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Rhian Sugden and Her Mounds of Renowned Take On India Reynolds And Her Picture Perfect Peaches


Battle of the Boobtastic time. And this week's showdown is nothing short of Tyson-Holyfield minus the ear biting. Though nipple nibbling is certainly encouraged among today's stellar hot contestants. In one corner, blond bombshell Rihan Sugden and her naturally nice succulents. In the opposing corner, India Reynolds and her made in heaven mammaries. It's like watching two top yachts race to the finish in the America's Cup. I think that happens, I've never really watched.

But watch you must. Closely, clearly, indiscreetly. For you must decide which of these two absolute visions of allurement and sextastic goes home in smiles, and which in horribly depressed state of tears. Today, you play god. In your humble opinion, who's ta-ta's reign supreme?

Battle of the Boobtastic: Rihan Sugden vs. India Reynolds

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Elsa Hosk Topless in GQ, Reduxed and Re-Amped With Even More Swedish Topless Goodness


If you happen to like your Swedish models all hot and without many clothes on in the pages of magazines, here's an extended look at Elsa Hosk in her topless pictorial from GQ Romania over the summer. Thanks to our many civil, but super secret spy network that circles this globe at the speed of the sextastic, we have a look at some additional photos from the rather Euro-sizzling peeks at Elsa's Swedish peaks.

I don't think I shall ever grow tired of seeing stunning Scandinavians flashing their funbags for the glory of Asgard and gentleman oglers everywhere. Elsa just happens to be one of the finer specimens to come from the northern tribes since  whoever that chick is who bedded Thor. I might just be mixing my mythologies. I am not the least bit confused however about Ms. Hosk. Just extremely incredibly alluring. Well done, Elsa. Enjoy.

Shelby Chesnes Topless Playboy Boobs-Aganza By Popular Demand


You know I'm also bringing you the best and brightest and most boobtastic from the land of Playboy as a I try to convince the entire world with male gonads and Sapphic leading lovely ladies to at least try a FREE WEEK OF PLAYBOY.TV as it is one of the five best things on the Internet today. Egotastic! is one of the other five, you can guess the remaining three.

Nevertheless, and naturally, it was only a matter of time before a guy like 'Stephen' wrote in burnt sienna Crayola marker a letter demanding that the extraordinarily hot Shelby Chesnes Playmate spread be promoted and shared and all around treated like a princess. My first instinct in these correspondences is always to feel a bit put upon, then I end up looking at girls like Shelby and I become completely catatonic with lust. Damn, I mean, just look at her and tell me you don't believe in unicorns and the power of rainbows to heal. Stephen, I forgive you.

I will not forgive anyone who doesn't try out PLAYBOY.TV, because while too much malt liquor does cause me to forget these days, I never forgive people who look a gift horse in the mouth, especially when that filly is a crazy hot as Shelby Chesnes. Enjoy.

Mathilde Goehler Topless Nekkid Danish Model Treats


There can be only one Danish Delight, that would be Nina Agdal. But there are many Danish delicious lingerie models sporting the Nordic signs of lust inducement such as Mathilde Goehler who exudes the sextastic through every nook and cranny of her memorable model body. You know the European girls have no trouble with nudity, and neither do we, the gentlemen oglers of all nations, who can now peep kindly upon Mathilde hotness in the current edition of Treats magazine.

I know how the poetic among us are inspired by laughter, the visual artists inspired by rainbows. Well hot nekkid women are my laughter and rainbows. Girls like Mathilde inspire me daily, not so much to do anything productive or worthwhile, but mostly to spend some alone time in the water closet imagining our third date. The one where I don't have to impress by using my Sizzler coupons and we get right down to the nookie. Mathilde, you are a thing of beauty and then some. Enjoy.

Charlotte Carey Topless Exotic Racktastic in Wild Mag


If you happen to like your passion inducing women all exotic and pierces and kind of naughty, then up and coming model Charlotte Carey in her photo spread in The Wild magazine is the girl for you. I mean, you don't get to date her or take her back to your cave with your club over your shoulder, but you do get to ogle the stylish delights of her body faptastic. And if pierced headlights send you over the cliff, well, I'll see you on the other side.

The sextastic truly comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and various floral scents. Charlotte Carey reminds us that the non-traditional carries so much lust potential we really ought explore it more. I know it's not for Vogue or Elle, but a wanton woman with a little metal can be a very beautiful thing. Enjoy.

Cailin Russo Topless Hot in Black and White and Sextastic All Over


The sextastic star of model Cailin Russo seems to be climbing of late, even as her tops are descending in very fashionable and hip and cutting edge publications. Like Monster Children which has her featured quite topless in black and white, showing that she's an exhibitionist force to be reckoned with.

Take a ridiculously hot girl, get her clothes off, atop a car with a triple-6 decal and you have my attention. Start flashing her picture perfect ta-ta's and you have my soul. I'm a simple man with simple needs. Kind of like a hamster, but it's not food pellets that drive me. It's Cailin Russo and her mighty find carriage. Oh, baby, she's one to keep an eye or two on. Enjoy.

Jessica Davies Fishent Topless Boobtastic Teases Up Something Big for a Ta-Ta Tuesday


Sometimes, you just need to feast your peeps upon a hot blonde in a fishnet body suit. Sometimes as in all the time I might add. Jessica Davies in a see-through mesh bodysuit is just about the hottest thing on the planet, until she takes off the mesh and reveals another level of sextastic. It's like watching that volcano explosion video, then along comes the sonic boom. Sonic boobtastic.

This entire world could cease to exist so long as Jessica Davies and I were left to survive in a 10'x 1o' room covered in bear skin rugs, machine washable, naturally, and I could be a happy man. Okay, I'd probably need a stocked mini-fridge and a library of NFL Films with Steve Sabol's voice, but that and Jessica and the bearskins is all I'd need. Oh, man, what if she wanted her mom to move in with us? I might need a bigger post-apocalypse hang out. Jessica, let's do this. Call me. I'm in the book under Desperate. Enjoy.