Bella Thorne Caught Fixing Her Bikini Top in Cannes

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bill-swift - May 24, 2017

On the huge plus side, we have the ginger (err, blonde) topped hottie Bella Thorne in Cannes adjusting her bikini top in Cannes. And did I mention a thong bottom baring her sweet undercarriage goodness? On the downside, some lucky bastard she's with is grabbing for her funbags in lascivious fashion. How that ought to be my hand. This is a cruel world in so many respects.

The hot teen and ever working actress and revealing Snapchatter took to the South of France to be where everybody wants to be now, showing off her stellar sweet bikini bottom in most revealing fashion. Sometimes you adjust the bikini top but it simply doesn't work. That's when we smile the broadest with our peekaboos of slipping tender teats. 

Bella, you are most passion inducing. Use your powers for good. But also for naughty please. And tell that idiot going for second base that I'm gunning for his position. And I never stop at second. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Splash News