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Thank God It’s Funbags! Hayley-Marie Coppin Topless Striptease Sets The Good Feelings for the Weekend


There are some girls I think Mother Nature designed specifically for unclothing themselves and making men smile. Not that the hot-bodied Hayley-Marie Coppin isn't an all around talented and wonderful lovely lady. It's just that for our specific purposes here on Egotastic! on a Friday afternoon, we'd love for her to focus on her stellar striptease skills, quickly working her way out of her skimpy lingerie and revealing her heavenly dangling sweethearts.

On Fridays, we celebrate the end of the work week by focusing our hearts and souls on those fun fleshy pillows that ask for so little but give so much. Hayley-Marie Coppin can turn the world on with a smile. When she takes her clothes off, she make us do much more than just smile. Thank God It's Funbags!

(Check out more, much more, of Hayley-Marie Coppin on her official website, Hayley's Secrets.)

READER FINDS: Angelina Jolie Topless, Stella Maxwell Topless, Jessica Alba Bikini, and Much Much More…


While many in the world are preparing their storm windows for the coming apocalyptic freeze of global cooling, here in Tinsel Town we're preparing for the curse of General Santa Ana and the devilish 100+ degree temperatures in October. Nevertheless, neither flop sweat or seat sweat will deter me from my weekly duties of opening the reader email bag and smelling the sultry musky goodness within. It's like the perfume counter at Nordstroms, if everybody were mostly nekkid. That truly might be a mixed bag.

This week's Reader Finds includes Jessica Alba in her underwater bikini (many thanks to EgoReader 'Jacob'), Cristina S crazy hot and topless (muchas gracias to 'GG'), Lady Gaga flashing her thong on a Greek stage (credits galore to 'Glenn H.'), Patricia Arquette topless on the silver screen (tatas via 'Bill R.'), the delightfully skilled Sasha Grey topless in skinema (whoa hotties provided by 'Steve'), Carrie Otis topless hotness in classic throwback (delights dished by 'Ems'), Kate Hudson booty on camera (hiney exhibition thanks to 'Maribo'), Kate Upton in her cleavetastic first film role (udders provided by 'Les P.'), Katrina Law full frontal for Roman glory (kudos kindly to 'Spencer'), Vanessa Paradis in her hot and super topless days (lovely dish whipped up by 'Solomon'), Lene Nystrom topless and on top (tusen takk to 'Hector'), Alice Aufray topless modeling goodness (blessings of the boobtastic from 'Tony'), Macarena Lemos topless from down Sudamericana way (so much hotness by way of 'Tess'), Sophie Howard and Sophie Reade doubled down DD treats (oh, my oh my's from 'Lenny'), Kelly Monaco topless and wet (goodness via 'Bill P.'), Ellen Page showing a little skin (thank you kindly to 'Michael G.'), Lea Thompson almost nipple slip on DWTS (eagle eyed by 'Casey'), Angelina Jolie topless in Foxfire (Jolie jugs courtesy of 'Johnny'), and last but not least, the delicious Stella Maxwell flashing her funbags (a lovely contribution from 'Chris'). It's a bunch, but you can handle it. Enjoy.

Lizzy Caplan, Emily Ratajkowski, and Olivia Wilde All Topless in the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)


The good and flesh on film loving folks at Mr. Skin have really outdone themselves this week with a ribald and richly ta-ta filled sixty seconds of the best skin on small and big screen this weekend. It's not that you can't enjoy entertainment bereft of faptastic funbags, it's just, why would you even try when you have options. Not many people choose the cold shower when the hot works perfectly fine.

This week's Mr. Skin Minute includes Emily Ratajkowski who will be topless in Gone Girl on the big screen but famously was topless already in her Robin Thicke video, Lizzy Caplan and Breaking Bad's Betsy Brandt both topless on the season finale of Masters of Sex, and Olivia Wilde flashing her sweet'ums full frontal and some nice rear in Third Person now out in theaters and OnDemand. It's a hoopla of the hooters of some of the finest ladies in the land. You really shouldn't pass it up.

And, naturally, while delighting in the Skin for sixty seconds, consider a full-time Ego discounted membership to Mr. Skin and their content vaults of unending celebrity skin. Sixty seconds is fun, sixty hours is more of a religious experience. Enjoy.

Pamela Anderson Topless Wardrobe Malfunction Lights Up Hollywood


Seeing Pamela Anderson funbags pop out of her dress is something of a local celebrity ritual. Not quite as regularly occurring as say Halloween or Easter, but very very close. I suppose that might be related to having XL boobtastic, no bra, and low cut sheer dresses and tops when cruising the Chateau in the evenings. If a man dressed that risky on the bottom in public, he'd likely be arrested. And thank god for that. As for Pamela Anderson, seeing her MILFy famous puppies popping out in front of seventy-five cameramen, well, that's something altogether more pleasant, even if we've seen them before.

For all the jokes we make about Pam, we remember our Prime Directive for sextastic celebrity skin, and she certainly has served that up over the years. In that respect, we applaud Pam and her wardrobe choices, malfunctioning as they often do. I'm hardly complaining. Good show! Enjoy.

Nana Ninomiya Strips Topless in a Sexy Red Nightdress


Oh, happy lust filled day are here again when our compass points in the direction of the Orient and our lusty telescope spies the likes of Japanese glamour model Nana Ninomiya stripping out of her sexy red lingerie. It's not that I'm infatuated with sextastic hot bodied Asian women, it's that I'm totally head over heels infatuated with them. I suppose that's some type of cultural insensitivity or such, or maybe it's just the opposite. I'm just an honest guy sharing his honest feelings about what makes his gonads tingly. Is that so wrong?

Nana Ninomiya reminds me that passion comes in all shapes and sizes and from all corners of the globe. The one thing it might share in common is this silky stripping fun time in the boudoir. That's pretty darn universal. I hope you happen to share my fervor for the girls of the Far East, if not, you could always watch Dr. Phil. Enjoy.

Sabine Jemeljanova Declares Jug War on India Reynolds in the Battle of the Boobtastic


As you know, I'm a devout pacifist. Wait, does that mean you like to suckle on large bosomy teats when you're feeling grumpy? That's the word I meant. The idea that I'd actually put two gorgeous women with varying degrees of perfect funbags into actual battle against once another actually disturbs me greatly. But we all must make sacrifices if the greater ogling good is to be achieved. Hence, the often criticized by college feminist seminars Battle of the Boobtastic. Yes, it's controversial, but it's also crazy hot.

This week's chesty competitors feature Sabine Jemeljanova, a complete darling with a racktastic to match and India Reynolds, a veteran brunette killer with the melons of a, well, melon goddess. I couldn't possibly decide between the chesty goodness of these two super fine female forms. I leave that up to your intensive knowledge after years of hard boob-training. So, in your expert opinion, whose ta-ta's reign supreme?

Battle of the Boobtastic: Sabine Jemeljanova vs. India Reynolds

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Nicole Meyer Topless Frothy Shoreline Sextastic for Treats


If you happen to have delighted in South African hottie Nicole Meyer and her lingerie and swimsuit modeling work over the past year, you'll truly revel when her swimsuit comes off and her ridiculously hot body is covered by nary more than the surging tide. It doesn't get much better than sultry nekkid Mermaids on the shore.

Treats magazine knows how to treat a lady to the kindest visual wonderment exposure ever. Not that starting with the outrageously hot tools Nicole Meyer brings to work needs much further editing. But you do need the right sunlight, a Neptune like command over the waves, and somebody to tell Nicole, oh, baby, don't move your booty, we've got to snap it looking just like that... perfect! Enjoy.