wardrobe malfunction

Madeline Brewer Wardrobe Malfunction Leaving Chateau Nip-Mont, Err, Marmont

I’m not much into fashion, but I do want to give a shout out to the dress warn by Madeline Brewer of Orange is the New Black fame when out partying at the Chateau Marmont. I suppose Madeline felt some thin strips of tape would suffice to protect her boobtastic modesty in the face of imbibing and partying and twirling about. Not so much as her lovely peaches nearly fully fell out of her dress top, with just the hints of her blessed nipples left to tease us voyeurs into a fare-thee-well.

The braless craze sweeping Hollywood truly is one of Tinsel Town’s finer moments. The amount of bare cleavage, sideboob, and nip slips in the past couple of years a testament to the advantages for the oglers of this fashion trend. Why hide the moneymakers in the first place? That’s kind of my general question to the sextastically inclined. Flashes like Madeline Brewer’s just make everybody very happy. Win-win. One for each. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

Naomi Watts Upskirt Panties Peek During a Commercial Shoot in Malibu

If you hire Naomi Watts to pimp your product, you’ve already won. She’s just a blessedly veteran hot mom who could sell me sand in the desert. When she hangs out between shoots flashing her panties, well, then you’ve just doubled down on victories. I’m pretty sure that doesn’t even cost more in her contract.

Naomi Watts is one of our finest decked out hotties for awards season but showed off a bit more of her candidly sextastic parts in Malibu during a break from filming something on the beach which I’ll assume will be in a magazine shortly. All I saw was her panties upskirt and then I fell in lust all over again. That can happen. I came. I saw. I peeked. Veni, Vidi, Enjoy.

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Jesy Nelson Knickers Flashes Performing with Little Mix in Birmingham

I must admit,  I’m not super up on on X-Factor created super groups. I kill it in NFL trivia at the bars, but if X-Factor girl groups came up, I’d be crushed. Little Mix is apparently all the rage. I think Simon Cowell invented them a couple or three years ago specifically to be popular and famous which sounds horribly cynical but pretty much describes the origin of all pop music.

One of the members of Little Mix, Jesy Nelson, got a little jiggy with her moves during a show in Birmingham England over the weekend and flashed her black knickers. Probably something that would’ve earned her a scolding from Her Majesty and perhaps a mild beheading at the Tower fifty years ago. In the day of Miley and Rihanna, it hardly moves the ticker, but I shall personally never look a gift upskirt in the mouth. Though that makes little sense. Well played, Jesy. Enjoy.

Bai Ling Flashing a Ta-Ta Little Something Something at 20th Anniversary of The Crow

It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years since The Crow came out in theaters. Not a bad film, not a great film, but one I always appreciate in a re-showing from time to time. Bai Ling was in the original film and led the cast of creepy looking masked actors being spooky at the 20th anniversary screening of the film over the weekend. Of course, Bai Ling will not attend a public event without showing the world how nicely chested a fit 40-something veteran Asian hottie can look in just a little dominatrix straps. And she does quite a bit.

Bai Ling is one of those marvels of blessed genetics who doesn’t seem to be aging. I’m sure it has something to do with a healthy diet and exercise and all those other things that seem okay for people not myself. I marvel at her taut body and those tender ta-ta’s that still seem to defy gravity and definitely warrant an outfit I wouldn’t recommend for most women her age necessarily in a public setting. Nice work, Bai Ling. 20 years on and still going strong. Enjoy

Kate Upton Upskirt Flash On A Photoshoot In Miami

The lovely Kate Upton gave us all a view of her lady bits during a blustery photoshoot in Miami. It seems that it was a bit windy that day and Kate’s skirt kept getting blown up. The problem is that she forgot to wear underwear. So, with a particularly good gust of wind you get to see her goodies. Is there anything more glorious than a vag flash? We see boobs all the time, and don’t get me wrong I’m all about the boobs. But a good peek at the downstairs area is rarer. Occasionally it happens when these gals are exiting cars or sometimes mother nature cooperates and sends a gust of wind. Kate, for her part, seems rather unfazed by the whole thing. Rather than freaking out she just seems to laugh it off. Thanks for being such a good sport, Kate. That and not wearing underwear.

It’s things like this that make this job so rewarding.

Pamela Anderson Topless Wardrobe Malfunction Lights Up Hollywood

Pamela Anderson Has a Wardrobe Malfunction and Flashes Her Boobs in LA
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Seeing Pamela Anderson funbags pop out of her dress is something of a local celebrity ritual. Not quite as regularly occurring as say Halloween or Easter, but very very close. I suppose that might be related to having XL boobtastic, no bra, and low cut sheer dresses and tops when cruising the Chateau in the evenings. If a man dressed that risky on the bottom in public, he’d likely be arrested. And thank god for that. As for Pamela Anderson, seeing her MILFy famous puppies popping out in front of seventy-five cameramen, well, that’s something altogether more pleasant, even if we’ve seen them before.

For all the jokes we make about Pam, we remember our Prime Directive for sextastic celebrity skin, and she certainly has served that up over the years. In that respect, we applaud Pam and her wardrobe choices, malfunctioning as they often do. I’m hardly complaining. Good show! Enjoy.

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Rita Ora Thong Revealing Wardrobe Malfunction in London

Of all the times for your pants to split and flash your thong wedged into your arse, the worst time would have to be the evening your launching your wearing one of the outfits of your launching clothing line. I must admit, I don’t quite understand the fashion need for floral track suits, but I have no doubt Rita Ora will eventually make bank on it and ladies everywhere will look like bathroom wallpaper. What do I know?

Well, I do know that a seam split, especially right between the cheeks, isn’t such a hot endorsement for quality of product. Not that it wasn’t a nice touch for us gentleman oglers who prefer our track suits velour and brown so we can relive the 70′s in comfort and style.

I see London, I see France, I see Rita Ora’s clothing line suffering a bit of a setback in confidence among consumers. Oh yeah, also her thongs. Nice panties call, Rita. You know, just in case your pants rip. Enjoy.