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Kate Beckinsale and Camilla Belle Lead List of Celebrity Hotties at Art + Film Event

According to my singles dating profile (you know, still up there even though there's a girlfriend because a good fisherman always keeps a freshly baited line in the water) I love museums and hiking. The first makes me sound culturally relevant, the second makes me sound outdoorsy. But I don't go to the museums, because I like my entertainment to speak back to me in surround sound volumes, and hiking is an an endeavor that became outmoded with the invention of the motorcar, now, it's purely for urban hipsters and serial killers. Though I do wish I had hiked my sorry ass over to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (the dating profile must call it LACMA, like you go there often) over the weekend to the Art + Film gala which brought out an intense bevy of Hollywood beauties in support of what I'm sure was a fantastic cause.

Kate Beckinsale any time, any where, but looking especially hot all red carpeted out in her finest, along with underrated dark beauty, Camilla Belle, Amy Adams who never fails to look like a girl you desperately wish you could hook up with as your summer girlfriend, Kate Hudson fully back from rock star baby making Part 2, Olivia Wilde, cankly but super hot, Reese Witherspoon out of her jogging suit and into a little black dress, and Zoe Saldana, another underrated sexy bomb looking all kinds of hot. Yep, the museum is the place to be, the museum is the place for me. Enjoy.

Kate Hudson Gets Snockered and Flashes Her Pretty Panties London Style

Far be it from me to tell Kate Hudson how to lead her life between 2:30am and 3:00am, that's prime time for realizing you had one or ten too many malted beverages and maybe, just maybe, you've forgotten your celebrity training classes in how to enter and exit your limo in a short dress. This Kate Hudson upskirt picture from outside the swank clubs of London are so classic, they're likely to be put into those celebrity course textbooks in the future as Exhibit A. As for me, I'm safe keeping these images in my own personal vault.

Not everybody is cut out to be the wife and baby mama of multiple musicians, but Kate Hudson panties flashes -- very rock 'n' roll. Enjoy.

Kate Hudson Bikini Candids Show First Signs of MILFitude Part Deux

Like every other big celebrity this week, this month, this summer, Kate Hudson found herself in the South of France, though for Kate, just about six weeks after heaving child number two twixt her lady nest, and, well, the typically lithesome blonde is starting to get her sextastic sea legs back according to our telescopic lenses and these Kate Hudson bikini pictures snapped at ever such high speed. I'm not sure how many more rock stars Kate intends to mate with, but it's nice to see how fast she recovers from such reproductive projects. Enjoy.

Credit: Splash News

Ashley Greene, Miranda Kerr, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Rihanna Lead Mega List of Met Gala Hotties

What if you had a hottie party and every hottie in Hottieville showed up?

Another year, another invitation to the Costume Gala at the Metropolitan Museum lost in the mail by my postal delivery specialist, Mr. Tritonovich. Alas, I was all dressed up in my finest Zubaz pants with nowhere to get. Thankfully, my good friends from Italy, Signor Paparaazo, kept me busy all evening long with a never-ending stream of sexy celebrities at the Met Gala. The list is ridiculous. Granted, this is a party where a bunch of dudes with exotic names and no interest whatsoever in women's boobs, design a bunch of high-fashion for celebrities and pretend that they care how their models asses look in their couture. Nevertheless, even with billowing fabrics, feathers, and an assortment of things way to complicated for normal dudes to ever undress off of a woman, there was a supernova's worth of heat coming off the Met red carpet last night, among which, my favorites, if forced to choose, were Ashley Greene (just incredibly hot), Miranda Kerr (and her new boobtastic), Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (getting steamier as Transformers 3 approaches), and Rihanna (who more and more resembles a classic sculpture of some hottie princess from exotic lands).

In addition to this quadrangle of sextastic quim, there were a bazillion and one other sexy celebs, but as a result of the beer-drinking-is-making-me-sleepy principal this evening, I did cut the list down to: Evan Rachel Wood (how is this girl not more highly rated?), Lily Aldridge (L.A.'s finest offspring), Bar Refaeli (Israeli hottie), Beyonce (the booty call of my dreams), Fergie (I'd like to add my gravy to her peas), Madonna (oh yea, give it up for Madge at 52), Kristen Stewart (who could not bring herself to smile), Taylor Swift (just a classic beauty), Kate Hudson (pregnant by yet another rocker), Jessica Alba (naturally), Salma Hayek (veteran MILF hottie), Ciara (still don't know who she is, still lust her), Emma Roberts (getting toward sextastic levels), Gwynneth Paltrow (I don't like her, but I'd tap that... nevermind), Christina Hendricks (busty and delicious), Penelope Cruz (en fuego MILF), Blake Lively (the newest hottest ginger), Sofia Vergara (the maker of wanton dreams), Lea Michele (Glee petite sweet), Dianna Agron (mo' mo' Glee hottie), Gisele Bundchen (belongs on every hottie list), and Zoe Saldana (one of my secret lust crushes).

Wow. If you remove all the hotties from that list and add my grandma, you have my most recent birthday party E-vite YES list. Enjoy.

Kate Hudson Nipple Poke Pictures Grow Toward the Sun

For me, nothing brightens up a day like a solid celebrity nipple poke. These Kate Hudson nipple poke pictures remind us that beneath the $300 t-shirt tops, sexy celebrities have sexy nipples just dying for a breath of fresh air. The very liberal-minded Kate Hudson has never shied away from toplessness per se, but in the confines of Los Angeles, where she's forced to wear clothing, it's still nice to see her MILFtastic milkers reaching toward the open sunlight. Enjoy.

Kate Hudson’s Bikini Bum

Just about every celebrity in the world is on a beach somewhere, and the same goes for Kate Hudson. And you've got to love these Kate Hudson bikini pictures, thanks to the awesome angle from which they were taken. Kate's one of those who look better from the back than the front (not that there's anything wrong with her front) so these pictures of her ass in the air on all fours are rather rockin'.

Photo credit: Fame