Khloe Terae Teases Her Nipples In Risque Photo Shoot

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elliot-wolf - October 5, 2018

I love a woman in leather on the beach. Khloe Terae is just might kind of woman, and clearly my cup of very, hot, tea. Hold the milk, honey, and sugar, she’s sweet enough. A woman that loves to tease, loves to please. I think that she knows I’m after her heart under that awesomely tailored jacket. She sure loves playing with my emotions. I’m so into this woman that I would remove each molecule of sand stuck to her legs with my hands. Just so she knows that I really do care about her well-being. I wouldn’t want any irritant ruining her day or putting a frown on that pretty face of hers.

Maybe I can also break out my motorcycle jacket and we can role-play scenes from Grease on the beach. Reenacting musicals always makes most people smile. Realistically, my jacket is probably the same size as her jacket and I am no longer a size that allows me to squeeze into it without risking cutting off circulation to my arms. So even if we don’t get to do Danny Zuko impressions, we can just sit next to each other and I can tell her how hot she is. As long as she’s around, we wouldn’t have to worry about the sun burning out, because if it did, she brings enough heat to easily be a replacement.

Photo Credit: Splash News