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FKA Twigs Bound Up in a Bikini

If you haven’t noticed, British pop girls are now using Invent-A-Name to come up with their wacky stage names. Kids, they be crazy I always say. I also like to say you can call yourself whatever you like if you’re in a bikini and bound with ropes in any sort of visual medium. Honestly, anything but Chuck or Steve works for me.

FKA Twigs, perhaps most notable for being Robert Pattinson’s new main she-gets-me squeeze, but also a model and singer and some other stuff in her own right, decided to let loose with a little bondage in her new music video. I’m quite certain the whole look symbolized something much deeper than attractive girl in a bikini bound and hanging from the ceiling. But I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t like to dig unless it’s absolutely required. I’ll take ogling as-is. FKA Twigs, well done. I hope somebody cuts you down at some point so you can explain this all. Enjoy.
Photo Credit: MTV

Beyonce Gets Super Duper Jiggy With it In Her New Partition Video

They’re calling the new Beyonce music video ‘explicit’ on YouTube. I don’t know if I’d go that far, especially within the realm of current day pop music videos. They’re racier than most adult films. But I will say that Beyonce gives it her PG-13 all in this booty shaking and body preening costume fest. I think there’s music too, though I admit I wasn’t really paying attention.

Of all the current music stars who are showing off their female forms to push record sales, if they still sell records, I have to say, Beyonce is near the top of my list. A real woman’s body bumping and grinding and exhibiting her deeply felt artistic passions. If she was singing Hells Bells this would be something I would buy. Enjoy.

Rihanna and Shakira Get It On With Booty and Skin in New Music Video

Shakira's New Video 'Remember to Forget You' ft. Rihanna Screencaps
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Sadly, they aren’t really making the sexy, as these two would be in that dream I have where I’m wearing an uncomfortably tight tuxedo, but the world’s hottest midget, Shakira, and her featured duet-artist, Rihanna, are getting smokey asstastic and groping hot in the new music video for Remember to Forget You.

I’m sure the song is  wonderful triumph of the human spirit and auditory adventures therein. But, far more important, Shakira’s amazingly round booty is prevalent along with some dulcet visuals from Rihanna. All in all, I give this video a Grammy or something where you get some gold and talk about how you love your fans. Today, Shakira and Rihanna, I love you back. Enjoy.

Beyonce Hot Bikini Passion Play for Drunky Kind of Love

We linked out to these yesterday, but I wanted a second day of appreciation and a chance to put Beyonce looking her absolute finest in our archive which will someday serve as the annals of record for sextastic celebrities at the dawn of the new millennium.  I mean, assuming our $50 servers don’t crash permanently again. I really do need to remember to run that backup, but it’s just never the right time.

Beyonce got wet and bikini wild in her Drunk in Love music video, one of the many she released at her midnight ‘make me $20 million’ barn burner of an album release last week. Even Beyonce was quite excited by her own hot self, her headlights proudly beaming through her wet bikini. And why not? If I was Beyonce, I’d never leave the sight of a mirror, nor spend a moment without my favorite toys nearby. Occasionally, I’d take a break from self-pleasure to make some green, but outside of that, lots and lots of baths. Enjoy.

Rihanna Pours on the Naughty In New Music Video

I’m sure Pour It Up has some deep meaning to it, and I’m certain it’s going to be a dance house classic beloved by young women and men trying to get with young women everywhere, but, you know…. the music video looks pretty darn smoking. I’m trying to be positive. And with Rihanna, that usually means less about the music and more about the hot body she constantly puts on display.

There’s no doubt that Miley Cyrus has kicked up the music video soft core porn bar just a tad bit higher the past couple of months. Rihanna seems up to the challenge, in some dramatically meaningful, but always revealing costumes, making love to her throne chair in many boobtastic and crotch grabbing positions. Now, this is music the way it’s supposed to be seen. Enjoy.

Rihanna Shares Pours on the Sextastic from the Set of Her New Music Video

Pour It Up. I’m sure it’s an instant classic for my iPod. Either than or a song produced by a a team of producers who make general sounding beats that can be applied to any pop singer, English or Cantonese. Still, Rihanna does give it her own visual flare as evidenced by these behind the scenes photos from the making of ‘Pour It Up’.

Rihanna seems to be a naughty queen of sorts, fondling herself atop a throne. I’m sure it’s symbolically powerful. I know it is faptastically forceful. With everybody trying to raise their shock value in music videos to keep up with Miley, well, I’m surprised (and somewhat disappointed) to see Rihanna wearing any clothes at all. But, the girls do love their costumes. Enjoy.

Topless Dancing Girls Make Justin Timberlake’s Tunnel Vision Worth Watching

Topless Girls in Justin Timberlake's Tunnel Vision Video
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I have to say, if the presence of topless dancing girls is the new manner in which craptastic pop and R&B music is going to be promoted, well, this is a very good day for music. It used to be people just made good music that everybody loved (okay, so pop music has pretty much always been a garage sale of the recycled), but, now, if your music video doesn’t have an explicit version on the day it breaks, it’s not getting the artistic respect it deserves.

The latest and greatest is Justin Timberlake’s new music video Tunnel Vision. I’ve listened to it four times now while plucking out all the topless funtime dancing girl bits for your benefit. I can honestly say I don’t feel the music, and short of a girl telling me she really feels horny listening to the song, I’m not going back for a fifth. Ever. You yourself may watch the music video (below), or just delight in the topless best of bits in the gallery. Enjoy.

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