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Thank God It’s Funbags! Emma K Naughty Topless Striptease in Pleather


Anything to do with leather, hot bosomy bodies, naughty girls, and the leather coming off is naturally going to garner my sincerest attention. Even though nobody uses really leather anymore these days since it's cruel to the cows, you know, after we bonk them on the heads, slice them up, and cook them, it's really best to dine in imitation skins.

But there's nothing imitation about naughty and alluring Emma K. Okay, maybe a little something something. Still, on the final day of the workweek when we celebrate all that is round and fantasy-inducing, a lovely lass like Emma being crazy sensational stripping her ripe betties out of her pleather and lace, well, it's enough to make a man want to build a castle and get himself a fair wench to warm his keep during the chilly morns. And even more raunchy things in the evening. Thank God It's Funbags!

Naked News Talks Sports Cars, Nekkidly Naturally


Naked News, your one stop shop for news the way guys like to consume news, through the lips of nekkid hot girls, has now branched out into car coverage, sports cars in particular. If you happen to like high performance vehicles and high performance naked news girls like Isabell Rossini, then you really must check out the new edition of Wheelz from Naked News.

If you become a member of Naked News, you will come to see exactly why it's the very best daily source for news on the web for guys and Sapphic leaning women. Also, my mom likes it a lot. She's neither of those two, I don't think. Enjoy.

Yua Aida Gets Topless and Nekkid And Does Things to Fruit and Bears


I'm not exactly sure what Yua Aida is munching on seductively, or if what she's doing to her stuffed animals is PETA approved. I don't really care. I only knows she the wicked hot latest stop in our tour of all things alluring and Asian and absolutely must see if you happen to like those traits in a lovely lady. I personally can't take my eyes off of her. At least not until they're convinced there time would be better spent elsehwere.

My mini-fascination with naughty Asian glamorous models could easily turn tidal wave. I feel like I'm right at the tipping point. I try not to let my passions become full fledged obsessions, though I have had little luck in this regard in the past. Yua Aida, expect a letter from me shortly. I don't do Japanese characters well, but look for the not so stick figure man with the bobos I'll color in blue. Enjoy.

Lissy Cunningham Blonde Rack Attacks Courtnie Quinlan in the Battle of the Boobtastic


You really hate to see blonde on brunette chesty violence. And, by hate, I mean you want to buy front row seats and a bag of circus peanuts candy, which I'm pretty sure are a healthy source of protein. But darn if Lissy Cunningham and her blonde ambitions isn't throwing down this week in the Battle of the Boobtastic against petite but busty brunette Cournie Quinlan to see who has the finer chest puppies in the final week of August.

Game on. I haven't been able to make an important decision since I went with PB&J over cheese sandwich in first grade cafeteria. So, I turn to you, my faithful readers and office time wasters. In your vaunted, valued, and otherwise prurient opinion, whose ta-ta's reign supreme?

Battle of the Boobtastic: Lissy Cunningham vs. Courtnie Quinlan

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Humpday Huzzah! Abbey Barnsley Topless Boudoir Pose Down Will Turn You Into Mush


I might just be speaking for myself, but seeing the blessedly hot and chesty perfect Abbey Barnsley slip seductively out of her lingerie makes pretty much every muscle in my body feel like I'm going through puberty all over again. In about eleven seconds. She is just so incredibly alluring I want to chew on a towel or pen a requiem in C-Minor or something that will lessen the primal urges.

On Wednesdays we celebrate arriving at the hump of the week by staring rather impolitely and longingly at some of the finest sweetest most passion inducing bodies on the planet. If Abbey Barnsley doesn't qualify for that list, well I'll be a monkey's uncle, who is still, by the way, ogling Abbey Barnsley whilst scratching my hairy bobos. Huzzah!

Lara Bingle Topless Hot Bikini Beach Combing in Hawaii


How much do I love it when sextastic Aussie model Lara Bingle gets caught sunbathing topless? Oh, this much. You can't see, but it was pretty damn wide there with the hands. Such is the breadth of my lust for this swimming suntanning sweet hot bikini clad lady who absolutely hates the tan lines. I must say, I'm an old school fan of the tan lines, though I do thoroughly support the means by which they are prevented. Such as Lara flashing her sweet funbags bare and right there for the viewing on the beach in Hawaii. She's hanging with her new boyfriend Sam Worthington who I imagine gets to do more than just look at those spectacular peaches and all-around alluring bikini body. Lucky bastard. I wish you'd lost in Avatar.

Lara, you really are an international treasure. May you never lose your passion for topless outdoor fun time. The world needs more models like yourself. Preferably, living across from me and forgetting to draw their blinds. Enjoy.

Mr. Skin’s Top 15 Nude Scenes of All Time Revealed! Can You Guess Them All?


Why am I so excited? Because I have found a kindred spirit in Mr. Skin in terms of love of all things celebrity, hot, and nekkid. Mr. Skin takes a multi-vitamin or something so he has the energy to do far more work, like compiling the 150 Top Nude Scenes of All Time. He made a video. You really must see it. It's free to watch all 150 clips in countdown if you give them your email at Mr.

And for the moment we've all been waiting for, the Top 15 Nude Scenes of All Time revealed. Can you guess which made the new highly scientific and carefully algorithmically sextastic list? I got ten out of fifteen right. Check out the countdown gallery to see if you can in the least guess who made the new #1. There, I've already such too much! Enjoy.

P.S. Did I mention the video containing all 150 top nude celebrity clips? Like you'd want to watch that for any reason.