Nadine Velazquez’s Inspiring Top to Lift Our Spirits!

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Tex Hollywood - March 24, 2020

Nadine Velazquez has 100,000 followers on social media, where she keeps her account private, but luckily some of the 100,000 followers, capture her best work and share with those of us who don't follow Nadine Velazquez.

She is 41 years old, probably best known from My Name is Earl, The League and a few other movies starring either The Rock or Denzel.

She has been consistently hot over the course of her career, from posting nudes or semi nudes to this busty naughty and revealing strappy active-wear that keeps her comfortable while chilling during the quarantine looking like the best thing activewear to keep you entertained during the quarantine.

I mean if this all leads to a real apocalypse you could use those things as an arc to save all of the animals. Float them all to safety, there's enough room for everyone!

Her breasts could become the religious experience they deserve to be.