Isabeli Fontana Oiled Up And Leggy For Shoes

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bill-swift - April 1, 2016

Isabeli Fontana is selling thigh high boots, which itself is fairly sexy. Well, really sexy. Then she throws into the mix her oiled down and oiled up body in little revealing bits of clothing, and you might as well just inquire as to how much the whole outfit costs, girl including. 

Isabeli is another in the line of Brazilian slender bombshells. Women who looks so sultry and attractive they aren't really street legal. I'm not sure that's a street I'd want to live on. Isabeli must be allowed, though our private passion and wet play would remain private. And wet. Please bring the boots. And your toothbrush. I'll provide the rest in terms of oysters and natural animal furs for wraps seeing as how I spent all my utilities bills money on oysters and furs. So damn hot. Isabeli Fontana in sexy boots. I'm lost. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Morena Rosa Shoes