Isabeli Fontana Sexy Photoshoot in Miami

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rusty-mattis - August 20, 2017

I don't make it out to the coasts all that much, so, is there like a special beach for hotties like Isabeli Fontana? Because every time I've ever gone to a beach, the people there are not as hot. There must a private beach for these super hotties.

If I ever was at the same beach as Isabeli Fontana I'd turn into a stark raving fool. It wouldn't be on purpose, but look at her in that bikini! I've already had to remind myself to close my mouth while flipping through these pictures. I'd be staring at Isabeli Fontana the whole time we were at the beach. I guess that's why my girlfriends always insist we take vacations to the lake during the winter. No ladies in bikinis then.

I could try to be on my best behavior, but that would really hard if I knew Isabeli Fontana was there in a bikini. It would probably be best if I just stayed at home and stared at Isabeli Fontana on a screen. That way I won't scare her off.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News