Kimberley Garner Dresses Down in a Dress Shirt!

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Echo Lawrence - June 3, 2020

I wouldn't say that I feel bad for Kimberley Garner, I mean she's really hot. I just find it weird that despite being a UK reality star, or at least someone who was on a reality show long enough for the paparazzi to know who she is and to cover her, she barely has a social media following for the amount of exposure she's had. Not to mention she's hot!!

We normally see her in a athleisure gear, like a mom leaving a pilates class or in various bikini shoots, but today she's using a men's shirt the right way, as a dress. A very revealing dress.

I have ALWAYS thought the men's shirt as a dress was the best of the "Walk of Shame" outfits, rather than wearing last night's outfit, go this route. So this is speaking my language but I am sure you can see the value or merit of the men's shirt dress too. Kim Garner is doing a very good selling job for it!