Lydia Hearst Topless Big Tops At The Circus, Still My Favorite Heiress

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We follow many heiresses and next gen celebrity offspring on this little blog of ours. Let’s face it, rich famous good looking people tend to make good looking progeny. Damn you, genetics. But Lydia Hearst, heir to the Hearst publishing fortune, really is one of our unsung heroes. The alt-model shows up about once every year or two in a new set of topless pictures in fashion and style magazines. Sort of at random, but never without satisfaction of the visual variety.

In her latest revelations in Treats magazine, the New York based bit of brunette lovely, peels back her top to reveal her absolutely perfect pair of pouty puppies. I alliterate when I get excited, excuse me. Look past all the art and style and feast your peeps upon a beautiful woman who also happens to be worth a cool $100 million. That shouldn’t matter, but it does to me as I need a woman to keep me in the lifestyle to which I’ve become accustomed. Granted, that can likely be achieved through about $500 worth of Groupons, but I wouldn’t mind a trip to the Mall of America at some point in my life. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Treats! Magazine

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Natasha Poly Black And White and Hot All Over in Latest Edition of Lui


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When Russian born super sextastic model Natasha Poly was declared an official icon by, do you think she went into exhibitionist hiding? Resting on her laurels, no need to share her genetically blessed wonders with the rest of the world? Nay, this woman is not only a professional good looking person, she’s a giver in the truest sense of the word. When’s the last time you made a million men happy? Please, don’t answer that if it’s some lurid answer you know will upset me.

Featured in the latest edition of Lui Magazine, only the best thing to come out of France since wine and fromage, Natasha Poly perfects the alluring topless motif in her colorfully appealing bit of black and white sensual reveals. I’m quite captivated, like the first time I saw the Matterhorn at Disneyland as a child. It looked so incredible, so real. As does Natasha Poly. I’d stand in line for three hours on a hot summer day to wind through her portals while screaming my head off in half glee, half terror. I really ought grow up at some point. Stupendous work, Natasha. Please, don’t ever stop. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Lui Magazine

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Priscilla Salerno Topless Dipping On Miami Beach, She Just Wants You To Look, Is That So Bad?


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While our domestic lands are embroiled in even more discussions regarding immigration, I hope all sides to this argument can agree that we certainly must make room and front of the line status for ginormous chesty Italian mature themed film stars who like to take their tops off at our local beaches. We can all agree on this, right?

Priscilla Salerno has broken the rules on public nudity on Miami Beach once or thrice before. She’s kind of a bold chick from The Boot who isn’t timid about controversial interactions. Or flashing her plus sized funbags to help the local boys become men with just one trip to the beach. It’d be easy to say this is unseemly public behavior, it’s much harder to resist not leering and smiling very very deeply. Let he who is without ogling cast the first call to the beach police. Now that that’s settled, back to the show. Bless you, Priscilla. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash

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Lais Lima Topless In Her Apartment, Because It’s the Perfect Place to Be Topless

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If Brazil announced tomorrow they were stepping up production on hot models, I’d probably petition the U.N. for a worldwide holiday in celebration. While there are so many young lithesome hot bodied Brazilian models already, there simply can’t ever be nearly enough. At least until I get my three. Then maybe the rest of you can do for yourselves.

Alluring Brazilian model Lais Lima stripped down to her bottom undies for this lovely peek into her boudoir in Aresenic magazine. I’d like to think Lais does this even when the cameras are not around, but I’m satisfied to think of what she can do when the flashbulbs start popping. I guess flashes don’t really pop so much anymore, okay, digital fake click sound. She’s a dream in color and black and white. Going home tonight to see my dog, Mr. Fuddleston, he’s going to see that look in my eye and know I was wishing he was Lais Lima waiting for me instead. He’s particularly intuitive. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Douglas Mendes for Arsenic Magazine

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Esther Cronin Topless Perfection In Black And White

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If you’ve noticed, I’ve been making an effort in 2015 to bring you the next generation of the models and celebrities already working well, but who I believe will be the names you’re going to see much of on Egotastic! Future. When your buddy at the office says, hey, have you seen this so and so from this new movie or SI calendar or dating DiCaprio, I want you to tell him, yeah, I kind of knew about her three years ago and I already own a shrine to her in my sub-basement near the water heater. That’d be splendid.

Well, add the name Esther Cronin. At twenty this devilishly hot blonde from New Zealand has scored many major modeling campaigns, and is combining them with the liberal sensibility about showing off her body for the elite photographers. That’s like building your own pathway to success in this world. Be seen when you have so much goodness to share. Not to mention one absolutely killer body and alluring looks. Esther, we shall be seeing more of you, not that this isn’t a wonderful start. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Stephen Tilley

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Bachelor Contestant Jade Elizabeth Roper Topless Stellar Bazoongas in Playboy

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At one point she was Jade Elizabeth. On the current season of The Bachelor, she’s Jade Roper. Online, she’s Jade Elizabeth Roper. Quite frankly, I’ll call her anything she likes provided she just smiles in my direction. Okay, smiles while topless and revealing her stellar ta-ta’s as featured in her Playboy shoot of not so very long ago.

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I’m not sure how Jade got booted by the Bachelor. I wouldn’t watch that show if some villain had my family held hostage with horrible threats. I can always find new family, it’s my TV time that’s precious. All I know is it’s incredibly staged and the audience skews heavily female which could be the only reason in ‘reality’ a man would ever decided Jade Elizabeth Roper was not the girl for him. Oh, please can it with the ‘she be crazy’ nonsense. A girl who looks like this, you expect a little personality quarks. God doesn’t want anybody to be perfect. There’s simply not fun in that. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PlayboyPlus

Micaela Schaefer Topless Thong Fun Time In New Sexy Video Commercial

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There are many words to describe German model and actress Micaela Schaefer. Shy is not one of them. Body proud are two. Exhibitionist is one. Give of visual goodies is four. She’s all of these things and then some. The raven haired Teuton routinely bares her ripely taut worked out body for the benefit of promotions far and wide. I can’t say I know precisely what she is pimping herein, I can only tell you I’ve already ordered six dozen. I think that’s a bushel or a boatload by technicaly definition.

Micaela has one of those tall curvy ever oiled down bodies that gives me a little hesitation as to whether I can climb that mountain. I did once trip over a molehill and break my wrist. No joke, not a mountain, a molehill. I’ve tried never to see that as an omen of any kind. But perhaps scaling Mt. Schaefer is just the kind of confidence booster I need to rid myself of old demons, or new feelings of desperate tingling. So many complicated emotions when ogling Micaela Schaefer, though I suppose they are all variants of the same singular feeling. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Erotica Art-Shop/Mica Media

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