Isabeli Fontana Sexy Cleavage in Italy

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aldo-vallon - September 2, 2017

 Normally when I think of the most notable mountain range in Italy I naturally think of the Alps, but normally I am not staring at the fantastic mountain range of Isabeli Fontana. I do not have to take too long on guessing how many mountaineers would like to have a shot at scaling that summit. Answer: All of them, even the women. How could they not? If you were to ask why they would probably say something about it being because they are there.

Some things are done for glory and recognition, others are done for the satisfaction one gets upon completion. In this case I think it would qualify as both. There is sure to be a healthy serving of each for the man who plants his flag on top of Mount Isabelli. Maybe it will not be worthy of a primetime spot on a network news station, but I guarantee your friends will spread your legend for years to come. Just make sure to get in plenty of practice beforehand. Many an amateur has gotten in over his head by not being prepared.


Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News