Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes Bikini Top Peeking in Miami As Mom’s Vacation Continues

Look, we’ve all peeked at mom in her bikini by the poolside at various hotels or public places. And, by ‘we’ve all’, I mean, at least I’m copping to it as a frequent leering purveyor of the MILFy views by any waterfront locale. There’s no way I would not be ogling at Katie Holmes and her bikini top, showing off her mommy cleavage whilst taking her daughter on a little family time R&R.

There’s no shame in peeking, or maybe there is a little, which only makes it that much more enticing of a sport. And spotting Katie leaning in for some cleavetastic exhibition of her admittedly modest top, the just rewards for a hard angling of the retinal cones to capture the moment like Kodak, only better.

Katie Holmes remains on my not so secret crush list. I suppose the spell will only be broken once we lock Suri in her room for a couple hours and make spectacular fireworks type sweaty joining of bodies. So, it’s like never to be broken. Enjoy.

Katie Holmes Bikinis in Pink Neon for Motherly Poolside Highlights in Miami

Okay, here’s the deal. I still have a crush on Katie Holmes. I refuse to let that whole Tom Cruise inexplicable few years ruin Katie forever. I think Katie looks mommy-great in Miami in her neon pink bikini. Having said that, we did omit pictures of more than just Suri, who I’d have to pawn off on one of the aunts or such if Katie and I were to be together in sweaty physical bliss. We cut out some unflattering pictures of Katie’s midsection which has a certain looser look perhaps related to pushing out the pup when she’s seated in a certain position.

My job here is to show the you the sextastic, not point out the flaws. But, for the sake of disclosure, I’m sure you can see the less prime pics on other sites. As for me, I’m going full-steam ahead with my Katie lust regardless of imperfections. Who knows, some day, people might find an imperfection with me. As if. Enjoy.

Katie Holmes, Ashley Tisdale, and Jessica Alba Black Pleather Miniskirt Weekend

As you might know, I’m something of a fashionista, known widely for my taste in haute couture, prêt-à-porter, and a bunch of other French type clothing words whose meaning escapes me at the moment. When three of my favorite sextastic celebrities appear in short black skirts over the weekend, I’m going to notice. I mean, I’m going to shake spasmodically, chew on a towel until I’m calm enough to function, then notice.

Katie Holmes was unusually high hem-lined in her little skirt at the Z100 Jingle Ball event in N.Y.:

While Ashley Tisdale sported her gladiator kilt and stockings shopping in Beverly Hills:

And, last, but most definitely not least, Jessica Alba, high-styled in an outfit which I’m sure cost more than my rent, but showed off her fine legs in boots to boot:

It was almost to much to bear, and yet not quite bare enough. It was in fact, very similar to a dream I have that involves me getting slapped across the face not twice but thrice for wandering hands. Thank you, ma’ams, may I have another? Enjoy.

Katie Holmes Leggy in a Short Black Skirt at Z100 Jingle Balls

Katie Holmes Sideboob, Jessica Alba Cleave, and Miley Cyrus’ Annie Lennox Look Highlight the 2013 Met Gala

Nice to see my girl Katie Holmes back in the mix, flashing some skin by way of sideboob at the fancy pants 2013 Met Gala last night in New York. The Met Gala is one of the biggest highfalutin celebrity events of the year, with a ton of A-listers showing up in their designer gowns for the Big Apples biggest red carpet.

Besides Katie we couldn’t help but notice Miley Cyrus calling upon an 80′s Euro-pop vibe, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Alba showing some cleave, Kate Beckinsale, Taylor Swift, and a bunch of other top tier celebs showing off their finest. It’s kind of like the very first sequence in a recurring R.E.M. sleep fantasy of mine, the one right before the the robbers break in and force all the girls to hand over their fancy frocks. I could tell you what happens next, but this is a family site. Enjoy.

Shuddup, I Still Love Katie Holmes

I take a lot of flack for my ongoing lust of Dawson’s Creek alum, Katie Holmes, but I can’t shake it. I don’t want to shake it. I stood with Katie through her trying to be a real actress years after Dawson’s, her odd marriage to Xenu’s most sensitive disciple, and all the weird dowdy dress down mom times of late, and, on occasion, I am rewarded with looks of Katie hotness as in this Allure magazine pictorial for April 2013.

Yeah, Katie never was a sexpot. She was a cutie with some great potential. And as much as she or others have tried to hide that burgeoning sextastic, we know well here it’s like the Transformers AllSpark. It can only stay hidden for so long before somebody with a hard-on for it comes looking. I am that somebody with a hard-on, figuratively speaking. Enjoy. 

I Will Never Give Up on Katie Holmes (or Her Cleavy Hotness Outside The Letterman Show)

I know Katie Holmes kind of nose-dove her own girl next door sextastic into the ground when she took on the Tom Cruise wife number four or five duties and got Trapped in the Closet with Tom and baby and whatnot, but she’ll always be Joey from Dawson’s Creek to me, and she’ll always be right up there in the upper echelon of naughty bedroom window climbing fantasies. And, on occasion still, like last night outside The David Letterman Show, in her hot pink dress, she’ll climb right back up into the naughty parts of the mind, encouraging the whole cycle all over again.

Hey, she survived a Tom Cruise marriage, not so easy to do and still come out on top. And on top of Katie is where… well, you know. Enjoy.