Emilia Clark Topless As Needed

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Lex Jurgen - April 28, 2017

After bursting onto the bigger world stage by way of being a continuously topless dragon mother in Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke declared she was no longer going to be naked on camera. The time had passed. HBO announced the finality of Game of Thrones and Emilia Clarke heard the phone not ringing and hasn't put her top back on since.

The mathematics are fairly simple for American and British actresses who imagine a career where a film producer doesn't coldly explain to them the economics of their tits. You're either Jennifer Aniston or you're not. A-list can demand that even in R-rated films it's the sub-cast chicks who do the shower scenes. A-list gets perfectly lit shots in tight tank tops and bathtub scenes. B-list is captured in the Bolivian jungle by cultists who cover her naked body in pig's blood. 

In Emilia Clarke's new movie you've not heard of, Voices in the Wall, she plays a stoic nurse charged with caring for the disabled wealthy heir to some fortune in a castle in historical Europe. If you don't think she's getting naked to care for that kid, you've not seen the last two thousand similar films adapted from novels your aunt's reading.

She's the lead actress in the film. And these are her breasts. You've got three to five years left before joining Rose McGowan and the Resistance up in the hills. Hint, bring your own shampoo.


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