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Thank God It’s Funbags! Manu Junkes Drop Dead Bare Topless Hotness from Brazil to Your Lower Hearts


Oh, blessed end of the week, and a holiday weekend upcoming to boot. Don't be hating on Easter as it is the season of girls in cute outfits and all things cute and fuzzy and edible. Oh, the hams that will be squeezed this weekend. Yes, I do love a Good Friday. Bolstered this week by the diabolically hot blonde looks of Brazilian model Manu Junkes who delivers a knockout blow of the bare boobtastic as Bella da Semana girl in her home nation which must be mighty proud.

On Fridays, we celebrate all that is round and worthwhile in this world. Manu's perfectly plump happy campers make me feel like blowing a horn and throwing confetti. Though that's not a horn, nor is that other thing confetti. But substitutions are perfectly acceptable on a Friday. Thank God It's Funbags!

READER FINDS: Lucy Liu Topless, Candice Swanepoel Topless, Alan Thicke’s Wife’s Nipples, and Much Much More…


Oh, it's good to be back from my brief break. Sure, it was an honor to receive the Pasty White Blogger of the Year at the Computer Monitor Glazed Eyes Awards in Laughlin this week. Not to mention the gaggle of hot female bloggers in attendance. Yes, they're all as good looking as the male bloggers if you can imagine. But, be it ever so humble and filled with pornography, there really is no place like home. And on a Friday thankfully. Just in time to rip open the Reader Finds email bag and see what nekkid fun lay inside. Will the wonderments never cease? I sure hope not.

This week's Reader Finds includes Polish hottie Magdalena Frackowiak topless modeling and Kate Upton topless on her horse (thank you to EgoReader 'David M.' for the double shot), Anais Pouliot topless modeling her own hot self (kudos to 'Chris' with an assist from 'David M.'), Rita Ora nip slip big time on stage (observed dutifully by 'Alex'), Gabrielle Anwar topless grow'd up child actress goodness (many obliges to 'Anzio'), Czech sweet model Denise Miliani in bikini and lingerie (dropped off by 'Sag'), Magui Bravi hot booty selfies (dios mio provided by 'Juan'), Alan Thicke's wife Tanya Callau see through sheer black top (nipple growing pains from 'Beast'), Emily Mortimer topless on the silver screen (Em's mams courtesy of 'Amy H.'), topless thespianics from the Hungover Games spoof movie (blessing bestowed by 'Darren'), Lucy Liu topless striptease (fun times via 'Deemy'), kooky Helena Bonham Carter topless in a serious role (bare Bonhams gifted by 'Franks'), Candice Swanepoel topless in Vogue Italy (so much goodness handed over by 'Eric B.'), Mimi Rogers amazing funbags in The Rapture (big 'ums handpicked by 'Enrique'), the sextastic Elle Basey showing off her ridiculous yams (so many smiles provided by 'Ray'), Monica Bellucci in one of her many foreign films (oh, those amazing chest puppies done up by 'Dave H.'), throwback wayback of a rather young Elizabeth Hurley showing off her puppies onscreen (wows initiated by 'Ems'), more Emily Mortimer topless as if there could be too much (this dose of lady humps via 'Session'), Kim Delaney topless in an early role (whoa, this was rather pleasantly surprising thanks to 'Steve'), hottie Nicole Beharie topless in Shame (the goodness continued by 'Ramona'), Sophie Marceau doing as the French do, topless (merci to 'Grant' for these stills), Saffron Burrows bare and delightful thumper (underrated goodies transmitted by 'Owen'), and last, but not least, some delicious views of Ali Cobrin in her American Reunion titillating triumph. It's almost too much, but no, just right. Enjoy.

Rebecca Hall, Emily Watson, and Joey Lauren Adams Topless in the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)


Before the big summer blockbusters start their ever earlier annual launch, it's time to reflect upon the real reason we go to see movies or buy big HD TVs -- the glorious faptastic skin shows by so many of our most sextastic celebrities. And nobody knows skin on film finer than the deviantly nice folks at Mr. Skin who put together their weekly Mr. Skin Minute video to give you a head's up on where to get your head up in TV and movies over the weekend.

