Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson Isn’t Wearing a Bra — Now That’s Glamorous!

We’ve recently discussed how great Kate Hudson is looking once more, especially for a rock band groupie who’s had her fair share of back stage flings and babies produced therein.

Now Kate is on the cover of Glamour magazine, which you don’t get, but I pluck from the doorstep of my pied-à-terre each month as the neighborhood middle school ruffians mock my sexuality, so that I can bring the best of the women’s magazines to you. It’s a thankless job, also a pretty crappy paying job, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. Not when we can share in the delights of a braless Kate Hudson along with an article that I’m sure explains some female important stuff like how Kate is getting along being a mommy in a blended family, how to stay in-shape as a working mom, and, naturally, issues related to cramping and bloating around the cycle.

If I was you, I’d stick to the pictures. Enjoy.

Kate Hudson Bikini Pictures Reveal a Rocker Mom Who Has Still Got It Going On

We can never quite remember how many rock star husbands Kate Hudson has had, or how many babies she’s made with the bulk of them, I think she started like 40 years ago with the bass guitarist from Slade, but, the point is, for one of the world’s most infamous groupie girls, Kate Hudson still manages to look rather mom hot in her little red bikini down Miami way.

Yes, there’s the annoying modern-day ‘oh, no, the sun is the world’s biggest serial killer’ floppy hat covering up much of her face, but thankfully her solar-hating headdress doesn’t obscure views of her body, boobtastic, and derriere, all of which earn her more than a passing grade in the MILF category.

Kudos to Kate Hudson for coming through rock and roll sex and drug experimentation years and still looking rather hot. Enjoy.

Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Miranda Kerr and More 2013 Golden Globe Awards After-Party Hotness

Let’s be honest, while here are a blessedly decent number of super hot, quite talented thespianic females, the best of the sweetness in Hottieville often comes out for the after-party events following the handing over of the polished bronze awards. Such was the case after last night’s 2013 Golden Globe Awards where a number of our favorite sextastic celebs showed their faces, and their designer clad Pilates worked bodies, at the Warner Bros. after party, the shindig thrown by Miramax, and a couple other events around town where we’re on the ‘watch list’ at the front door.

The sight of pure passion purveying Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Tisdale smooshed together gave us the fantasy chills, quickly followed by a hot jolt up the spinal column at the skin exhibition put on by uber sextastic Miranda Kerr. Sarah Hyland switched dressed, but kept the cleavage, while Carmen Electra showed off her newly revised body. Kate Hudson bared cleave and Jamie Chung looked quite stellar and our lady of Kate Beckinsale, well, who could not want to glazer her hot mama doughnut at any hour of the day. All in all, one wonderful late Sunday night in Hollywood.

Holy Kate Hudson Cleavage Phatter than Phat

I’m not quite sure we’ve ever seen this much cleavage from the naturally not so big up top Kate Hudson before, I didn’t think it was even physically possible, but the rocker-baby-mama of like seventeen babies by twelve different musicians put on quite a display of the cleavetastic at the amfAR Inspiration Gala in L.A. last night.

Just in case anybody might dare not to stare at her ta-ta’s, Kate wore a hot red dress, an attention magnet to draw in the initial views of men (and admiring women) within a four mile radius, before their eyes strained in wonder at how Kate’s nipples were not visible with that open top of a frock. Count us in the category of those with strained eyes this morning. Though well worthwhile. Enjoy.

Kate Hudson Looks Good Enough to Make More Rock and Roll Babies With

I’m pretty sure Kate Hudson is on her eleventh child by her eighth rock star at this point, but, who cares, she’s looking rather hot again at the Venice Film Festival, and if I were a man who made millions of dollars by way of a metal guitar and some wicked long hair, I’d be getting in there too for a little progeny time myself.

But you do have to wait turns. She only picks a new band member every eighteen months with which to mate. Enjoy.

Kate Hudson Bikini Pictures Show Signs of Return to MILFitude

I don’t remember the exact number, but I believe Kate Hudson has now had 17 children by 17 different rock stars, with the last being I think a baby by way of Noddy Holder, original hat-wearing lead singer of West Midlands 70′s rock band, Slade. I might have bad info on that, but that’s in my notes.

But, the more important point is that Kate Hudson, in the brief bikini glimpses we could get of her in St. Tropez on, what else, but a yacht, well, she looks like she might be gearing up for number 18. That long lean body and nice little booty, well, it won’t be long now before I submit my own application for baby daddy. Looking good, Kate. Enjoy.

Kate Hudson Bikini Pictures for the Mexican Wake Up Call

Honestly, I can’t even remember which rock star Kate Hudson is currently making kids with, it changes ever so often, but I will say that she’s still got a pretty nice bikini body for a multi-man mom, and she was showing it off from telescopic distance at our favorite resort in Cabo where our snapping lenses line the distant trees.

Even from a solid half mile, we do so love when our sexy celebrities go full bikini body in the warm Southern sunshine; the opportunity for us to do something close to a full body inspection. Enjoy.