Kate Hudson Fashion Hot Mom in Harpers

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bill-swift - March 22, 2017

I detest all things frivolous fashion. I don't like people judging my silly hobbies so I try to mostly keep it to myself. You accept my watching girls paddle boarding hobby and I'll accept you spending nineteen hours and the GNP of Surinam to find the right pair of pants. Fair is fair. Though I admittedly do love what comes with fashion. Such as the sextastic celebrities we often see modeling in the 200-page glossy advertisements they call magazines.

Kate Hudson may be into full mom mode these days as a persona, but she sure makes it sing. The 30-something faptastic feline mother character is routinely called upon to promote various lines of clothing. Her tight worked out body is often under-utilized thanks to the presence of clothing. I can easily imagine them away. Kate's one of my favorites because I'm quite certain she can touch her toes both bending forward and backward. That's not a little thing. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Harper's Bazaar Singapore