Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria Wears A Skin Tight Dress While Leaving A Salon In LA

Sexy Latina actress Eva Longoria was spotted wearing an incredibly tight dress while leaving a salon in LA. What I like most about Eva is her curves and she’s showing them off aplenty in this getup. She’s got the perfect combination of a toned skinny middle and a nice pair of ta-tas on top and shapely hips on the bottom. Nothing gets my pressure up faster than a woman with a nice hourglass shape. It’s hardwired into our DNA and has something to do with fertility. Luckily, we live in the 21st century so the fertility thing can be controlled but the urge to bang women with curves is still there. I’ve been a big fan of Eva’s body since I first saw her on that Desperate Housewives show. I didn’t mind watching it as long as I got to look at Eva.

That’s the consolation for a lot of these bad chickcentric shows is that the stars are usually hot. That makes the pain of the bad writing go down easier.

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Eva Longoria Shows Off Bikini Bod And Other Fine Things To Ogle


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Eva Longoria Bikinis Poolside in Miami

I’m certain Eva Longoria has some new man in her life and I’m certain I’m not going to investigate. Why ruin a perfectly good fantasy about Eva in her bikini asking me to sunscreen some spots she missed as she tells me about how people don’t realize how lonely life can be for a successful actress and model in Hollywood. Then I tell her I totally understand even though I don’t and I find some additional spots she missed with the lotion, some spots she didn’t even know existed.

Perhaps my mind wanders too much with such detailed journeys into the libido, but how can you not get carried away when this Latina hottie with her stellar bikini body is prancing about pools in Miami, just months away from joining the veteran hottie Forty and Faptastic club. Oh, my, I want to be her boy toy so badly. There is no job to menial or humiliating, Eva. I mean, I couldn’t bring myself to watch any of your shows or movies, but I would be willing to watch you watch. Clothing optional naturally. Enjoy.

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Eva Longoria Bikini Pictures Are Hot Crackle and Pop in Miami

Eva Longoria is about half a year away from becoming the most certain member of the Faptastic and Forty club here on Egotastic. The hot bodied most eligible Latina is not only sultry and alluring and not too shabby in the able to take care of me in the financial ways in which I’m accustomed department, she also continues to look crazy veteran hot in a bikini, a little bit of fabric that constantly needs adjusting.

It’s not every woman in the world that causes me to become catatonic from seeing them fixing their bikini tops or crawling on all fours across a chaise lounge chair, but Eva definitely falls into that category. Just so fine and born to tan. Will Eva and I ever get together for real? My lips are sealed. Though not for you, Eva. Have your girl call my girl and we’ll work something out. I majored in college in illicit rendezvous, though I will be tempted to alert the paps so they can see my smiling mug as you leave my abode at 5am covering your shame face. Enjoy.

Eva Longoria Bikinis Poolside in Miami

The lovely Eva Longoria was spotted lounging poolside in Miami in a small multicolored bikini. Eva is truly in tremendous shape. Her tight, toned stomach looks amazing. Eva also has a really nice pair of ta-tas. They are like the boobies Goldilocks picked, not too big, not too small, but juuuuust right. There is some nice cleavage action going on in these pics. But what I am all about is her booty. Good Lord, she has a nice booty. I remember admiring it years ago on Desperate Housewives and it still looks as good as it did back then. Some things just get better with age.

Eva is from the same town where my mom lives in Texas. Every time I’m visiting her I always hope I’m going to run into either Eva or her any number of younger cousins. It’s yet to happen but I am still hopeful.

Eva Longoria Bikini ‘Toe’ and Hot Booty Flashing in Italy

I haven’t really kept up with Eva Longoria and her busy love life of late, though I do believe she remains one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelorettes with money, power, and a slamming bikini body with a sultry Latina flair. The trifecta of the perfect woman.

Eva has been vacationing with some dude or another in Italy, and took time out of her tourist schedule to show off her bikini body by the pool at her resort. Oh, yes, Eva Longoria has still very much got it. Frontside, backside, topside, downside. There’s not an inch of Eva Longoria I wouldn’t bathe to slather in lotion and then later insist that yes, that really is just lotion, now close your eyes and go back to sleep. Eva does include some pretty naughty thoughts. Enjoy.

Eva Longoria Leggy Strutting Lovely Latina Seductress With a Large Bag

I’ve really missed Eva Longoria. I’m not exactly sure where she’s been of late, but we’ve seen little of the most eligible bachelorette of late, which makes me sad, as a child who has dropped his ice cream cone on the ground. For any time we lose sight of our eye candy, it’s a melancholy time. Especially when that candy is sultry and Latina and single and hot and leggy and showing off her gams in a summer dress in Hollywood.

Oh, Eva, the things we would do together. Like expensive shopping trips where I’d suddenly forget my wallet and you’d have to pay for all the beautiful lingerie I was treating you too. We would have so much fun seeing just how passion inducing you could be with just your shapely calves running across my good touch bad touch regions. Eva, now that you’re back in town, call me. Let’s get a Starbucks and some organic lubricants. Enjoy.