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Miley Cyrus And Zoe Kravitz Play Cards In Their Underwear For New Music Video

I don’t know what Zoe Kravitz and her band’s new song or music video is about, I probably won’t investigate much farther than noting Miley Cyrus in her thong and Zoe Kravitz in her underwear playing cards because of a deep meaning that just has to be expressed. I completely understand such needs for expression. As a matter of fact, I’m feeling something quite like that now staring at these two in their underthings. I’m not about to break into song, but I am feeling quite inspired.

I’m not sure exactly when music videos became mostly visual displays of half-nekkid young women, but it was certainly an improvement for the better. Remember how the music used to be kind of good and the videos sucked? Now it’s time we tried the other way around. Al Gore didn’t invent high speed Internet connections so we could listen to visual media. It’s meant to be seen. Right now I’m seeing Miley in her thong. This music sounds good. Enjoy.

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Miley Cyrus Bikini Top Is Kind of A Lot of Clothes For Her

Miley Cyrus wearing clothes? Well, just a bikini top, but this is a departure from her recent visits to Celebrityville Ogling Station where she’s been wearing a tad bit less and flashing her buttercups. But, this was in public and the children’s interest had to be served. So Miley kept her bikini top on as she hiked about or whatever it is these crazy kids do on their days off from concert touring and buying houses for their aunts and uncles.

Miley Cyrus shook up the pop diva world a bit last week with her V magazine topless photos, proving once again that Miley is at the forefront of blatant and nonchalant exhibitionism of the bodily variety. She’s just daring other famous female celebrities to try and match her skin show. If you don’t think this isn’t providing us collateral sextastic, you’re not thinking clearly. Miley might as well be a paid Egotastic! agent for how much she’s aiding and abetting our master purpose. Not to mention or master bating. Keep up the good work, Agent Miley. The bikini top probably needs to go, but you already know that. Enjoy.

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Miley Cyrus Topless Candids In Her Undies

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You may recall that Miley Cyrus quite openly allowed a photographer from V Magazine to follow her everywhere backstage on a segment of her most recent tour. As you would expect, Miley doesn’t wear a lot of clothes onstage or backstage, hence, she was caught in various stages of undress and topless. I wouldn’t call it officially ‘caught’ with Miley Cyrus given that she seems in the least quite content to be seen without her clothes on. Still, these photos are quite raw and in the flesh candids of the worldwide pop star just being Miley.

Once more I must praise the meme that is Miley. She has raised the bar on exhibition for all other pop divas and female celebrities wishing to get attention. In the old days, some might call her a bad example. In the Egotastic! days, we call this absolutely the best thing ever. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: V Magazine

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Miley Cyrus In Sports Bra And Spandex Flashing Her Toned Single Lady Abs

Miley Cyrus is single and ready to mingle. Or at least hike and show off her toned body in a sports bra and Spandex. That’s the modern day equivalent of going to a cocktail mixer. Probably healthier really is you think about the exercise. Certainly healthier for us gentleman oglers who get a chance to peep her toned bare midriff and see her petite body in physical action.

It was just this week Miley announced she and Arnie’s son were taking a break because that sounds better than breaking up. I can’t imagine being the significant other of either of these two celebrities and celebrity kids is any walk in the park. Let alone a hike in tight Spandex and bra tops. But, I digress, and now return simply to inelegant leering. My specialty and primary form of exercise. Miley, you won’t stay single long. Try to revel in your independence. And perhaps some more nudes would be a good start. Enjoy.

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Barely Covered Celebrity Sextastic Stoner Round Up To Celebrate 420

Back in the day I suppose smoking weed was some kind of taboo. We’ve come a long way baby. While politicians and some A-list actors still lie about their dates with the chronic most every contemporary pop and hip hop artist is far more open about smoking and dabbing. It’s still technically illegal so not everybody is as blunt as a Snoop Dogg about puffing tough, but there are plenty of our Egotastic! regular sextastic celebrities who had or did or still do delight in the dank. It’s 420. The day to celebrate the kind herb, unlike every other day of the year when stoners honor the planet slightly more quietly. Enjoy.

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Miley Cyrus Pink Sports Bra Goes for a Hike

If you ever come to Los Angeles, you’re going to want to amble up Runyon Canyon in Hollywood. It’s where many celebrities take their urban hikes to the limits with a not so spectacular bit of ascent that is ‘L.A. big’ at least. It’s also where many of them take their dogs to poop, so be advised not to wear your new white sneaks. As for me, I’m content to remain at basecamp just watching. Somebody needs to guard the supplies. I’ve limited shrinkage on the beer and chips to twenty-percent.

It’s the place to bring a camera and snap photos of Miley Cyrus in a bright pink sports bra traversing the not so steep hiking paths up the hill, keeping herself in just about the best shape you can when you’re into some hardcore partying, drinking, and smoking. It’s called your early 20′s. One hike a week usually will serve the purpose of cleansing the toxins. Especially when sporting a bright pink sports bra and flashing your midriff. That makes everything better. Enjoy.

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Pia Mia Perez Bikini, Miley Cyrus Nipple Teases and Emily Ratajkowski Arm Bra Highlight the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

Someday, the technology gods will gift us with a tool more noble in prurient purpose than social media, but for now, this humdinger of a digital highway provides more hotness per byte than any other invention previous to mankind. Unless you believe dinosaurs once had an advanced technology kingdom on earth that was wiped out by evil dinosaurs from another planet like I do. Then maybe there was something better. But as for what we know, three cheers for the social media pic sharing craze.

This week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup includes a stunning bikini shot of up and coming Pia Mia Perez, Emily Ratajkowski dazzling again with her lucky forearm providing cover, Miley Cyrus almost freeing the nipple, Charli XCX eating pizza in her bra as I always imagined she does, Coco Austin performing miracles of booty yoga, Maitland Ward flashing her ginormous lovelies, Kendall Jenner showing off in a bikini, and much much more. You owe it to the people who believe that receiving a tax refund means you made money to check out each and every one of these amazing social media shared visual wonderments. Enjoy.

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