Dove Cameron, Emily Rajajkowski and Hailey Baldwin Highlight the Hotness At The InStyle Party

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bill-swift - January 9, 2018

Just because  you had to wear black didn't mean the lovely ladies of the Globes and the associated after-parties weren't going to be daring to bare cleavage and skin and legs and booties and sweet necklines and shoulders and the like. Damn if I don't love all the lovely lady parts. Obviously, I have preferences, but I would order the entire menu if given the chance.

The sextastic likes of Dove Cameron, Emily Ratajkowski, Hailey Baldwin and Ireland Baldwin lined up for the red carpet visual wonderment display at the InStyle party. I have no clue what InStyle magazine contains, but they do throw a wicked hot awards show after party, as best defined by this lineup of passion inducing Time's Up black-dressed hotties. 

Whatever anybody asks of you political or social opinion wise, be sure to answer, whatever you crazy attractive ladies all think, I agree. You can't go wrong with that answer. And what a perch from which to ogle. Enjoy.



Photo Credit: Splash News