahi Real Nip Slip, and Brooke Shields Bare Sideboob?


Another week, another set of unique reader finds, some brand new, some archival, all right in my wheelhouse. Shoutout to Egotastic! superfan 'Antonio M.' for sending this recent twitpic of Community hottie actresses Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs getting it on, well, not quite, but, still, just enough to fuel my R.E.M. sleep cinema for a few weeks.

Big props to 'Chris K.' who has no problem shirking work to search the Internet for hot photos of our be-lusted and Xenu-manacled Katie Holmes, as in this amazing photograph of an almost Katie Holmes nip slip which only saddens us to think we may never see her boobtastic again.

Speaking of nipple slips and hot women, shoutout to Egotastic! diehard 'Ernie J.' for gifting us the gift of Sarah Shahi wardrobe malfunction and a view into the bare chestal region of this ridiculously hot actress.

Finally, and this one really could be a brilliant freeze-frame find, 'Cuenta D.' sent us a single frame from the 2005 powerhouse Tom Green film, Bob the Butler (no, you did not see it), where Brooke Shields appears to be letting loose a little bare sideboob. Could it be a comeback of the Shield's boob after a two decade absence? It seems so. Enjoy.