Amanda Bynes Drops Cleavage Bomb As She Descends Further Into Party Girl Limbo

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bill-swift - August 16, 2012

I stopped counting precisely, but I believe Amanda Bynes has been arrested for like five baker's dozen hit and run DUIs at this point, and that's just since the summer solstice,

(Check out Amanda's inebriated stumble out of the club recently in this exclusive TMZ video.)

Well, now Amanda is taking her out of control party girl routine to the daylight hours as well, walking about the San Fernando valley  in a low cut top with her boobs about to fall out, like maybe she just woke up from some wild night the evening before and just needed her morning fix.

Now, mind you, we're hardly complaining about a chance to see Amanda's funbags almost fall out and feed the world some extraordinary views, but we'd be lying if we didn't say she's sort of resembling our childhood neighbor lady, Maude Mayhew, who would give us five bucks to run to the liquor store to buy hee a four-dollar bottle of generic liquor, then ask us upon our return if we wanted to keep the dollar change as a tip or if we preferred a kiss on the lips. We were eight years old at the time, so we took the dollar. Creepy now kind of looking back on it, but a stepping stone toward our current occupation, no doubt. Enjoy,