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READER FINDS: Charlotte McKinney Busty Yachts, Ashley Greene And Kate Hudson Pokies, Adrianne Palicki Topless, and Much Much More…

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My most blessed of Fridays. The final day of the not all that long of a week where we make solid excuses for outlandish behavior. I can’t think of a better process to celebrate. Such as we do here in the penthouse basement offices at Egotastic, each week opening up the cavernous reader email bag, throwing in the trained monkey, Mr. Four Loko, and waiting to see what treasures he returns with in his rabies frothing mouth. It’s a tradition like none other.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Charlotte McKinney boobtastic on a boat (thank you to EgoReader ‘Denny’), Adrianne Palicki topless for FHM (an oldie but such a double goodies via ‘Kent W.’), Ageyness Deyn toplees skinematics (little lovelies courtesy of ‘Rachel A.’), Anne Hathaway tighty whitey pokies for karaoke (spiked up by ‘Matt’), a busty candid of Ariel Winter in front of Mickey D’s Coachella (bosom bounced in by ‘James’), Ashley Greene cleavage and butt madness in The Apparition (whoa, hot body masterpieces, thanks ‘Owen’), Caitlin Folley topless in SxTape (lovely blonde udders from ‘Stephen T.’), Elsa Pataky sweet and lovely teats (oh, wow and thanks to ‘Benjie’), Emily Bergl of current Shameless fame topless in film back in the day (lovely lass peaches, via ‘Desmond’), indie queen Greta Gerwig flashing her Funions (lovely peeks delivered by ‘David’), hotness Hannah Kelsey topless in Supermodel mag (epic body shots submitted by ‘Danny C.’), Jennifer Lawrence nightgown cleavage in the recent Serena (this movie came and went, as would by my plan with Jennifer in person, kudos to ‘Juancy’), Kate Hudson and Ashley Greene double dipping pokies (skinematic nips sent over by ‘Arnoldo), Keira Knightley topless peaches (always a swell sight, via ‘Steve’), Kim Cattrall lovely udders throwback style (mmm, blondes have more funbags, thanks ‘Rippen’), Rebecca Hall topless in rare blessing (brunette goodness tossed into the ring by ‘Terry U.’), Rihanna peeks into top in her music video (promoted by ‘Apollon A.’), Ronda Rousey showy sexy (please, armbar me, via ‘Tony Tom’), and last, but not the bit least, the dedicated to onscreen naked Theresa Russell flashing bare yums and buns (submitted thoughtfully by ‘Les’). I kind of have to double dog dare you to check out this entire library of sextastic celebrity goodness. Become inspired. Enjoy.

Kate Hudson Booty Cheek Show While Heading To An Easter Party In Malibu

The lovely Kate Hudson flashed a little bit of her supple booty cheeks while on her way to an Easter party in Malibu. It seems that Kate likes to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus by wearing a sexy sundress with a really short skirt. I think it’s only right. Kate has a slamming body, as a 90′s rapper might have said. She’s in crazy good shape and her firm, perky booty is just one prime example. The dress was also low cut so it gave us a peek, and just a peek, at her famous ta-tas. I love my some Kate Hudson’s boobage. Every time I saw them in a slinky dress or bikini top in one of her rom-coms it made me very happy in my swimsuit area. She’s one sexy lady.

What I’m most happy about is that this means it is officially sundress season. Is there anything, (besides bikinis and lingerie), sexier than a woman in a sundress? I think not.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Kate Hudson Wears Short Shorts While Shopping In LA

The lovely Kate Hudson was spotted running around LA in a pair of shorty short cut-offs. The shorts give us a nice tight display of her sexy thumper. Kate has quite an excellent backside. Whenever I’m forced to watch whatever rom-com she’s in with Matthew McConaughey or whatever, you can bet that the costumer put her in something tight to show off her butt. And why wouldn’t you? That would just be bad filmmaking. The shorts also give us a sweet view of her legs. That’s another attribute that always gets top billing in her movies. Her legs are nice and silky smooth. This is due in no small part in what incredible shape she is in. You could crack nuts with those thighs.

Not that you’d want to. The last thing you want crushed between a beautiful woman’s thighs is nuts.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Kate Hudson Wears A Bikini In Malibu

The ever hot Kate Hudson was spotted at the beach in a teeny tiny bikini. She was hanging out with the dude from Coldplay. I never can remember his name so I just call him Mr. Coldplay. Anywho, Kate was looking fine as eff in her small bikini. She is is redonkulously good shape. Her stomach is tight and toned as hell. She’s also got a nice perky pair of ta-tas. They are the kind of boobs you could play with all day and not get tired. In a couple of the profile pics you can see a little bit of sideboob, which is always a wonderful thing. But let’s not forget Kate’s sweet caboose. It’s nice and round and I for one would like to wear it like a hat. Seriously, I don’t know what she does but that booty is more taught than a drum skin.

My wife likes to watch rom-coms starring Kate Hudson and for once I don’t whine about it because I think she’s super hot. I mean, I whine a little but not a lot.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

Hot Milf Kate Hudson Wears A Tank Top And Daisy Dukes

Kate Hudson was spotted going around town in a tank top and a pair of cut-off shorts and boy oh boy is it satisfying. Kate Hudson is so hot I haven’t minded watching the dumb chick flicks she does because at least I get to look at her. Kate is in ridiculously good shape as you can tell by her long toned legs in those tiny shorts. But what I really enjoy is the way her boobage is looking in that tank top. It’s so much cleav that I can’t imagine how it could be cleavier. Kate has got a nice rack and she know it too. I’ve never seen her on the red carpet where she isn’t wearing a low cut top open to her navel. And why shouldn’t she be proud? She should set those puppies free for all the world to enjoy.

That would be the kind thing to do for those poor folks that are boobage deprived at home.


Kate Hudson Booty Shorts For Shape Magazine

Famous hot person Kate Hudson was looking particularly striking in a pair of short shorts for Shape Magazine. And speaking of shape, she’s in incredible…er…shape. Her legs are long, lean, and nicely shaped. I wouldn’t mind having those bad boys wrapped around me on a cold evening. But what’s really redonkulous in her abdomen. She’s got a full on six pack and is seriously cut at the hips. I’m always impressed by anyone, especially a woman, who can manage a six pack, (as opposed to my 24 pack). She must work out all the time to keep it tight and may I say that I for one appreciate it. I would give her the most exciting three minutes of her life.

But I digress.  She looks a lot like her mom Goldie Hawn. Have you ever seen young Goldie on Laugh-In reruns in that bikini? I would sock it to her.

Photo Credit: Shape Magazine

Kate Hudson Sports Bra and Tights Flashing Taut Bellies With Her Girl Friends Pimping Fabletics

If you’re really honest in your thinking, you’ll admit that what this world needs now more than anything is another line of women’s gym workout and juice bar gear. So the benevolent and hot slender Kate Hudson designed one of her own. Oh, sure, it looks exactly like all the others, but it’s Kate’s and it’s called Fabletics, and she’s modeling her bare midriff wares along with her friends Sara and Erin Foster, childhood pals and daughters of music producer David Foster. So, who’s complaining?

This is the kind of simple, but pricey gear that you can only get away with wearing if you’re truly hitting the Pilates daily. You can’t hide any cheesecake in these sports bras and gym pants. Though if you could, how awesome of a find would that be on a third date. Taut bodies in sports bras and workout bottoms, flat tummies shining in the sun. It’s inspiring me to either go workout hard for an hour or take a nap and dream of Kate directing me to help the Foster sisters change into their next set of Fabletics. Both would be good for me. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews