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READER FINDS: Kristen Stewart See-Through, Daryl Hannah Topless, Marion Cotillard Nekkid, and Much Much More…


Can it really be Friday already? My first my favorite day of the week, not just because it constitutes the day fresh bagels arrive in the morning courtesy of The Man, though mostly that is why. Free is my very favorite flavor. In addition to complimentary snacks, each Friday we open up the perfume scented reader e-mail bag to see what goodies so many of you have contributed to the general feeling of erection, err, elation, among our brotherhood and Sapphic leaning sisterhood. I never cease to be amazed. Then again, I do have the mental faculties of a six year old.

This week's Reader Finds includes Kristen Stewart deliciously see-through top in a righteous Sasha Eisenman photoshoot (many thanks to EgoReader 'Blynn'), Holly Marie Combs flashing boobtastic on the silver screen (contributed honorably by 'Thomas'), Daryl Hannah pretty damn nekkid in her own screen turn (ah, Daryl, so hot back in the day recognized by 'Marty S.'), Samantha York quite nekkid in Purple magazine (York goodness via 'Ellen'), Marion Cotillard quite nekkid (delicious French dish by 'Ramon'), Rita Ora sideboob in the new edition of Elle magazine (spotted early on by 'Doug G.'), Juliette Binoche with even more Frenchy topless goodness (merci to our friend 'Annalise'), Rumer Willis see-through dress from behind showing behind (ethereal peeks provided by 'Devon'), more Franco-faptastic of Gabrielle Lazure quite nekkid in the cinema (ooh la la donated by 'Terry T.'), Blair Brown topless in the rather wackadoo Altered States (throwback funbags via 'Scott'), Emmanuelle Seigner topless in yet another Frenchy styled movie (Viva la Sextastic assist from 'Marcus'), Dita de Leon and Jessica Morris topless in a not so memorably onscreen role (boobtastic bottled at the source by 'Evan J.'), Alexandra Daddario quite nekkid though slightly obscured in the water in the new Vanity Fair (kudos to sweet sweet 'Caroline'), wicked hot Karolina Szymczak nekkid in the Bunny magazine (thank you kindly 'David M.'), Beatrice Bouchard, twin sister to tennis playing Genie Bouchard, looking all bikini dazzled (excellent uncovery by 'JT'), Jennifer Lawrence booty calls in new X-Men still (lovely little teaser from 'Colin'), and another Frnech dip at Marion Cotillard topless this time in A Private Affair (fine work by 'Ingrid'). It's a whole heap of hotness this week. Are you man enough to handle it? What does that even mean? I surely aim to find out. Enjoy.

Lucy Collett Topless and Daringly Dark For Nuts


I know Lucy Collett isn't everybody's cup of tea, but she's the milk in my porridge, or something Britishy sounding like that, and I think someday I'd like her to be the woman I have a fling with while my wife is off visiting her sister because her cat died. Not that I've thought about this much. But Lucy does seem like the fun kind of romp weekend partner. Not that Lucy doesn't also deserve a great guy in a loving and emotionally connected stable and caring relationship. I just want that to be some other guy. As for me and Lucy, it's weekenders at the beach where we never quite get to the beach.

Featured in the new edition of Nuts magazine, Lucy shows me once again why a simple bit of lacy black and the fine art of the striptease down to your mighty impressive funbags, is all the foreplay this man needs. Ever. Period. Enjoy.

Sabine Jemeljanova Drops Top Against Sam Cooke In the Battle of the Boobtastic


Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of boobtastic. It's time for our weekly adventure into the sporting world by way of epically full and hot funbags. The Battle of the Boobtastic in which we take two completely hot innocent young women with stellar melons and pit them against one another in a contest of chestal greatness. Our sport is not yet recognized by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, but that is only a matter of time and a couple envelopes full of Benjamins.

This week's tasty treats battle pits the veteran bosom of Sabine Jemeljanova against not so surprisingly strong chest puppy contender, Sam Cooke, in a competition I expect to go right down to the missing brassiere underwire. The competition is always fierce, the contestants always sextastic, and the winner always jumping up and down for jiggly joy. Now comes your part. Decisions decisions. Among our two brilliantly hot lasses, whose ta-ta's reign supreme?

Battle of the Boobtastic: Sabine Jemeljanova vs. Sam Cooke

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Leonela Ahumada Nekkid Hot and Bothered for Sudamericana Glory


I'll be the first to admit there are some less au natural parts to Argentinean TV bad girl and oft-named celebrity gossip column participant, Leonela Ahumada. Having said that, I would easily forgo her designer boobtastic choices for a chance to be the guy who gets to cover her entire body in fake tan for photoshoots and public appearances. She seems like a giggler to me. Not that outrageously goofy giggler type, more the salacious low moan giggler that would cause me to fumble and drop my fake tan bottle and then we'd tumble into naughty bliss.

Featured in H Para Hombres magazines, the periodical of choice for discerning men of Sudamericana, Leonela takes it off, all off, for the positively memorable visual displays of one fine fair-haired Latina doing what she does best. Being the topic of conversation, both public and quite very private. Enjoy.

L.Shima Nekkid Crazy Boobtastic Goodness Is Black and White and Hot All Over


I have a special place in my heart for wicked sextastic multi-ethnic completely nekkid and outrageously hot girls like model L.Shima. Okay, it's not really in my heart, but another vital organ that technically ranks higher on my decision making org chart than the heart. Damn. Just check out L. Shima in this nekkid black and white photoshoot, baring her wantonly hot body in a variety of passion inducing preens and poses. I want to reach right through these photos and add some color.

Each day I arise I give thanks to the gloriously good looking and bodaciously curvaceous women that make getting up a delight in the first place. Tomorrow morning I'll be saying a little something extra grateful on behalf of L.Shima and her holy hot body. Really, this is the good stuff. Enjoy.

Humpday Huzzah! Lucy Anne Has Topless Treats Barely Camouflaged in Sextastic Offering


Lucy Anne, my darling glamourous glamour model, where have you been all my life, or, you know, the past couple of months when I haven't seen your glorious global offerings. Well, that's all in the past now, as a fresh set of visual wonderments appears for the libido tank refilling, courtesy of this sextastic stripping model and her camouflage bikini that stands little chance of going unseen.

On Wednesdays, we celebrate the midpoint of the week and the upper middle section of some of our most wanton-desire creating sextastic denizen. Lucy Anne more than fits that bill, she overfills it and smiles about making you feel stuffed. I do so like a tease. Huzzah!

(Be sure to check out the Lucy Anne official website for all your bodacious bodily needs.)

Emily Ratajkowski Topless Kind of in the Shower, Most Definitely Crazy Hot


You might care what room of the house Colonel Mustard is in, but when it comes to Emily Ratajkowski and her being topless or nekkid, I care not the room or location of theme, I care only to feast my peeps once more about one of the hottest bare bodies on this entire spinning orb we call home.

Standing in a shower in this Mark Sacro photoshoot, Emily flashes her epic chestal treats in a boobtastic close encounter of the most stiffening kind. She really is an incredible gift from Mother Nature to man-kind, one that does not forsake her obligation to share her good body fortune with the gentleman ogling community. The term hero gets tossed around so loosely these days, but Emily Ratajkowski is my hero. And I know exactly where I'd like to pin her ribbon. Oh, Emily, you are quite maddening. Enjoy.