This week's Mr. Skin Minute featured Rebecca Hall not topless in the new Johnny Depp movie, Transcendence, but quite funbag flashing in Parade's End, Emily Watson full frontal nekkid in Breaking the Waves now out on Blu-Ray, and Joey Lauren Adams and Priscilla Barnes topless in Mall Rats finally out in HD format. It's boobtastic faptastic galore you really must quick peek. Enjoy.

(Naturally, don't forget to get your favorite rabbit a discount priced membership to the entire Mr. Skin site and archives. It's so much better than another ham.)

Playboy TV Free For a Week to Celebrate Easter (Oh, and Jenny McCarthy Hot Mommy Nekkid Too)


If you're symbol is the bunny, you're going to have to do something special for Easter weekend. I mean, sure, the frocks and the hats and the parades and the religious ceremonies and the ham are all well and good, but not quite the same as seeing an entire free week of smoking hot babes galore on Playboy.TV thanks to our Easter giving generous friends at PlayboyPlus.

DO NOT MISS: Playboy.TV One Week Completely Free!

And while we're at it, why not tempt the salacious veins with a look at the most recent set of Jenny McCarthy nekkid in Playboy magazine. She is getting married soon, which doesn't mean we still can't admire her long and storied history with the bunny magazine, but it does mean I have to say a small virtual apology to her New Kids on the Block husband before I enter into fantasy land with Jenny. Just think of all the hotness Playboy has to offer. And, now, it's free for a week. I only pimp products I indulge in myself. Enjoy.

Topless Models in Denim Jeans, It Is Mostly Definitely a Thing


I don't like to fight. Not because I'm not the utmost in manly male toughness, but because I always lose. You know that expression about 'pick your battles', well, I always pick the wrong ones. So I should've known better when EgoReader 'Mel C.' argued with me over some comment I made about girls in certain wardrobes being the hottest looking ladies on the planet. I neglected to mention topless girls in jeans apparently, which sent Mel C. into a rant about how I am as wrong as wrong can be and I don't deserve oxygen, or something like that.

I was going to fight back until he sent a solid book of evidence, presented herein. You may see some faces you recognize, you know, if you are looking at faces. But I am ready and open to admit my own omission on behalf of hot topless girls in denim. This really is a thing. A really good thing. Enjoy.

Melissa Debling Topless Office Striptease Makes Coming to Work Much More Enjoyable


I can't tell you how disappointed I was when I got my first office job only to learn that the busty hot girls in the office don't strip each afternoon in their cubicles. Even here at Egotastic! prevailing labor laws and all these newfangled sexual harassment rules hanging on the kitchen door prevent me from requesting such customs. Albeit, if it's voluntary, I'm not going to shut it down.

Nevertheless, none of this real life boring nonsense prevents the passionate man from engaging in some tried and true fantasy of a sextastic and ridiculously hot bodied woman like Melissa Debling stripping at her desk for some office time visual fun time. It really would help to increase attendance at work I believe. I'd probably never leave. I might just camp here and watch the replay on my iPad. Enjoy.

Rosie Jones Topless Shall Always Be Three Words That Thrill Me Like No Other


I feel like I've been in lust with Rosie Jones since before my bobos even descended into their current location, though I'm certain that can't possibly be true. Rosie Jones is still ever so young in her early 20's but her several years now of showing off her fine female form without many clothes feels like she's created a lifetime of memories already. Happy mammary memories.

But, like any great artist, there is no peaking for Rosie Jones. She's back again in outtakes from her recent Nuts photoshoot and looking simpler hotter and more funbag faptastic than ever. I'm not exactly sure how she does it, I only know I wish I could bottle it and keep it by my bedside for occasional sniffs. Oh, the aroma of Rosie Jones sextastic could mean that I never sleep on my stomach again, Completely worth it. Bless you, Rosie Jones. Enjoy.