Amanda Bynes Half Nekkid on Twitter; Expect More to Follow

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bill-swift - May 2, 2013

I'm trying to put the positive spin on this whole Amanda Bynes meltdown. And, basically, it boils down to her showing more and more of herself on camera as the combination of her need for attention and whatever else it is going on in her noggin combine forces for likely even more epic self-published pics to follow. While we always highlight the best of the Twitpics each Thursday, this particular photo array from Amanda certainly deserves a call out.

I suppose if she starts taking photos without her fake hair and gets into some sort of weirdly destructive visual mode, we might have to pull back a bit in our straight up ogling of these exposing images. I mean, we'll still look, obviously, but maybe a tad bit more discreetly. For now, take in Amanda Bynes. She wants you to. And, enjoy.

(Thanks to the many many of you EgoReaders who helped out by sending us copies of these pictures. Why are you following Amanda on Twitter again?)