Emma Glover Tush and Ta-Ta Blessed Topless Peeks In Her Spandex Bottoms

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If the question is, how can woman’s stretch pants get any hotter, I think the ridiculously hot and body blessed Emma Glover just gave the Jeopardy answer of, take a long good look.

Emma Glover isn’t just a lovely British bird, she’s a faptastic force of alluring nature. When she gets to stripping out of her top and into just her Spandex leggings, well, the universal clock might as well stop ticking because all time for me has become irrelevant. Perhaps shocked back into reality by the sight of her bare cheeky bottom making a flash visit. My, oh, my, how one young woman can captivate millions of men with the simplest of surroundings. Emma, you are one bodacious bit of awesome. Please inform the other magazines to stop ruining visuals with oodles of props and sets and makeup and wardrobe. This is perfect. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Skin Tight Glamour

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Game Of Thrones Is Back! Keri Russell Bare Booty Cheeks And Deborah Ann Woll Sideboob Highlight the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

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Blessed days when Game of Thrones returns to the small screen. Not only is it one amazing show but it’s typically chock full of super hotties getting super nekkid for the love of Westeros and such. While none of the main stars took it off for the Season Five premiere episode, there as some lovely bits of GOT topless brothel moments not to be full frontal missed.

Joining GOT in the Boob Tube Roundup, a bit of bare, but pasties (boo) covered nuggets from Deborah Ann Woll in the premiere episode of Daredevil, Keri Russell baring her slender booty and lingerie covered body in The Americans, and Caitriona Balfe in even more making of the sexy topless moments in Outlander. It’s good to be king. Though the Iron Throne sounds regally uncomfortable. I’ll stick to my chambers with the queen’s maids, thank you kindly. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: “Outlanders” Starz/”The Americans” FX/”Game Of Thrones” HBO/”Daredevil” Netflix

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Helena Christensen Topless! Hot Danish Supermodel Beach Moms Are The Best

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Helena Christensen comes out of the supermodel O.G. class of the late 80′s and 90′s and if you think in the latter half of her Forties and Faptastic veteran hottie run she isn’t still pulling out all the perfect hot topless body stops, think again, young man. The mature sextastic ladies are doing it for themselves. Or is that to themselves? That’s kind of unfortunate with so many willing volunteers.

Featured in Madame Figaro in France, Helena show why the good looks and hot bodies of the genetically blessed never fade, they just get tanner and more alluring. The 46-year old Danish wonder leaves no doubt as to who is the fairest of them all, or in the very least, the most ogle-worthy mum on the beach. Wow. I’m in lust all over again with Helena. I can’t imagine being friends with her teen son. Oh, the boys she’s going to turn into men every summer. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Madame Figaro France


Mr. Skin Battles Egotastic? History is Made in the Game of Nudes! (VIDEO)


There comes a time when even kin must go to war. My brother from another mother, Mr. Skin and I are having a feud. With Game of Thrones premiering this weekend once more on HBO, we got into a conversation about the best HBO nude scene shows of all time. Chairs were thrown, drinks were spilled, Chicago style dogs were slung. We agreed to put it up to a vote, with each of us ‘drafting’ our team of five favorite HBO nude shows of all time for the skintastic factor and let you decide who’s the champ. This is how men who love boobs decide important matters.

Be sure to check out the NSFW Video Compilation for Each of Our Teams. It’s rather boob-blessed.

The Egotastic Lineup: Game of Thrones, True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, Big Love, Sex and the City

The Mr. Skin Lineup: Rome, True Detective, Dream On, Tell Me You Love Me, Girls

Now, I ask you, being completely objective even though I’m your very favorite uncle, who drafted the better lineup of HBO Nude Shows?

Who Scored The Better HBO Nude Shows Roster?

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Mr. Skin Offering $4/Month Deal on Annual Subscriptions to Celebrate This Historical Battle

Here’s how the detailed drafting went down between teams…


READER FINDS: Kelly Brook Purported Nekkid Selfie, Chloe Sevigny Topless, Charlotte McKinney Crazy Hot Funbags, and Much Much More…

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I feel ever so blessed to get to close out our week of wanton ogling with a peek inside the silk-lined reader email bag of goodness. I can hear the angels sing as pull back the goldenrod strings and unveil the majesty of celebrity skin within. It’s possible that’s just what’s left of my Spotify playlist as all the other music has been deleted by license holders. Still, when a cherub wails, you know something special is about to reveal itself. Indeed it has.

This week’s Reader Finds include Laura Wiggins in her shameless Shameless topless moments so mammary-able (thank to EgoReader ‘Conte’), the blessedly bare topped women of Van Wilder: Freshman Year (skinematics courtesy of ‘Daniel’), Tokyo Drift’s Nathalie Kelley topless in the wild (kind visual blessings from ‘Sumit’), Nathalie Edenburg topless in black and white and color (so hot, kudos to ‘Stephen B.’), Kristi Somers, Cynthia Thompson and Betsy Russell topless in Tomboy (an 80′s ta-ta blast from ‘Owen’), a purported topless selfie of Kelly Brook (thanks to many of you who sent this in for show and tell, no idea if it’s verified), a trio of topless goodness of angelic Keeley Hazell (that’s devotion from ‘Darren’), Julie Gayet topless on the silver screen (lovely lustables via ‘Francis E.’),  Chloe Sevigny model topless from about a decade ago (new one for this here rodeo, thanks ‘Evan’), Charlotte McKinney in one beautiful busty photoshoot (wowzers provided by ‘Aaron W.’), Bar Refaeli showy top modeling (a prize piece from ‘Bill P.’), gloriously gifted Ava Fabian in Ski School (ooh la la ta-ta delivered by ‘Rachel’), Amber Heard bikini body onscreen (one fine two piece hotness via ‘Theo’), and Alexandra Breckenridge topless in her forever memorable vampire scene (thumbs up for teats to ‘Shoreline’). It’s a big plate of sextastic today, but I know I’ve trained you well for this mission. Enjoy.

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Unpublished Topless Erika Moreno Photos From Soho, Simply Huggable

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I don’t know about you, but I fell deeply into cavernous levels of lust with Argentinean model Erika Moreno when we first caught sight of her unclothed alluring sights last month. So imagine my overt glee when previously unpublished photos from the same shoot suddenly appeared like a Christmas morning perfectly wrapped gift. Well, wrapped with stellar boobtastic and one massive amount of tingles. So, better than a toy train.

The brunette hottie has the wonderful blessings to not only be able to feel up her own sweet melons, but expose their perfection for the rest of the leering world to get a little something something as well. I could live to be a thousand and never grow weary of sweet Latina’s flashing their ridiculously hot teats. In fact, that might actually be the recipe for living to a thousand. I’ll let you know how it goes. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Soho Magazine

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Anja Rubik Plunging Cleavage And A Funbag Peek

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Anja Rubik pretty much spends her days without bras flashing her sweet little peaches. That’s as far as I can tell anyhow from ogling her through the years in any number of publications. I’m pretty sure the photographers no longer need to hit that awkward moment of asking the beautiful Polish model to open up her top. She arrives ready for business. Let’s get to this. The world needs to be happier and my hooters are here to help. Man, that’s stupendous.

Featured in photos in the Croatian version of Elle magazine, Anja shows the power of long sleek and simple sextastic. Tall hot women don’t really need lots of production value. Peekaboo tops and sweet voyeur shots is about all it takes to make my day. Anja, once again, you’ve proven yourself a giver of the highest order. I’d love the chance to give back. Say, an all over deep tissue massage at my place? I have very strong hands from stealing cable for so many years. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Paul Schmidt For Elle Croatia

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