Katie Holmes Escapes Compound In Poorly Chosen Purple Top

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bill-swift - November 29, 2010

Xenu alert level fuzzy purple! While Tom Cruise was racing around Hollywood in his new Mustang, Katie Holmes hatched a plot to escape the heavily guarded underground bunker that serves as prison for her body, mind, and sextasticness, even pulling on a pair of form fitting jeans as a sign of rebellion against both her husband/captor and the Senior Nucleated Counsel and Lord of the Whispering Trees. Sadly for Katie, the purple sweater was a dead giveaway, spotted quickly by minders, and the former Dawson's Creek actress was quickly grabbed up by a short gay man in a black leather jacket. No, not her husband, a different short gay man in a black leather jacket. Well, Katie, it was brief, but it was enjoyable.

Photo credit: GSi media