Tish Cyrus and Cyrus Girls In Bikinis Without Miley Who Done Got Burnt

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bill-swift - March 25, 2014

I guess all the Cyrus girls are traveling in a pack these days. Mom, Tish Cyrus, Miley Cyrus, Brandy Cyrus and the younger sister something or other Cyrus. Miley left the pack as she sunburned herself a few days ago by showing off too much skin not normally tanned on a woman's body and had to stay in the hotel. But the other Cyrii all made their way back out onto the beach in Miami for some splashy beach bikini time, naturally catching the cameras of every paparazzi on the beach staking out Miley who was a no show.

I suppose it's nice to see a family work and vacation together. I mean, school isn't a thing, so why not hit the road with the rainmaker and treat yourself to a little rest and relaxation. Miley's not touching herself on stage so the family can live in a hut back in Tennessee. These are the best of times for the Cyrii. Enjoy.