Katie Holmes Sexy Legs Tipping Off Award Season

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bill-swift - December 15, 2010

With a thirty-minute timeout from Tom and Xenu, granted through permission slips filled out in ox-blood, Katie Holmes made her way early this morning to announce the Golden Globe nominations for the Hollywood Foreign Press association, also known as a bunch of fat dudes who get tons of free shwag from studios. Katie Holmes looks hot to me when she's literally freed from her earthly confines; I wish she could go full sexy sometime soon, because I'm holding onto thoughts of her boobs and legs and hotness, like a lighthouse of sextastic as she journeys through the thick fog of her matronly duties. Enjoy.

Sadly, as Katie Holmes bent over the evening before on the set of Jack and Jill, in addition to cracktastic, you could see the bandage covering the area where she receives her Stepford injections. Hold tight, Katie, I'm coming for you soon.

Photo credit: Fame