Samantha Hoopes Spills Out of Her Bikini Top in Classic Wardrobe Malfunction

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Mitch Jablonski - November 18, 2019

Pennsylvania native Samantha Hoopes exploded onto the scene when she first appeared in the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and the busty babe has appeared in every subsequent issue, and with good reason. She's got a fantastic bikini body and she recently showed that she looks even better when she's spilling out of her bikini, which quite literally happened when her big right breast slid out of the bottom of her bikini top!

I'm not sure what Samantha was thinking when she selected this bikini, because it clearly offers her no support underneath her breasts. It's basically a strip of fabric with two tiny straps on it, I don't know how she expected this thing to contain her breasts. Then again, maybe she did it on purpose. Nothing gets people talking quite like a wardrobe malfunction, and with the SI Swimsuit Issue still several months off, she had to do something to get people's attention focused back on her.

Whether or not it was intentional, it happened and we couldn't be happier to get a look at Samantha's right breast. It's a day to remember, for sure, until the next Swimsuit Issue comes along and we consign this moment to the dustbin of history. Just kidding, that would never happen. Right?

Photos courtesy of Mega Agency