Kate Hudson Black Bikini Top and Shaved Head

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rusty-mattis - August 7, 2017

Kate Hudson Bikini And Buzz Cut Is Sexy

You can call me a weirdo or a freak or nut job, but I find ladies with a shaved head kind of sexy. Don't really know what is about it that really gets me going, but I think it's sexy. And it's really super sexy when it's Kate Hudson in a black bikini. Call it a Furiosa fetish. 

All my buddies look at me like I'm a three-eyed frog, but I can't help it. I just picture Kate shaving every hair off her body and I get all tingly. Hell, just thinking about Kate Hudson with a buzz cut and I'm down for the count. And now that she's wearing a bikini it might get any hotter for me. At least I think she's wearing a full bikini, not way to tell what she's rocking under those tights. I really hope she's heading to the beach. I would love to see Kate Hudson in a bikini, splashing in the waves, with a shaved head, and probably a shaved bush.

Guess I should maybe talk to someone about this, about my love of the ladies of the buzz cut. Then again, maybe I should just enjoy it. Kate Hudson is going to have her beautiful locks back before I know it. Probably by that point, I'll be into ladies with trendy short hair.

Photo Credit: Backgrid