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Leonela Ahumada Nekkid Hot and Bothered for Sudamericana Glory


I'll be the first to admit there are some less au natural parts to Argentinean TV bad girl and oft-named celebrity gossip column participant, Leonela Ahumada. Having said that, I would easily forgo her designer boobtastic choices for a chance to be the guy who gets to cover her entire body in fake tan for photoshoots and public appearances. She seems like a giggler to me. Not that outrageously goofy giggler type, more the salacious low moan giggler that would cause me to fumble and drop my fake tan bottle and then we'd tumble into naughty bliss.

Featured in H Para Hombres magazines, the periodical of choice for discerning men of Sudamericana, Leonela takes it off, all off, for the positively memorable visual displays of one fine fair-haired Latina doing what she does best. Being the topic of conversation, both public and quite very private. Enjoy.

L.Shima Nekkid Crazy Boobtastic Goodness Is Black and White and Hot All Over


I have a special place in my heart for wicked sextastic multi-ethnic completely nekkid and outrageously hot girls like model L.Shima. Okay, it's not really in my heart, but another vital organ that technically ranks higher on my decision making org chart than the heart. Damn. Just check out L. Shima in this nekkid black and white photoshoot, baring her wantonly hot body in a variety of passion inducing preens and poses. I want to reach right through these photos and add some color.

Each day I arise I give thanks to the gloriously good looking and bodaciously curvaceous women that make getting up a delight in the first place. Tomorrow morning I'll be saying a little something extra grateful on behalf of L.Shima and her holy hot body. Really, this is the good stuff. Enjoy.

Humpday Huzzah! Lucy Anne Has Topless Treats Barely Camouflaged in Sextastic Offering


Lucy Anne, my darling glamourous glamour model, where have you been all my life, or, you know, the past couple of months when I haven't seen your glorious global offerings. Well, that's all in the past now, as a fresh set of visual wonderments appears for the libido tank refilling, courtesy of this sextastic stripping model and her camouflage bikini that stands little chance of going unseen.

On Wednesdays, we celebrate the midpoint of the week and the upper middle section of some of our most wanton-desire creating sextastic denizen. Lucy Anne more than fits that bill, she overfills it and smiles about making you feel stuffed. I do so like a tease. Huzzah!

(Be sure to check out the Lucy Anne official website for all your bodacious bodily needs.)

Emily Ratajkowski Topless Kind of in the Shower, Most Definitely Crazy Hot


You might care what room of the house Colonel Mustard is in, but when it comes to Emily Ratajkowski and her being topless or nekkid, I care not the room or location of theme, I care only to feast my peeps once more about one of the hottest bare bodies on this entire spinning orb we call home.

Standing in a shower in this Mark Sacro photoshoot, Emily flashes her epic chestal treats in a boobtastic close encounter of the most stiffening kind. She really is an incredible gift from Mother Nature to man-kind, one that does not forsake her obligation to share her good body fortune with the gentleman ogling community. The term hero gets tossed around so loosely these days, but Emily Ratajkowski is my hero. And I know exactly where I'd like to pin her ribbon. Oh, Emily, you are quite maddening. Enjoy.

Edita Vilkeviciute Topless Beach Candids from St. Bart’s Completely Hot, Completely Uncensored!


Wow, I go away for one lousy day and come back to find my future wife Edita Vilkeviciute flaunting around the private beach in St. Bart's without her top on, taking topless selfies with her topless girl friend, and even changing bottoms on the beach. What is this world coming to? This is really the first time we've ever candidly seen Edita showing off her ridiculously hot body completely candid.

As you may know, the Lithuanian hot model  has almost agreed in some measure other than her restraining orders to be my future bride. Like most passionate, near ceaseless sexual romps, our candles will burn out long before our legend ever does, maybe 18 months tops on the marriage, but, it's all about the memories. I have completely given Edita permission in the past to be baring her body for magazines and professional shoots. I mean, somebody has to earn the NFL TV package in our marriage. But this candid beach romping without any top on. And  those selfies? Where are those going to exactly, because I surely don't see them in my inbox.

I really do try to be a nice guy. When a bunch of you wrote in to complain how topless photos of my future bride were being censored in the Daily Mail and similar publications, I went out and secured the original uncensored clicks from the photographer. I guess nice guys really do finish last, at least in the line of people who get sneak peeks of Edita's all over crazy hot birthday suit. I think Edita and I might need some pre-marital counseling. Enjoy.

Ana Braga Shows Of Nips In Miami


Brazilian model and nudity enthusiast Ana Braga showed off her funbags in Miami. Ana was sunbathing in a skimpy purple bikini when she decided to take her top off. One does not want tan lines, does one? That would ruin the lovely symmetry of her skin or whatever. She then treated everyone in Miami Beach to an eyeful of her sideboob. Normally, that would be enough but Ana's ladies had more in store. When she pulled herself up on her towel her nips shone through brighter than the Florida sunshine. This shows that she is not only a hot model but also a humanitarian. It's all about what you give back to those less fortunate than you. People like us that just want a little nip slip action before lunch. It aids in the digestion.

Ana has appeared in several of the South American Playboys and other gentleman's magazines. She is in Miami a lot and apparently likes to sunbathe like this quite often. How come when I go to Miami Beach all I ever see on the beach is old wrinkled Cuban ladies that look like my aunts and muscular shirtless dudes on rollerblades? Am I going to the wrong part of the island?

Rosie Jones Topless Dancing Jiggles Make Me Ever So Happy on a Mammarial Monday


Hey, did you happen to see the most beautiful girl in the world, and if you did, was she crying? I mean, I like to think Rosie Jones and her inimitable funbags cries nightly knowing what she lost when she refused to answer my last 900 (rounded down) letters beseeching her to consider me as a viable suitor. Until such time as Rosie Jones comes to her senses and accepts me as her towel boy slash toe-butler, I will have to settle for the libido unsettling of her glorious female form in guises such as this sweet new looks at Rosie from her Nuts behind the scenes video.

Rosie Jones would qualify as a masterpiece if she sat in any museum, as a priceless keepsake were she judged in auction, and as my main squeeze were she in my stable of incredibly hot women dying to use me as a male object. Rosie Jones stirs so many emotions in my bubbly cauldron. I wish would you come hang out more often. Strip Connect Four is in our future. Enjoy.