Dani Mathers Is Your Playboy Playmate Of The Year 2015!

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Every May the folks at Playboy pop the champagne and light the eco-friendly fireworks to announce the honor of Playmate of the Year, one of the richest glamour modeling titles the world over. The PMOY vaults a hot young woman with an outstanding nekkid body into the stratosphere of the legendary, alongside vaunted PMOY names such as Shannon Tweed, Anna Nicole Smith, Jenny McCarthy, and Sara Jean Underwood. Now that’s a hot tub dream of mine right there. Now add to that list the hotness that is Dani Mathers. Wowzer with blonde double funbag twist. She deserves every award out there, in my humble and completely sucking up to Dani Mathers opinion.


Congratulations, Dani. The world ought belong to incredibly hot women who share their unclothed bodies and female wonderments with the world. There may be no greater benevolent gesture. At least none that I’ve been leering at for the past forty-five minutes. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Playboy and PlayboyPlus

Charlize Theron Full-Frontal Highlights the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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With the summer movie season heating up, all the tentpoles will be raised, including those assisted by the forecast for the best skin reveals on screen by our prurient cinematic friends at Mr. Skin. Those people have the movie review process nailed down to a science that actually makes sense. How much amazingly hot celebrity skin will I see. Now, let’s get down to assigning the stars.

This week’s Mr. Skin Minute includes Charlize Theron bad-ass in Mad Max but not nekkid, but quite full-frontal in The Devil’s Advocate on Blu-Ray, Charlotte Hope and her nubile bar body on HBO, and Laura Donnelly in Outlander on Starz milking up a storm with her epic working teats. It’s sixty seconds of must-see skin that you really, well, must see.

And while you’re at it, be sure to get the entire library cornucopia of Mr. Skin celebrity nekkid photos and videos by becoming a valued member of that skinematic society. It is quite the fun ride, daily, weekly, whenever. Get on board before all the good nekkid women are taken. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Mr. Skin

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READER FINDS: Anna Paquin Unfettered Funbags, Christina Ricci Topless, Pamela Anderson Bare Boobtasitc, and Much Much More…

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And hello to you Egotastic! email bag with your pleasures tucked ever so neatly inside. Once I get passed the Nigerian diamond mining opportunities, I am immediately delving into the more legitimate rewards of the celebrity skin inside. How we come together each Friday, man, woman, and child above eighteen to share in our earthly goods and greats of fine female celebrity forms, past, present, and quite the shining future.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Anna Paquin and her full frontal funbags (thanks to EgoReader ‘Quinn”), Thandie Newton all skinny and unclad in her 90′s skinematics (Thandie’s candies courtesy of ‘Bill A.’), Tereza Srbova sextastic topless (an Eastern promise indeed, kudos ‘Mark’), a true throwback classic to Sylvia Kristel in one of the greatest film series ever (memories of euro-mammaries via ‘Evan K.’), Rebekah Underhill nekkid flexi-modeling (uniquely clothes free hotness from ‘David M.’), a double heaping scoops of Pamela Anderson topless (she deserved an Oscar!, thanks ‘Penny’), Jane March in even more throwback ta-ta’s (welcome hotness from ‘Kent’), Halle Berry topless making the sexy (these happy mammaries come to us from ‘Rich’), Diane Lane and her sweet bare peaches (‘David E.’ knows my precise weak spots), Christina Ricci in one of rare topless treat reveals (bouncy flouncy goodness via ‘Peter Y.’), Cassie Ventura nipslips galore for Diddy (she is bold, beautiful, and nipple hot, thanks ‘Devon’), Astrid-Berges Frisbey topless in skinematics Frenchy style (love me my Frisbey funbags, thanks ‘Tino’), and last, but heavens not least, the cute hot Anthea Page modeling bikinis in ooh la la style (oh, to be in the pool with Anthea, bless you ‘Cooper’).

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“Ukrainian Women Nudes” A Visually Stunning Book By Jacob Hefner

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You know I consider each of you to be equals in my eyes. But I must admit I have a soft spot for those of you involved in the world of glamour and nude photography of the world’s pretty women. I suppose anybody who works in the cable TV or brewing business also deserves my special respect. Long time EgoReader and snapper of lovely ladies around the world without many or any clothes on, Jacob Hefner, has a photo book out you really must check out. An ode to Ukrainian Women in the flesh, featuring young women of the former Soviet Republic from whence so many of the world’s top models and tingle inducing women derive.

It’s quite the thing to see beauty in such a natural state. No 90210 doctor work here. Just sweet and alluring female forms out in nature without clothes. I can think of no finer way to spend a day or a decade ogling. Warning, prepare to fall in lust. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Ukrainian Women now available at

Monika Jagaciak Sandy And Topless and Just Perfect

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Oh, my Polish sweetheart, how perfect are you funbags? That’s rhetorical. Everything on, near, or loosely connected to the stunning beauty and my future fourth wife Monika Jagaciak are simply stunning. Including her ta-ta’s on display in this Sam Crawford photoshoot for the love of all things holy moly hotness, Batman.

Monika is just one fine female form wrapped in a passion inducing banner of Polski allure. I’m pretty sure that’s the first line on her resume. Or it ought to be. Or just leer deep into her black and white sandy topless goodness and imagine how much nicer beach days are when you bring along a smoking hot topless Polish model friend. I’m imagining it right now. Somebody get me a sombrero, there are children around. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Sam Crawford

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Courtney Stodden Sex Tape, It’s Officially Teased on Egotastic! (VIDEO)

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I’m pretty sure you asked for it, either way, you got it. The official release of the Courtney Stodden sex tape through our friends at purveyors of all things celebrity sex tape. I’d like to say I didn’t see this coming when we first met Courtney Stodden as a sixteen year old brie, but, I did. I can’t claim high powers of clairvoyance on that forecast. It just seemed to be inevitable. And thankfully so.

In the tape, Courtney Stodden teases in lingerie, removes her clothes, touches herself in ways that would get you kicked out of Catholic school, and pouts and moans. The tape is ostensibly made for the benefit of her husband, but he’s not going to be the one to buy a million copies, so, you know. you can be the first on your block to get the Courtney Stodden sex tape at Vivid. You’ll be the toast of the next neighborhood watch meeting. Tell them what you’ve been watching! Enjoy.

Photo/Video Credit: Vivid

And, the topless more fun version, if you so choose:

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Willa Holland Flashes Glimpse Of Nipple

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There just might be a glimpse of nipple in this photoshoot of the young and lovely Willa Holland. You know how the sight of nipples drives grown men to madness and turns boys into, well, grown men who then go mad. Something like that according to the Puritanical censors who find the human female body so worrisome and vexing, as opposed to just awesome and amazing like those of us who congregate here daily.

Willa Holland seems like she’s been around a while now thanks to her early start on The O.C., but she’s a mere sextastic pup, still working her way through some TV show parts and some off-kilter pictorials that, again, may include a glimpse of her nipple. I’d invite you to look for yourself. Heck, pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable. If you’ve got something better to do I’d certainly like to hear it. Find the Willa nipple, so much better than Trivial Pursuit. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Justin Tyler Close