wardrobe malfunction Posts:

Olivia Munn Nip Flashing Whilst Departing the Chateau

Oh, happy days when former fanboy faptastic Olivia Munn let's loose and extremely subtle, but most definitely there, reveal of her headlights beneath a loosely knit dress while leaving the Chateau Marmont over the weekend. And, yes, we do see them. And, yes, sometimes we do see them and let you guys find them, it's fun and games and keeps you on your toes. But in this case, well, with anything Munntastic we always want to scream out like the town crier of the wonderful news.

Olivia Munn nips. They're not just for breakfast anymore. Enjoy.

Vanessa Hudgens Skirt Drops On Way to See the Stones

Of course, anybody who is anybody plus those who could just afford monster scalper prices went to see the Rolling Stones here in L.A. on Friday night, kicking off their 50th Anniversary tour. Including Vanessa Hudgens, whose likes to dress thrift store hippy any time she hits the public eye to remind everybody what an earthy kind of gal he is. All of which may be true, also true that her clothes often fall apart, like her skirt that fell down revealing her shiny underwear.

Not that we're complaining if young hot women of means want to purchase shoddy clothes that routinely malfunction. In fact, when I retire from this sort of job, I'd like to run a store called Shoddy Clothes That Fall Off Hot Ladies. Not sure I'll do a booming business, but any customer coming through the door will be a fun experience. Enjoy.

Myleene Klass Flashes Her Thong Beneath Sheer Leggings

Score another victory of sorts for yoga pants, the sheer variety most especially, for exposing the thong side goodness of British former pop star turned TV personality, Myleene Klass, who dared to bare her panties beneath these see-through leggings.

As you know, I've already written seventeen letters of gratitude to the inventor of stretch pants for women, along with a general shoutout to the female retails establishments pushing these thin pieces of clothing as appropriate wear for the ladies in public. It's really one of the best innovations ever. If you don't believe, just look at Myleene Klass' arse. Enjoy.

Lindsay Lohan Boob Fall Out; Copter-Gate!

There are so many things that don't mix well with Lindsay Lohan these days (cocktail references excluded).

One has always been bras. Lindsay Lohan hates bras. That's one of the things we love about her. The other thing is apparently helicopters. Because Lindsay got so shaken (not stirred) by her helicopter transport down on her Brazilian pimping and partying before rehab mini tour that she didn't notice her boob fell out of her dress.

Now, I'll deny this in court if ever questioned in a criminal matter, but I pretty much know when my junk is hanging out bare outside my clothes. But Lindsay, some yaws, pitches, and rolls, and out comes the righty. If not for Lindsay's long locks, she would be fully and udderly exposed. Enjoy.

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Jennifer Nicole Lee Almost Loses Her Bikini Bottoms; We Get To See Some More MILFtastic JNL Booty Crack

Leave it to our sensational BBW turned MILFtastic fitness guru, Jennifer Nicole Lee, to try and one-up the bikini thunder taking place in Miami over the President's Holiday weekend by nearly losing her bikini bottom (once more) as she struts and preens and delights men everywhere with her hot mom in a bikini show in and out of the swimming pool.

JNL has nearly perfected the bikini bottom coming off as she exits the water move. And given how taut and strong her asstastic cheeks are, we're going to say this is hardly an accidental malfunction. We're also going to say we could care less. We are so happy to lay back in our virtual chaise lounge chairs and leer. Enjoy.

Eva Longoria Nip Slip Provides a Trophy Moment at Golden Globe Awards After-Party


Hmm, there was something exciting to come out of the 2013 Golden Globe Awards after all. No, not Jodie Foster going on worldwide television to 200 million homes to announce that she'd like privacy, but our most eligible bachelorette, the hottie Eva Longoria, flashing her nipple quite accidentally at the Warner Bros. after party. And, we say accidentally, but, of course, none of the best wardrobe malfunctions are intentional (outside of Janet Jackson, natch.).

Ah, when the sextastic ladies of Hollywood get all decked out but forget to cover up a spot or two, then we get very happy. Enjoy.

Josie Goldberg Bikini Nip Slips in Miami; Reminds Us of Her Topless Playboy Shoot


Hey, an Egotastic! man never forgets a nipple. In fact, you should be able to identify your favorite celebrities just by their headlights, if you want to consider yourself a well-trained ogler of the sextastic.

So, when we saw Josie Goldberg spill out of her bikini top on the beach in Miami yesterday, we immediately recognized nipple Exhibit A, and harkened back to her Playboy photoshoot, wherein those same lady nubs were fully and entirely exposed. Funny, we can't remember our girlfriend's birthday, but we can pick out Josie Goldberg's nipples from a lineup. I suppose this is one of those things that makes us a 'bad boyfriend'.

While you're at it, do not forget that our friends at PlayboyPlus are still running a 50% off monthly subscription price offer for Egotastic! readers; so if you're going to buy, the time is nigh. Enjoy.