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Humpday Huzzah! Holly Gibbons White Lingerie Striptease Because It’s Simply Just Beautiful


Search the meaning of beauty and you'll find a million different answers. I don't recommend it, because it takes away time from Googling more important things like 'honey covered hineys' and such, but the point is, everybody has their own definition of beauty. For me, I'll take the classics. One fine blonde British girl with perky peaches stripping out of white lacy lingerie. Maybe you chose rainbows or the sounds of children laughing on the playground. To each their own. I do not regret Holly Gibbons and her sweet chest peaches in any way shape or kind. Especially that shape or kind bit.

On Wednesdays we celebrate the hump of the week as we do the precious lady lumps that make everyday worth ogling. We don't need elaborate staging or themes or even anything really other than lights, camera, and all the action of one tantalizing girl with bodacious ta-ta's peeling back her silky nothings. Ah, beauty. Huzzah!

Kurara Horie Strips Topless in Pink and Black Lingerie


Well, hello Eastern half of the world that we so dramatically and shameless often overlook in our daily exploration of the famous sextastic. Granted, I can only do so much in my few sober hours of the day, especially since the invention of 24x7 televised sports. But the amount of untapped and unrecognized internationally hot local beauties in the Far East, it's something I think about when scientists say things like we've only categorized five percent of the life forms on this planet. The more you dig, the more you find. That's true of gilled species at 15,000 feet deep and incredibly hot glamour models like Kurara Horie stripping out of lingerie in her bedroom.

Kurara Horie has quickly become one of my personal favorite Japanese gravure models. If I were a teen boy in Japan, she would be all over my walls, that's literal and figurative at the same time. Just so incredibly alluring by way of one knockout sextastic Asian body. The complete package. I'd study Japanese for seven years just so I could learn how to properly ask her if I might bathe her. I'm committed. Just so hard to resist. Enjoy.

Lottie Hayes Topless Brit Teen Fashion Model Hotness in Black and White


Do you happen to love hot young British fashion models when they do their first topless shoots? I love asking rhetorical questions like that.

English sextastic teen model Lottie Hayes has been cruising the fashionable runways and magazine pages before she could quite lawfully spread her wings and take her top off for the cameras to reveal her perfect au natural catwalk body. Now, of course, it's the time. I

n this simple but memorable mini pictorial by Matteo Montanari, you can see the makings of the next Kate Moss or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley or just the girlfriend of your dreams who you'll have to introduce to everybody as your niece to maintain some social grace. Ah, the Circle of the Sextastic Life, it's like a nonstop train of goodness where the cars keep getting more alluring as you work your way toward the caboose. Enjoy.

Nataly Garcia Topless Natural Hotness for Native Brazilian Glory


Naturally, there are Native Americans in every single one of the North and South American continent countries, including Brazil which boasts a large native population dating back to before the time the big ships came from the east. Native hotness, that's really a thing, a really wonderful thing, evidenced today by Brazilian model Nataly Garcia in this Into the Wild outdoor pictorial from Dani Botelho.

Seeing Nataly and her impressively natural topless beauty remind me once again that the sextastic lives and breathes and smells like lilac mixed with a hint of vanilla in every single corner and cranny of this blessed planet. Even in some of the less blessed parts. I love seeing crazy alluring women out in nature. I mean, from behind a window or screen door so I don't get bug bites, but all the same, still so wonderfully appealing. Enjoy.

Lindsay Lohan Topless Marilyn Portrait, We Got Your Playboy Lindsay Lohan Topless Marilyns (And a Free Week of Playboy.TV)


Lindsay Lohan obviously has an affinity for Marilyn Monroe. Not so unusual. But to the point she recently commissioned a London artist to paint her as iconic Marilyn in the flesh for her own private collection of oil selfies I suppose (see below). We first saw Lindsay make a big splash as Marilyn topless a couples years back now in Playboy Magazine, her first real glamour shoot, not to mention a very solid paycheck.

Playboy.TV for Free for One Week! (Warning NSFW: Clicking Will Take You To Hot Nekkid Women Folk Being Naughty)

To celebrate Lindsay's love of Marilyn and her own funbags, our friends at Playboy are offering a One Week Free Trial to Playboy.TV. Free is slightly less than Lindsay paid for her nekkid portrait, though about what she paid to share it on Twitter. Playboy.TV also offers 50,000 hours of HD video, which I'm pretty sure doesn't come with a street artist portrait. You could do worse, much worse, than spending a free week checking out Playboy.TV.  It's like buying Halloween candy, only you can consume it endlessly and only feel better as you do. Enjoy.

Caitlin O’Connor Topless Via See-Through Beach Top and Water Pimping Photoshoot Time


Finally. I mean, finally. The natural progression of that creepy 138 Water company recurring hottie in Malibu photoshoots has come to some wicked hot topless wonderments of Caitlin O'Connor in a completely see-through top at the beach. I'd say it was worth the wait, since our wait include a look at nearly 50 hot bikini modeling sessions and occasional wardrobe malfunctions. Now, just old-fashioned blessed funbags on display by the model pimping her water available nowhere for sale.

Caitlin, you have one sextastically stellar body. It's hard to imagine my reaction to seeing such an exhibition at the beach, but suffice it to say, that would be my new favorite beach ever and I'd probably visit daily for the next forty years just hoping for a repeat performance. I am a cat and perfect boobtastic is my saucer of milk. Bless you, Caitlin, on your wardrobe selection. Just wonderful. Enjoy.

Sara Malakul Lane Topless Nekkid Jailbait


Sometimes, life does work out for the dreamers. Like myself, dreaming about Thai Eurasian hottie Sara Malakul Lane so much lately, only to be rewarded by a bunch of you who sent in must-see screencaps from Sara's recent skinematic bits of excellence in the movie Jailbait this year. If the movie title alone doesn't hook you, then these super revealing shots of my new found lust certainly will. I wouldn't yet call her a Sylvia Kristel for the modern era, but I suppose I might be getting close.

Sara, I'm open to running lines with you for any of your upcoming projects. I usually get pretty deep into character when helping hot actresses rehearse, but have no fear,  I come equipped with costume for strict principal, evil prison guard, and harassing deviant boss, along with the necessary accessories and tools. This is an entirely complementary service on my part. All I ask in return is your willingness not to name names in your memoirs when it comes time to expose the worst of Hollywood. Let's do this. Enjoy.