Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes DUI Arrest After Swiping Cop Car

Ruh-roh. You do not want to be driving intoxicated around the super late night streets of West Hollywood, and, if perchance you find yourself doing so, you most definitely do not want to side swipe a police cruiser.

But, looks like Amanda Bynes broke both those rules early this morning.

Read the details of the Amanda Bynes DUI Arrest on TMZ.

You may recall that just last month Amanda Bynes bolted from a traffic stop where she was receiving a ticket. Amanda does not like the po-po so much it seems. Fight the power, Mandy.

The Best of the Sexy at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards

I’ll say this for last night’s MTV Movie Awards — they brought out the hotties. I mean, they didn’t let anyone get within 1,000 feet of the big stars, and kept pushing their sorry-sap teen drama queens from unknown shows on the public in a promotional display, but in the back somewhere, through a secret entrance, they were guiding in the uber-sextastic, the likes of Selena Gomez, Brooklyn Decker, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and many many more to glam it up for five minutes of posing before being whisked back to their VIP suite and their handlers. Hey, even hottie Blake Lively made a highly guarded (I mean, seriously, guarded) appearance, despite her current controversies. At the end of the day, despite having to deal with the MTV craptastic machine, it does make it all worthwhile. Enjoy.

Justin Timberlake Grabs Mila Kunis' Boobs at the MTV Movie AwardsAward show postscript: whoa, if you’ve never had reason to be jealous of Justin Timberlake before, you know, for banging Britney Spears and Cameron Diaz and Jessica Biel, how about this full on boob-grab of super sexy Mila Kunis at the award show last night. It’s almost too much, I mean, for somebody other than me to get to do. So unfair.

Thanks to EgoReader ‘Mike B’ who alerted us to this Amber Lancaster twitpic from behind the GIbson Amphitheater where the RJ Berger cheerleader seems to be flashing something very close to a nipple slip, very close.

Amanda Bynes Bikini Top Twitpics

Remember last year when Amanda Bynes announced that she was quitting acting and the rest of the world said, ‘Wait, you’re an actress?’ Well, dammit, I am not one of these cynical folks. I’ve admired Amanda Bynes acting talent for several years now, specifically the two talents on the front side of her thespian body, seen rather nicely here in these Amanda Bynes bikini twitpics. Retirement ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. Come back to us, Amanda, come back in a big way. Enjoy.

More Amanda Bynes Hotness from Maxim

The other day we brought you some hot preview pics of Amanda Bynes in Maxim that she posted on Twitter, and now we have the rest of this sexy Amanda Bynes shoot. I don’t know what got into her, but I’m definitely liking this new direction she’s taking. It’s certainly one way to try and revive a career. I believe it’s called the Lindsay Lohan school of Infamy. First a couple sexy pics in Maxim, then a full on cocaine addiction, rehab, walking around without underwear, then finally, a couple random topless pictures in magazines you’ve never heard of. Though she might want to skip a couple steps.


Amanda Bynes Tweets Her Maxim Pictures

Hey, remember Amanda Bynes!? Yay, I had completely forgotten about her too, but today she posted two pictures from her Maxim photoshoot on Twitter, so I guess that’s news. I have no idea why she’s in Maxim, since I thought her career was completely over, but she still looks pretty hot, so I guess that’s something. Actually, these are pretty sexy. Lets hope we get some more soon.


Amanda Bynes is Hot Pink

It’s been a very long ime since we saw Amanda Bynes, but she was at the 14th Annual Critics Choice Awards last night, and hot damn did she look good. That tight pink number was by far the hottest look of the night, and sexy little Amanda Bynes looked damn good in it. Man, where the hell has she been?

14th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards Mega Picture Post

So the Screen Actors Guild Awards went ahead as planned, unlike the Golden Globes, and for once, people actually care about the SAG awards. Well, not really, but since this might be the only award show we get this year, everyone’s really excited about seeing all the celebrities in their fancy dresses.

One particularly noteworthy attendee was Angelina Jolie, who showed up wearing a giant bed sheet of a dress, which is so obviously covering up her double-sized, twin-laden baby bump. But if you want to know who looked especially yummy, don’t miss Amanda Bynes, Carla Gugino, Diane Lane, Eva Longoria, Kate Beckinsale (my fave), Michelle Pfeiffer (looking as good as ever), and Sophia Bush.

Of course, there were a lot more ladies there, and you can check them all out after the jump. There are over 150 pictures in all.

Here’s a little preview:

Photo credit: Splash / WENN