January Jones Takes a Dip!

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Echo Lawrence - May 18, 2020

January Jones clearly isn't acting like a 42 year old, she may not even know that she's 42 years old. I assume many of her fans don't even care that she's 42 years old, especially since she's recently discovered the power of a bikini photo on social media.

Despite what women want to believe, especially in this feminist era of man-hating, or calling us all misogynists for being programmed into liking girls in various states of undress and thus staring at girls in various states of undress, their bikini pics always get the most engagement on their social media.

With the whole COVID lockdown, celebrities have decided to learn this social media thing, not like it's some huge secret, but I think they are realizing just how EASY it is to trend on social media.

I mean, random nobodies have got FAMOUS off these platforms, how hard can it be, probably not as hard as January Jones fans are right now, because it's easy. Bikini Pics. That's the answer.

So in the last week, she's posted a bunch of bikini or bathing suit pics and I think she will continue to do so because each one goes mini-viral and mini-viral is feedback, feedback releases dopamine, and all of a sudden she'll be the next Kardashian making us buy her make-up to have part of her lifestyle.

My prediction is her social media, as weird as it may be, will be far more lucrative than her acting career, if she keeps up content like this, that probably goes without saying!

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