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Humpday Huzzah! Jessica Davies Topless in Kinky Lingerie for The Full Libido Burn


What I wouldn't give to see bodaciously stacked glamour model Jessica Davies topless in some fetish black kinky lingerie. Oh, wait, what have we here. Just like that, if you lead a clean life and wish upon a falling star, here comes the boobtastic and heavenly hot Jessica Davies in an outfit I thought only existed in my secret nighttime dreams. If you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true. Okay, I stole that from Cinderella. But seeing Jessica Davies stripping so, I feel like my own fairy godmother has descended.

On Wednesdays we celebrate the peak of the week with a peek at the peaks of the planet that make us ever so happy to be men and hot Sapphic leaning ladies. Jessica Davies may never be President or Prime Minister, but the amount of good she can do with that ridiculously hot body of hers surpasses the benevolence of any mere elected official. She does actual good. Huzzah! Enjoy.

Naked News Girls Doing NSFW Yoga (And Offering Naked News for Just $6 Per Month!)


If I've told you once, I've told you now four times, you're going to want to add Naked News to your online viewing bookmarks. Not only does it offer the single best source of daily news with sextastic stripping news anchors, but those very same lovelies of Naked News often go out into the field for some playtime fun time lifestyle investigations. We've seen nude aerobics and nude bowling, now it's time for nude yoga. Yes, even yoga can be finally made interesting with the addition of several naked girls next door.

Check Out the Naked News Naked Yoga Video for Free (It's Quite Memorable)

To celebrate going Downward Facing Dog in the buff, the good folks at Naked News are offering Ego Readers an annual subscription to their service for only $6 a month. A $5 sandwich at Subway costs you more than six bucks. It's true. But this is just six bucks, for hours upon hours of happy visual fun times daily. It's an epic bargain if you happen to lust hot nekkid girls just doing their jobs. I'm quite a fan. Enjoy.

(NSFW) Naked News Yoga Video

Danielle Anderson Heaving Hefty Topless Bosom Easily Topples Her Lingerie Wardrobe


If you happen to love hot British blondes with enormous tubes, well, the next sixty seconds of your life are going to be really happy. Danielle Anderson comes to us by way of EgoReader 'Lenny' who claims she changed his entire outlook on life, for about sixty seconds as well. It's amazing how long a minute can feel when it's such a tingly timeline.

Danielle Anderson and her amazingly large udderly round orbs of motorboating goodness falling out of her lingerie top may not have quite such a dramatic uptick in mood for you as it did Lenny, but I guarantee you won't feel any worse by perusing her scantily clad body. As always, that offer comes with a money back assurance. Naturally, if you prefer, you could actually work at your desk or read about Ebola if you prefer that to ginormous chesty goodness. I don't judge. Maybe a little. Enjoy.

Asuka Kirara Strips Topless in a Leopard Bikini for an Asian Invasion Version of Ta-Ta Tuesdays


Oh, how I happen to lust hot Japanese girls in outdoor settings with leopard print bikinis that come off in short order revealing absolutely perfect bodies beneath. Did I happen to mention this before?

Asuka Kirara would be the girl in photographs underneath my bed had I been born in Japan, as opposed to the interior of a volcano where my mother hid me such that my local tribesman wouldn't hunt me down for my super powers. She's sweet and hot and curvy and perfect all over. When her bikini starts coming off, I can feel myself calling Japan Air Lines and asking if they have any nonstops from Los Angeles to hottie busty Asian boobland. I'm not sure of the three digit airport code. I just know I want to go. And stare. And drool into my noodles. Oh, boy. Asuka, you are a wonder. Enjoy.

Millie Mackintosh Topless Bikini Vacation Candids from Ibiza Straight to Your Perfect Au Natural Funbag Loving Heart


Oh, reality show starlets, how you giveth and taketh away. Mostly, you take away our intellectual capacity, but how you give back with your hot girls who are never shy for attention. Millie Mackintosh used to star on Made in Chelsea in the U.K., now she's playing a feature role for all of you who happen to love au natural ta-ta's on hot young women seeking an all over tan. Wow, Millie has one wicked fine sunshine bikini body. I could see us getting along together on a Spanish vacation. Her ordering room service. Me, likely bringing her the room service up from the kitchen. You've got to start somewhere.

For all the craptastic criticisms of reality TV, they sure have been inexorably tied to the cultural phenomenon of more sextastic women showing off more and more skin in public.  This seems like one deal with the devil worth making. Famous last words, I know. Millie, I shall not soon forget our first meeting. Enjoy.

Celeste Sablich Topless Bodacious Inspiring Argentinean Backside Frontside All Sides Goodness


Almost a year ago when we first met Sudamericana model Celeste Sablich, the only word that escaped my mouth was 'more'. I think it was 'more', I really was mumbling and stuttering. God, I hope it wasn't 'mom'. That would be embarrassing.

I'm quite certain I was experiencing the intense desire to see so much more of this unapologetically curvaceous and over the top brunette Latina with just a fun time party all over look about her. Maybe I'm reading into that, but I happened to be the party planner for my fifth grade class, so I know a thing or too about milk and cookies. And, Celeste, you've got the milk and cookies working in the exact right amounts. Oh, Argentina, how you call my name. I wish Southwest flew there in twenty-seven or fewer stops. Enjoy.

Hayley-Marie Coppin Topless Naughty Office Girl in Glasses Is Probably Going To Kill Me


You know how much I lust for Britty seductress Hayley-Marie Coppin. Add in a little naughty office Shades of Grey office worker and those glasses, oh, girls in glasses, and I might just not make it until happy hour. That'd be a shame since free chicken wings is the very foundation of my diet.

Hayley-Marie and her divine stripteases have given us so very much pleasure over the last few years, but I do believe she has no topped herself with her rearview peeks and bespectacled professional stylings. I wish my staff looked a tad but more like Hayley-Marie and a little less like, well, Ewoks. Alas, I suppose my curse is to walk this earth desiring the funbags and perfect arses of those unattainable. Not so much a curse I suppose if you have a La-Z-Boy chair with a beer holder and binoculars. Still not quite the same as being that damn lucky chair Hayley-Marie is writhing around. Yes, I'm jealous of a chair. Stop judging me! Enjoy.

(Check out more, much more, of Hayley-Marie Coppin on her official website, Hayley's Secrets.)