Isabeli Fontana

Adriana Lima, Raquel Zimmermann, Isabeli Fontana Topless Wall Perfect for Pirelli 2015

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The Pirelli Calendar is officially back. As in, it’s been publishing every single year now for decades, but there have been times it decided that hot topless supermodels were somehow passé and it needed to up it’s artistic and hyper-stylized cred. Why? Nobody knows. I’m just glad that short lived era is over. There’s nothing like art to ruin a perfectly blessed pair of funbags.

The Pirelli Calendar 2015 features a bevy of hot European models, one for each month, flashing their bare puppies and all over hot bodies for the love of keeping track of days. Adriana Lima, Raquel Zimmermann and Isabeli Fontana are among the world class models baring their yams for the Pirelli auto parts folks. They all joined up in Milan recently to celebrate. I wasn’t invited to that shindig for some reason, but that doesn’t take away my enthusiasm in turning the pages of my ill-gotten Pirelli calendar here in the Egotastic penthouse basement offices. Onward and ta-ta upward in 2015. Enjoy.

Toni Garrn, Isabeli Fontana, Candice Swanepoel Among the Hotties at Harper’s Bazaar Fashion Week Party

if you didn’t bring at least twenty change of clothes, consider yourself under prepared for Fashion Week in New York. The sponsored parties and events are non-stop for the good looking and famous class of young women models, actresses, divas, and socialites. Not to mention fashion bloggers. Oh, they really are the best.

The Harper’s Bazaar ICON party may have won the weekend at least with its impressive guest list that includes Candice Swanepoel, Kendall Jenner, Lady Gaga, Isabeli Fontana,Toni Garrn, and Karolina Kurkova. Kind of an odd ensemble, but a powerhouse celebrity list nonetheless. And all looking their best. Even Lady Gaga made efforts. If you’ve ever thought about a career in fashion, these kinds of fancy get-ups might convince you to stick with your dream. Just imagine the excitement of having these ladies screaming in your ear or firing you. Wonderful! Enjoy.

Isabeli Fontana Bikini Pimping for Even More Brazilian Model Hotness

The well of Brazilian model sextastic truly has no bottom. I mean, the bottoms on these girls are quite tremendous, but the actual talent pool runs so deep, we’ve yet to find anything close to a finite end, just more and more supremely good looking women modeling skimpy outfits.

Like supermodel Isabeli Fontana, another Brazilian sultry wonder, showing off bikini designs for Morena Rosa already for their Summer 2014 collection. It has me already looking forward to next summer, not forsaking the seventeen hundred times I will be imagining Isabeli in my mind between now and next June. She is a dream inducer of the highest order. I think they actually give out medals for that. Enjoy.

Isabeli Fontana Topless Le Sextastic for French Lui Magazine

Isabeli Fontana Topless in Lui Magazine September 2013
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I believe this is the relaunched version of the classic French adult magazine Lui, not that I would know anything about classic erotic magazines from around the world, or how to sort my collection of thousands of them, or even how I was able to hide them from a snooping parent for so many years. So, I’m just guessing.

Either way, Brazilian hottie model Isaebeli Fontana looks rather provocatively alluring with and without her top on in this pictorial for the French magazine. Isabeli is not a shy girl, being an international model, so allow me to get slightly red in the cheeks on her behalf when she flashes her super fine funbags. I will take on that burden of shame. I kind of like it. Enjoy.

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Isabeli Fontana Bikini Catalog Pictures Yet Another Sign of Imminent Summer

So many hot Brazilian models, so little time. Yep, that’s what I’m thinking to myself even though it makes little to no sense as I’m checking out the wicked hotness of Isabeli Fontana. Isabeli often gets lost in our discussion of world class Brazilian supermodels. Not sure why. Every time we see her it’s another kick in the pants for forgetting the sultry sweet sextastic goodness this dynamic goddess brings to bear each and every appearance.

Featured in a bikini for the Morena Rosa Beach campaign, Isabeli reminds us again why summer truly is the best season. It’s simply when our favorite ladies wear the least amount of clothing. I need no more reasons. Enjoy.

Isabeli Fontana Bikini Pictures for More Brazilian Beach Hot Body Times

The beaches of Brazil are just loaded with the hot, well, biyatches, strutting their sextastic stuff like quite delicious bikini and swimsuit model Isabeli Fontana, a native in her native lands, a product of the Brazilian model genetic superiority system.

Yes, we all love seeing girls like Isabeli in Sports Illustrated and similar, but without all the airbrushing, the lighting, the costumery and effects, just seeing a walking, talking, candidly hot Brazilian model in her own element — wow. I lust it. Enjoy.

Isabeli Fontana Looks Sexy in Un.i Lingerie Winter 2013