Gigi and Bella Hadid for i-D Magazine

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Echo Lawrence - January 24, 2020

The Hadid sisters posed for the Rihanna edition of i-D Magazine this month, the publication gave the singer her own special edition of the magazine where she was able to feature women who inspire her.

In the interview with Gigi she admitted she has regrets about her career and that her biggest regret was not speaking up on set. “ I think my biggest failures in my life and my career have been when I haven’t had- or i wasn’t old enough to have the confidence to stand up for myself when I knew what was happening on set wasn’t right - I guess through those disappointments in myself or through disappointing others with my actions, I’ve really been able to learn. I try and grow from everything”

Her sister Bella had a similar mind set saying “ I need to own my decisions and stand up for myself” while her biggest failure is not trusting her won intuition. You can tell these girls are sisters by the way they speak with Rihanna.

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