Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes Bikini Pictures Yellow Bits of Unexpected Poolside Bliss

When you’re camped out in the palm trees overlooking the Cabo resort, you never know exactly which sextastic celebrity you’re going to find swinging by the pool in her bikini for a little dip. We certainly never expected to set peeps upon Amanda Bynes in a little yellow bikini. Amanda obviously has been out of the public eye for some time now, after being dramatically in the public eye for all the wrong reasons for a solid year or two long stretch of troubled times.

I would never dare to say how another person is feeling, but I do always dare to say how she’s looking and Amanda certainly seems on the road to recovery. Not quite the Pilates yokes bodies we often see these days along the pools and beaches, but considering what she’s been through, Amanda is looking might shades of the girl we used to lust so pleasantly in simpler times. Hopefully, she can stay on the straight and keep the bikini body on the curvy and perfectly soft. I’m so happy for this first step back. Feeling good is looking good in front of others. At least, I’d like the really good looking women to believe so. Enjoy.

Amanda Bynes Is Gone (I Mean, Gone in the Noggin) But Not Forgotten

As the courts and psychiatrists and family member try to finally come to some plan of action for keeping Amanda Bynes from ultimately harming herself of others, we can’t help but harken back to how much we feel for the younger, sweet, pre-5150 version of Amanda Bynes. We never saw this coming. We only saw a TV starlet with a killer body and an award winning smile. Where did it all go, Amanda?

Before you weep like me, take a look at some of our favorite candid moments of Amanda from before she started hearing voices. Enjoy.

Playboy Offers Amanda Bynes a Hosting Job Via Twitter, Like You Do

She Got a Job Offer. What's Your Excuse?

Are you currently unemployed and looking for work? Finding it a tough job market out there? Well, Amanda Bynes doesn’t know what the big deal is. She’s a whacked out pot-head going through a Britney Spears-esque public breakdown, and she found a new job without even looking. So, like, what’s the big deal?

What am I talking about? I’m talking about the fact that Amanda Bynes just got offered a job. On Twitter. By Playboy.

It’s not what you’re thinking, however. They just want the child star-turned-Twitter train wreck to host their afternoon radio show on XM Satellite Radio. See:

Come on, admit it—you’d totally listen to an Amanda Bynes radio show. It would just be three hours of her taking calls from other crazy people, every one of them would end with her saying the caller is ugly, and it would be fantastic!

Unfortunately, Bynes hasn’t publicly responded to the tweeted job offer. However, she has been pretty busy getting into arguments with Courtney Love and Lance Bass. Maybe she just needs a little more time to think about it.

READER FINDS: Amanda Bynes Bikini Back When, Jodi Arias Nekkid (Yes, That Jodi Arias), Jessica Alba Camel Toe and Much Much More…

Amanda Bynes Wears a Bikini in Lovewrecked
Click to See Uncensored

Talk about one whopper of a week. This has been one of those five-day hauls when The Bandit is just about ready to turn himself into Smokey. But, not quite, there’s still some business to be done. The business of awesome bold and beautiful skin from some of our favorite celebrities courtesy of your generous donations. A little gift giving circle we like to call Reader Finds.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Amanda Bynes from not so long ago looking hot in a bikini (thanks to EgoReader ‘JHay’), a classic throwback to Joy Harmon in Cool Hand Luke with one of the best car wash scenes ever (kudos to ‘Benny’ for that), Estella Warren flashing her whale tail (dropped upon us by ‘Dennis’), Karina Jelinek nekkid on the beach (quite a sight from ‘Esteban’), the talented Vikki Blows showing off her talents (donated by ‘Rudy’), convicted killer Jodi Arias nekkid, fyi, we waited until she was convicted to show these (but inspired by ‘Anon’, thanks), Cheryl Burke in a see-through top and Jessica Alba camel toe  and Ariel Winter bikini shot (and you’re welcome from “Pito’), Micaela Schaefer topless goodness (courtesy of ‘Rix’), Gwnyeth Paltrow assorted skin pics (blessings from ‘Dave M.’), and Selena Gomez hot screencaps (friended here by ‘Ambrus’). Quite a goodness haul indeed. Enjoy.

Amanda Bynes Half Nekkid on Twitter; Expect More to Follow

I’m trying to put the positive spin on this whole Amanda Bynes meltdown. And, basically, it boils down to her showing more and more of herself on camera as the combination of her need for attention and whatever else it is going on in her noggin combine forces for likely even more epic self-published pics to follow. While we always highlight the best of the Twitpics each Thursday, this particular photo array from Amanda certainly deserves a call out.

I suppose if she starts taking photos without her fake hair and gets into some sort of weirdly destructive visual mode, we might have to pull back a bit in our straight up ogling of these exposing images. I mean, we’ll still look, obviously, but maybe a tad bit more discreetly. For now, take in Amanda Bynes. She wants you to. And, enjoy.

(Thanks to the many many of you EgoReaders who helped out by sending us copies of these pictures. Why are you following Amanda on Twitter again?)

Lindsay Lohan Attacked (Not Really) and Amanda Bynes Locks Herself in Cupcake Bathroom; You’re Welcome, New York

What a weekend for celebrities who fled from L.A. to N.Y. to find some sanctuary from the media and bad influences in Hollywood. Yeah, that plans has only worked — never.

Amanda Bynes who people are refusing to publicly state is clearly heavily caught up in some kind of mind altering substances, locked herself in a cupcake bakery bathroom for half an hour before firefighters were forced to extricate the trouble 20-something celeb.

And, honest citizen Lindsay Lohan got into a late-night, post-nightclubbing kerfuffle with some idiot star-stalking Congressional staffer dude she invited to party back at her hotel room after the tool started taking cell phone pictures of Lindsay doing something Lindsay would rather not have published. Probably something like reading to schoolchildren, though, it was 1:00am in a hotel room party, so, maybe not. So, Lindsay did what so many of her effed up in the head celebrity hotel guests have done before her — she pulled the fire alarm.

Lindsay claims the dude assaulted her and wanted him charged; according to our friends at TMZ, the police found no evidence of an assault and dropped all charges. Do these people ever get billed for wasting police time and dime?

Amanda Bynes Drops Cleavage Bomb As She Descends Further Into Party Girl Limbo

I stopped counting precisely, but I believe Amanda Bynes has been arrested for like five baker’s dozen hit and run DUIs at this point, and that’s just since the summer solstice,

(Check out Amanda’s inebriated stumble out of the club recently in this exclusive TMZ video.)

Well, now Amanda is taking her out of control party girl routine to the daylight hours as well, walking about the San Fernando valley  in a low cut top with her boobs about to fall out, like maybe she just woke up from some wild night the evening before and just needed her morning fix.

Now, mind you, we’re hardly complaining about a chance to see Amanda’s funbags almost fall out and feed the world some extraordinary views, but we’d be lying if we didn’t say she’s sort of resembling our childhood neighbor lady, Maude Mayhew, who would give us five bucks to run to the liquor store to buy hee a four-dollar bottle of generic liquor, then ask us upon our return if we wanted to keep the dollar change as a tip or if we preferred a kiss on the lips. We were eight years old at the time, so we took the dollar. Creepy now kind of looking back on it, but a stepping stone toward our current occupation, no doubt. Enjoy,