READER FINDS: Amy Smart Topless, Bambi Northwood-Blyth Topless, Madonna Topless, and Much Much More…

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Hooray for Friday, the day that makes all other days of the week pretty much it’s bitch every time it rolls around. Perhaps it was born with privilege, but it works hard to keep it’s rep. It’s why we honor the day by opening up the Reader email bag of happiness and tingly feelings. I really am pretty sure I hear the angels sing when I pull back the goldenrod colored strings and the reader contributions pour out. It might be in my head. I do often hear voices. I’m sure I’m fine. Hide your pets.

This week’s Reader Finds includes the deliciously blonde and topless Amy Smart (from the goodness of EgoReader ‘Ben’), Ana Alexander and friends in the highly underrated formerly awesome show Chemistry (lovely lasses topless via ‘Jeremy R.’), the beautiful Bambi Northwood Blyth topless in not one, but two exquisite pictorials (thumper be happy thanks to ‘Eren’), some early nekkid modeling shots of Latina hottie Bruna Mendes (from the mind of ‘Alonso E.’), the red hot Carmen Kass topless for Vogue back in the day with a kicker of Paraguayan delight Larissa Riquelme topless (much kudos to ‘David M.’ for both), skinny Euro model Franzi Mueller flashing her natural nubs (swell bit of the slender sextastic from ‘Jeeba’), Kelly Curran funbags of perfection on screen (thank you kindly to ‘Bennet’), Lindsay Ellingson alluring in a bit of lingerie (underrated hotness dropped off by ‘Jenny’), Madonna topless in the screen gem Body of Evidence (okay, so film, not so good, but ta’s… thanks to ‘Aaron W.’), Penelope Cruz big guns bare in early film work (oh, en fuego ta’s from ‘Stephen P.’), and last, but holy heck not least, numerous killer photos of of busty Asian model who EgoReader ‘Henny’ couldn’t quite name, but already forgiven, you’ll know why if you make it to the end. Enjoy.

Blonde Playmate Gia Genevieve Topless for Lui

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Naturally, making the cover of Playboy magazine as Gia Genevieve did this current month, is going to give you quite the boost in your career as a blonde hottie. It doesn’t hurt when you back that up with some quite alluring topless photos in Lui magazine, establishing your bold credentials ad a young woman who knows just how hot she is and just what to do about it. Make men suffer happiness just that much more. The tease. Oh, the tease.

All I know is Gia Genevieve is going places and that I want to go with her. Somebody needs to hold onto her clothes she keeps taking off for her photoshoots. It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to beg to do it. I know how to fold a bra. And contain my deep felt lust for girls like Gia until two beers have passed my lips, at which point I become a bumbling overly-honest romantic. Be kind to me, Gia, I did fold your bras. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Lui Magazine


Stephanie Borja Topless Yacht Striptease Para Hombre


There’s something about those brunette South of the Border model ladies that float my boat. Or yacht. Some day it’ll just be me and Pitbull and forty sextastic Latinas partying on my 40-foot sloop and I’ll knock Pitbull over the side, because he’s annoying and I can do the math. Mexican model Stephanie Borja can definitely come. Based on this visual application, I’d say she’s ready for some high seasons exhibitionism.

Featured in this month’s Hombre magazine, the premiere lads magazine for the boys down South, Stephanie shows why you really do need a boat of your own. Dock it and they will come. The lust inducing Latina like Stephanie with just the right amount of shyness, as in not all that much. Oh, that body on Stephanie when her clothes come off. Perfecto! Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Hombre Magazine

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OSU Library Girl Kendra Sunderland Nekkid for Molding Of Her Adult Toys

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Well, I suppose this was inevitable. OSU Library busted coed and future adult star to be Kendra Sunderland got enlisted by grown up products toymaker PipeDream to have her various lady parts molded into replicable silicon toys for the lonely hearts club to delve into on a slow Saturday night. Naturally, you can’t have the replicas without the original, so the company filmed the young hot blonde ingenue in the making stripping down for her ‘pouring’ session.

If you had any doubt this wiser than most college aged young lady has the tool necessary to garner a strong following among consumers of mature themed entertainment, just check out these photos and erase all doubt. This is a potential A-list franchise film star in the making. You never know what gets you over the hump in the humping business, but I’d place a few shekels on Kendra’s future in her chosen field. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PipeDream

Colombian Model Hottie Isabella Obregon Topless In Just Shoes (I Know, Just Shoes!)

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Solo shoes. I accept that as an acceptable level of wardrobe for sweet sultry Latina model Isabella Obregon posing for the skin loving good folks at Soho magazine down Colombiana way. This very basic model set, including boots only, certainly brings out the best and the boobtastic in Isabella, who can carry a photoshoot with just the tools the Good Lord lent her.

As I make my plans for my next road trip down the Pan-American highway, don’t think I’m not circling on the map the location of all the finest ladies in South America. If I can’t be personally turned down or slapped or beat up by at least 100 of Sudamericana’s hottest women’s brothers, I will not consider it a successful trip. Isabella Obregon, expect a knock on your door. I come in peace. Please tell your brother to hit me in the gut, my face is my livelihood. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Soho Magazine

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Eniko Mihalik Brings Spring Time Nip Peeks To Numero Magazine

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Thank the heaven’s for wicked hot Hungarians. I do all the time, including on your behalf. So don’t worry. You’re covered. And the results of our joint well wishes are along the splendid lines of supermodel Eniko Mihalik flashing her bare nips in Numero Magazine to celebrate the general fecundity of spring. I’m feeling particularly fecund myself leering at Eniko’s bare goodies.

All the great models bare their souls and hot bodies on the pages of magazines. It’s just one of those standards that the world has come to expect. Not so much in the U.S., but in Europe, Latin America, they accept the non-ironic position that if you’re going to make a living off your body, it sort of belongs just a bit to the public. I like that theory. No, I love that theory, almost as much as I do Eniko’s fine female form in that pulled up sweater. Oh, my. Mommy, hold me. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Numero Issue 162

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Virginie Ledoyen Topless Parisian Revival For Lui

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Do you remember French actress Virginie Ledoyen. Well, if you saw her fifteen years ago in The Beach with that lucky bastard Leo DiCaprio you certainly were immediately smitten. And now you may lust again as you witness the now late 30-something Virginie in some of her finest work yet, topless for Lui Magazine, because Lui is French for, we care about funbags too, and, yes, they certainly most definitely do.

Virginie has that classic hot Parisian urban girl in lingerie going on. Not to mention a smoking hot body. And probably smoking too. If you’ve ever had a fantasy of meeting a mysterious woman on the Paris metro for an interlude of memorably naughty proportions, this pictorial will probably feed your frenzy nicely. This entire trend of veteran hot actresses getting into the revealing photo shoots slightly later in their careers is going to be the death of me. The happy happy death. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Lui Magazine